Isle Vampira

Chapter 5: Screaming


My room was extraordinary. It had a big four post bed with a beautiful silver pink comforter on it and enough pillows to have a pillow war with! The carpet was white and very soft. I felt like I was walking on a cloud as I crossed my room to my grand new bed.

I lay down on my bed and cried out in joy; it was feathery soft. I absolutely loved feathery soft beds! I must've lain there for awhile before I noticed the screaming.

I sat up and listened harder to the bone chilling cries of agony.

What's that? Are they torturing their prisoners to get information out of them or something?

I was very curious now, yet a little disturbed.

I ran to my door to go and check out what was going on. I opened it and went to run out, but I hit something.

When I opened my eyes I found myself staring at a beautifully muscled pale chest and all my curiosity about the screaming vanished.

My eyes trailed upwards slowly, taking in as much as that delicious chest that they could.

Finally, my eyes reached the head of the person and I saw familiar messy bronze hair.

It was Edward…

My breathing stopped for a bit when my eyes reached his own.

"Bella?" he asked uncertainly.

I shook my head to rid myself of the daze I had been in and then eyed him suspiciously.

"How do you do that?"

"Do what?" When he spoke, a delectable scent came from him and I felt myself start to daze out again, but shook my head before it could completely takeover.

"That!" I stepped away from him and pointed at him accusingly, "How do you…dazzle…me like that?"

A wondrous sound came from him as he walked around me and into my room.

I realized, after a moment, that he was chuckling.

I shut my door and turned around to see that Edward was now lounging on my bed.

He was only wearing some black drawstring pants, but he still reminded me of a greek god.

I felt myself begin to daze out again, but stopped it quickly.

"What are you doing here?" I walked over and stood by the bed.

"This is my castle, is it not? I should be the one asking you that." The crooked smile that I was beginning to fall in love with appeared on his face.

"Ok, let me rephrase that question…Why are you in my room?" I was definitely curious now.

I mean after the way he glared at me today, I wasn't really expecting him to want to talk to me…

"I had never met someone whose mind I couldn't read, before you showed up," His golden eyes seemed to sadden a bit as he said more solemnly, "I don't like not knowing what you're thinking."

I guess I have a little sympathy for Edward. I mean, if I wasn't able to lift a book with my mind one day, I'd be a little curious as of why I couldn't lift that particular book.

"What are you thinking about?" His melodic voice broke through my thoughts and I decided that I'd be nice and actually tell him.

"How if I had the same problem with my power, I would be a little sad and curious too," I answered truthfully. He smiled at me and I'm sure that if my heart was still beating, it would've skipped a beat.

"We actually call our 'powers' gifts, but now you have me interested…what is your gift Bella?" curiosity was swirling in his golden eyes as he studied me, probably trying to guess what my 'gift' was.

I decided to show it to him instead of just telling him, so I made a book float out of a bookcase that was in the corner of the room. I snuck it around the room until it was right behind him and flung it at his back really hard.

A second after the book hit him, Edward was on the other side of the room breathing heavily.

I took one look at him and fell on the bed laughing.

I heard Edward's harmonic voice break out in laughter as well and in the blink of an eye he was laying by me on the bed.

"I don't remember the last time that I actually laughed, but I know that it's been quite some time!" The joy in his eyes made me smile widely. For some odd reason, I liked the fact that I made him laugh.

"So, how old are you?" I looked at him inquisitively.

"17." He grinned and I let out a short laugh at his playfulness.

"That's cool, but I meant how old are you vampire wise?" This was what I was truly curious about. They said that vampires live forever, so he had to be really old.

"Let's just say that I beat you by a couple centuries," His crooked smile was back and it compelled me to ask my next question.

"A couple centuries? Wow, you must have a wife or a girlfriend by now!"

His eyes turned sad and he looked away from me, but he answered nonetheless.

"I have never had a wife or a girlfriend. I used to think that I was complete in and of myself, but I'm beginning to doubt that now…" Edward trailed off as he looked at me and into my eyes.

His eyes glistened and we started to get closer and closer…

Our noses were touching and just when we were about to kiss, I heard something that made me jump.

It was an ear splitting scream filled with even more agony and pain then the ones before.

I looked back to Edward in alarm to see that he was just glaring at the ceiling and rubbing his hurt ears.

The prisoners were upstairs? I thought that they were always kept in dungeons that were way downstairs. I decided to ask Edward about it.

"Edward, what is that?"

"Nothing." He responded way too quickly to that and it made me suspicious.

"What do you mean nothing…it's got to be something!"

"It's nothing that pertains to you Bella, just let it go…please." He pleaded with his eyes and I felt myself bend to his will.

"Fine," I said while pouting then switched to a more serious topic that I had been wondering about all night, "Where is the rest of my group staying? I would like to visit them and make sure that they're alright."

"They asked not to be bothered for 2 days. They said that they needed time to process everything that we told them."

I looked into his eyes and immediately knew that he wasn't telling the truth.

"Edward! Where are my friends?!"

Right after I said that another cacophony of screaming rang through the castle and I turned to see Edward looking up at the ceiling with a guilty look on his face.

Then I made a very horrifying realization…

"What are you guys doing to my friends?!" I got up and made a run for it, but was caught around my waist by a pair of cold arms.

"Bella, calm down and I'll explain what's going on." He dragged me over to the bed and sat down with me in his lap to keep me from trying to run to and help my poor friends.

I was terrified and frantic but then Edward blew in my face and that wonderful scent dazzled me again.

"Now Bella, what are we?"

"Vampires…" Being dazzled sure makes you vulnerable to questioning.

"And what are vampires supposed to drink from?"

This question confused me but I answered with what I knew.

"Animals…?" It came out as more of a question then an answer and Edward shook his head.

"No, all vampires are made to drink human blood. We may drink from animals, but having humans in our lands is still quite a temptation." He looked at me sadly and went on, "We had to stop that temptation as fast as we could, so we sort of did something that you may not like."

I glared at him and motioned for him to go on.

"I'm sorry Bella, but we had to change your friends."


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