A/N: This is a set of unrelated drabbles that I wrote for an LJ community that has since been deleted. I never really intended to post these as there is a certain stigma against writing male-male non-canon pairings and I already have one such fic. However, I find myself wanting to have these somewhere other than my own hard drive, and if people have issues with my pairing Shinichi and Kaito they can simply chose not to read. On the other hand if you are open minded then feel free to read on.

The LJ community was based on writing fanfiction for a male-male pairing of your choice based on 17 different song fragments. Though I did not complete the challenge before the community was deleted, I did manage to write four drabbles that I am now posting here.

Title: Sight Unseen

Based on fragment 12: "And how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?" - Lifehouse, 'Everything'

The force of the wind was something to be reckoned with that evening, threatening to remove his top hat despite the hand that currently held onto it.

More importantly the wind was sending his cape spiraling out as if it weighed nothing at all. It was an unexpected problem, one that rendered his glider useless, and left him debating an alternative escape route. Unfortunately the routes that he had planned as backups were unavailable due to a more than usually competent security job by the police and by the movements of a particularly tenacious detective.

A slight smile made its way onto his face at the thought of the detective in question. Well, he's definitely made my life difficult this time.

A bang from a closing door and the thumping of a pair of feet informed the magician that his life was about to be made even more difficult. One . . . Two . . .


Three. Kaitou Kid turned to face his favorite detective, cheeky comment ready to be delivered, before stopping to stare. Though he had been aware of his opponent's presence, not to mention the effect he had, the phantom thief had not actually seen the detective that evening. And he certainly was a sight to see.

For the first time ever Kudou Shinichi was standing before him. Well, technically speaking Kudou had stood before him like this on countless occasions before. But this . . . this was actually Kudou Shinichi, the seventeen-year-old famous detective, not the seven-year-old version with the fake name of Edogawa Conan.

Kudou was taking in Kid's shock with a smirk, "Now we're on even footing."

Kid finally got himself together enough to give Kudou what was, for once, a completely genuine smile rather than a smirk or a grin. "I like the make-over, tantei-kun. It suits you."

And it did at that. Kid had seen pictures of his fellow famous teenager, and had even disguised himself as the detective more than a few times, but it was still definitely something to see the real thing. Blue eyes were gazing at him triumphantly, the same challenge written there that Kid had seen in the eyes of Edogawa Conan.

Somehow it was more satisfying to see it in the eyes of Kudou Shinichi.

The two stood there in silence for a moment, while the wind howled around them.

Kudou spoke first, "It's too windy for you to use your glider. I'm the only other person up here so there is no way for you to slip away disguised. And all the escape routes are covered. Not even you can get away this time, Kaitou Kid-san."

He probably should have been trying to figure a way out of this, or at the very least he should have been panicking. For some reason unknown to the phantom thief he was doing neither. Instead he was staring at Kudou like he'd never seen him before. Which is true in an odd sort of way.

It occurred to Kid that the fact that Kudou was standing here most likely meant that he'd won whatever battle had kept the detective in hiding. Congratulations, tantei-kun. It's good to know it can be done.

For a moment more Kid simply stood there, taking in the image of the long missing Kudou Shinichi. Idly he noted that Kudou was a good looking guy before wondering if that counted as narcissism given how much the two of them looked alike. Probably not since we are different people.

His silence was evidently unnerving his company, as the smirk Kudou was wearing looked slightly less certain.

Kid abruptly closed the distance between the two of them.

"What . . . " the detective managed, face to face with the infamous thief, the white cape belonging to the latter twirling around them in a mad dance.

Kid looked into the surprised blue eyes of the young man who looked so very much like him and gave into an urge he hadn't even been aware he'd had.

He kissed him.

It wasn't a very thorough kiss, or even a very long one. But it brought up a heat that had Kid pulling back, stunned by his reaction.

Kudou was staring at him, red in the face and every inch of him reading total shock.

Kid somehow managed to smirk at him, despite the way his body was telling him to grab Kudou and pull him close. "There is always a way out. After all, I am a magician." With that he removed a bottle from where it had been hidden away and sprayed the detective with it, making sure to cover his own mouth.

The phantom thief caught his now unconscious companion as he slumped over and carefully laid him on the roof.

"My apologies, tantei-kun," he murmured, quickly changing his own appearance to match that of the detective.

Ready to leave, Kid pulled open the rooftop door before hesitating slightly. Pulling out a rose and jotting down a quick note, he attached both the rose and the note to Kudou's jacket.

Getting out of the building had been surprisingly easy. Nakamori had grabbed his face to make sure that he wasn't Kid in disguise -thank goodness he looked enough like Kudou to not need a mask - but after that the police had simply listened to his explanation of how Kid got away and let him move along on his business.

It was funny how readily they had accepted his less than impressive explanation. 'He disappeared in a cloud of pink smoke' really wasn't something that ought to have worked, though he supposed he'd been pulling tricks like that for long enough that they would accept just about anything.

I just hope that no one discovers tantei-kun. I'll be in major trouble if they realize how much I look like him.

His best hope was that the detective wouldn't wake up until after the police had left. Though given the dosage of sleeping gas I doused him in, that's fairly likely.

Tantei-kun . . . Kaito's face heated up at the thought of what else had gone on that night. I can't believe I kissed him.

But he couldn't deny the truth of what had happened, and he couldn't ignore his own reaction to it either.

Oh man. I am so screwed.

Kuroba Kaito, the young man behind the monocle, the disguises, and the magic that was Kaitou Kid, made his way home, the whole time wondering if he'd ever again be able to stand next to Kudou Shinichi without wanting to kiss him.