DISCLAIMER: I do not own One Tree Hill, or any of the characters, except the made up ones.

Here's what you need to know:

Haley James: Senior at Tree Hill High, daughter of Keith and Karen James, owners of Karen's Café. Haley works there with her bestfriend Brook Davis. Haley is currently dating Damien West. She is very smart and is a tutor. (Kind of like season one attitude with season three look)

Brooke Davis: Senior at Tree Hill High, parents are never around. Works at her best friend's mom's café. Currently not dating anyone. (She's just like on the show, a little less boy crazy and very loyal to her best friends)

Jake Jagielski: Senior at Tree Hill High. Best friends with Brooke and Haley, and secretly has a crush on Peyton Sawyer.

Nathan Scott: Senior at Tree Hill High, son of Dan and Deb Scott, twin brother to Lucas Scott. Best friends with Tim Smith, and Peyton Sawyer. Very quiet, keeps to himself. (He's hot we all know this, lets give him a season four look, not the long hair though, he's also kind of like Lucas when the show started)

Lucas Scott: Senior at Tree Hill High, son of Dan and Deb Scott, older twin to Nathan Scott. Best friends with Tim Smith, and Peyton Sawyer, but has a thing for Brooke Davis, even though she doesn't know. (Let's give him his season four look, and just like Nathan he is like he was in season one, but he will be a little more outspoken than his brother and also very protective of him.)

Peyton Sawyer: Senior at Tree Hill High, daughter of Larry Sawyer. Best friends with the Scott twins and Tim Smith.

Tim Smith: Best friend of the Scott twins and Peyton Sawyer, and has been secretly in love with Haley James, his father died right after the Scott's moved to Tree Hill. He is currently living with his step mother.

Rachel Gattina: Whore of Tree Hill High, what can I say.

Haley James lived in Tree Hill her whole life. She is the only daughter of Keith and Karen James. She has been best friends with Brooke Davis ever since they were four years old. They met Jake in middle school, and ever since then they do everything together. Haley started dating Damien West during her junior year; he is the captain of the football team. She is very sweet, and nice to everyone, and tutor's people well because she is really smart.

Nathan and Lucas Scott moved to Tree Hill about ten months ago, when their father Dan Scott got offered partner in a large law firm. Their mother is a nurse who is currently working at Tree Hill Memorial. They are both very quiet and keep to themselves; the only people that they really talk to are Tim Smith, Peyton Sawyer, and their parents. They are both very smart, and well read. When they first moved to Tree Hill, they went for a walk on the beach, he saw Haley and for him it was love at first sight. Here it is ten month's later and he still hasn't even said one word to her. Let's just say that's about to change.

These people all know of each other, but they don't talk. They stay in their own circle of friends. They also are not the popular kids like on the show. They just keep to themselves and stay around their friends. For now there will be no basketball, and cheerleading, I might add it in later.