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Isle Vampira

Chapter 1: Prologue

I fidgeted in anticipation as the plane took off. Usually I didn't fidget but this was a special occasion.

To my left, I spotted my friend Angela, who was sitting in the seat next to me, looking at me oddly.

"What's wrong Angela?"

"Oh, It's just that…..I thought I saw something…." She trailed off while staring at my right arm.

I looked outside the little window in the plane to see that we were above the clouds and that the sun was shining at full force!

Damn! I mentally cursed as I silently shut my window.

Angela seemed to forget about what she had seen.

"So, Bella, are you excited for our little trip!!?" Angela asked me with joy in her eyes.

"You know it!" I yelled out as I threw my arms up in excitement, "I can't wait til we get to the Bahamas!"

Of course, all I'd end up doing in the Bahamas was making up excuses to why I couldn't go places other than the hotel unless it was night time, but I had to act normal for Angela's sake.

Our class at Forks High School had been awarded the grand prize of a trip to the Bahamas for winning a contest of some sort.

Personally, I never took part in stupid contests and therefore, I had no clue what it was for, but we won and I was expected to go by my fellow class mates.

I couldn't let them know that I wasn't normal, so now I'm stuck on this godforsaken plane, headed towards the one place that I would never ever want to be because there was really nothing fun that I could do in the Bahamas without being seen by normal people.

Oh well, though, why not make lemonade out of lemons, or however that saying goes…I'll get through this, just like how I got through my childhood.

Here's the part where I tell you my sad little story. I am an orphan that was adopted by two of your run of the mil, ordinary parents that couldn't have their own children because of some problems with their reproductive system. Mainly, I think that these type of people have problems with that system because they were never meant to reproduce, but that's just my outlook on the situation.

Anyway, my adoptive parent's names are Renee and Charlie. Although I didn't like them that much because of their more…annoying…qualities, I just had to feel sorry for them. When they called up that adoption service and asked for a sweet, normal, little girl, I'm sad to say that they didn't get what they ordered.

Ever since I was a little kid, I have had rock hard skin as pale as the moon and golden eyes. It's very weird, but apparently I was as strikingly beautiful at the age of 5 as I am now! But, anyway, throughout the years I grew normally and all, but I started to develop some weird abilities.

When I was 7, I found that my silky dark brown wavy hair couldn't be cut at all and that it wouldn't grow any longer than down to my mid back!

When I was 10, I found that I could run much faster than the other kids and eventually, I found that I could run much faster than a cheetah. Don't ask me how I found that out…the story is much to humiliating.

At the age of 12, I found that I could lift objects that were twice my size and three times my weight over my head and it felt as if I was holding a feather. I had to be careful at that age because sometimes I got a little too excited and dented things…it was hard to explain to Renee how the bathroom knob got pulverized into a million pieces that one time…

When I was 14, I found that the sun made my skin shimmer and sparkle. That had been a downer because I loved the sun.

Finally, my last ability, and the coolest, in my point of view, is my ability to move things with my mind. One day at school, I accidentally made a poster fall just by looking at it! That was hard to explain to a few very observant people who dubbed me as a witch…

The thing is…they could've been totally correct in their assumption for all I knew! The truth is that I have no clue what I am! The only thing I do know is that I am not human…

Turbulence and screams of terror brought me back from my thoughts. I opened my little window back up. Outside, the weather had taken a turn for the worst and the plane was now stuck in it.

Just then, lightning struck the right wing of the plane, the one closest to me, and the plane started to descend rapidly towards the churning black water below.

I panicked, even though I knew that I couldn't get hurt from this crash, because this was how my real parents had died…in a plane crash!

I was so preoccupied with the terror of experiencing what my real mother and father had before they died, that I didn't even think once about using my abilities to help the people get out of this.

The plane glided into the water, belly first. That was a good thing because that meant that all the passengers that were still alive could get off before it sank completely.

I looked at Angela to see that she was unconscious with a bloody gash on her forehead. So that's why she hadn't been screaming out in terror with the rest of us…

I got out of my seat and found our life preservers. I strapped them around Angela and I and I ran to the exit with her and jumped out into the water. I would keep my best friend alive because she was the only one that I've ever had.

Only a few people were able to get off the plane before a huge wave barreled it into the depths. All we had left to do now was survive the storm in open water, or so I thought.

It turned out that one of the flight attendants was able to make it off the plane with one of those blow up boats. She let it loose and we all climbed on it and clung to each other as the storm raged on.

Surprisingly, we survived through the storm, but there was only a few of us…

There were only 6 of us, in fact. The flight attendant, one out of our three chaperones, Mr. Alexander, and 4 students, Mike, Jessica, Angela, and me.

Mike scooted closer to me on the raft and yawned hugely, using his arms. I immediately caught on to his plan and as his left arm started to come down to its planned position I scooted to the left, just out of reach.

He must've not seen me move because his hand still went down, and thinking that he'd be hanging on to someone he leaned to his left a bit. This proved his undoing and as he went down further, he lost his balance and ended up falling into the water.

I giggled silently as he struggled fearfully to get back on the little boat. He must've thought that there were sharks in the water or something, but there weren't. I would've smelled one of those 20 miles away!

Finally, my more proficient eyesight, than that of my fellow survivors, saw that there was an island in the distance!

"Row that way," I declared and they obeyed me, probably because they were too tired to care about where we were going.

I looked back at the island to study it from a distance.

There was something unnatural about it. Something that pulled me to it.

I knew that it was probably a bad place to take humans, because of the mysterious aura that surrounded it, but hey, it was land! Probably the only land for another 100 miles...and we'd die of starvation and dehydration by then...

So, we made our way to this mysterious island that I felt compelled to step onto…


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