Disclaimers on Deedlit and Parn, characters of Records of Lodoss Wars.


By Winterwing3000

Deedlit sighed as she climbed up the thick elm tree. She looked down every now and then to see if her companion, Parn had returned from the trip to the river with the horse. After the great battle at the Black Island, they'd been traveling through the lands of Lodoss.

For many months now, she knew that journeying restlessly with Parn wasn't going to get her anywhere. She had a family back at home, the forest from where her elfin origins were. And soon, she would need to settle down with another elf. However…

She didn't want anyone else. She was in love with Parn and both of them knew this. She could only dream of the future and live in reality.

Deedlit swung higher on the branches, soundlessly landing on the thinning limbs of the elm. She was practically weightless. She was the wind, and the wind was she. Sylk, the Wind Goddess, was her mentor and her guide.

The wind was where she dreamt, but also where she lived. She heard the many voices of her possible future, but she also heard the many voices of what she wanted her future to be.

It would be wonderful to be with Parn forever, but would her love be in vain?

Would she be happier if she met a nice elf back in the Forest of Light and have many elf-children? But then, she would not be happy, so that wouldn't be a happily after all, would it?

Looking straight into the east wind, she closed her gray-green eyes and allowed the strong breeze to sweep around her. Her silver-yellow hair whipped around her, her sun-kissed face reflecting nothing but her thoughts.

Perhaps… she should just allow Mother of Time to show her the way. So, for now…

"Deed?! You up there?!" Parn called from down below, a few pikes of fish in his hands.

"Parn! You should come up here! The view's great!" the elf shouted down, jumping down from the tree, allowing the wind to carry her down gently.

"I caught some fish. So all we need to do now is clean them," the knight informed her.

"Hmm… I think I should do it. I wouldn't want any scales in my fish this time!" Deedlit teased, taking the fish from an indignant Parn.

For now, she'll just stay with Parn and cherish their times.

AN: Thanks again to Stubborn-Aesthetics! I randomly found this in my hard drive and decided to bring it to light. Very, very short, as most people probably noticed. But I really have no idea where I was going with this back then. I might go back and rewatch the entire RLW series later though. Comments?