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Inspired by two little children on the train on my way home.

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Title: Magic Trick

Shinichi watched Kaito's antics with a bemused half smile on his face. They'd been on the train to Osaka for nearly two hours now and the teenage magician had chosen to pass the time by amusing the five year old child of a young mother. Silly faces, funny magic and non-sense stories were the tricks of Kaito's trade. And both the child and Kaito seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

The mother had at first seemed a little wary of the odd teenager, but had soon relaxed and seemed to be grateful that she did not have to provide the entertainment for her child. Shinichi, meanwhile, was not sure if he should be amused or offended that a five year old was evidently more interesting than he was.

That was when the rain started.

First it was just a light shower, but soon it was an all-out downpour. Shinichi found himself grateful that he'd thought to bring an umbrella. However, being the detective he was it didn't take much for Shinichi to notice as the young mother's face grew more and more worried. It also wasn't difficult to determine that her worry was the rain.

As they disembarked the train Shinichi was about to offer the poor woman the use of his own umbrella when Kaito decided it was time for one last trick.

With a theatrical wave of his hand, Kaito caused a large colourful umbrella to appear from nowhere and promptly informed the five year old that it was a magical umbrella that chose its owner. The child's mother went quite red when it was declared the she had been chosen for this honour.

Detective and magician had waved off the mother and child from the safety of the train station before Shinichi decided to speak. "You just gave her your umbrella, didn't you?"

Kaito grinned at him, his eyes sparkling, "Yup."

"I suppose you want to share mine now."

"Wouldn't object," Kaito replied mischievously.

With an ever-suffering sigh, Shinichi opened his umbrella and pulled the magician close to him to keep them both safe from the rain.

"You know," Kaito began, snaking his arm through Shinichi's, "I think I rather like that magic trick."

Shinichi debated pushing him out into the rain for that remark, but decided against it. After all, he rather liked that magic trick too.