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Summary "Sometimes ore-sama marvels at why ore-sama was born with such chiselled good looks and natural intellectual superiority"


Category: humour

Characters: Hyoutei

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Atobe smirked and cast a look around the Hyoutei tennis club.

"Uh-oh, he's gonna make a speech again…" Mukahi got out earplugs.

"Let's just hope it's short." Shishido smacked his forehead and Ohtori crossed himself.

Oshitari just smirked and Hiyoshi mumbled, "Jirou-senpai is so lucky…" as he glared at the sleeping Jirou.

Thus, Atobe started, "Some people have been questioning my authority for the past few days," Atobe glared at Mukahi, "so ore-sama has written a speech for these people…"

"What's so good about you anyways?" Mukahi muttered.

Atobe shot a fiery glare at Mukahi and threw away his piece of paper, "Everyone believes that ore-sama is an ideal role model. Sometimes ore-sama marvels at why ore-sama was born with such chiselled good looks and natural intellectual superiority. Ore-sama's flawless personality and engaging charisma are so strong, that at times I feel like people shadow ore-sama's every move in hopes of becoming more like me. Ore-sama's huge capacity to give has inspired society and the world in general to become a better place. My power to boost another's self esteem (even when I'm lying) is almost unearthly in efficiency. Ore-sama would do this because ore-sama is a good role model and good role models always improve civilization. The Prime Minister will make speeches about ore-sama's numerous services to under-developed nations and cure for AIDs. Fans will shower me with undying worship and Baz Luhrmann will create a Broadway musical starring me. Green isn't a good colour on you, so don't be too jealous. Ore-sama was just fortunate enough to have a good gene pool that bestowed ore-sama with a sixth sense and a huge palette of paranormal powers."

"Uh…" Was the only thing that was heard around the silent courts.

At that precise moment, Jirou woke up and asked yawningly, "Who's Baz Luhrmann?"

Mukahi took out his earplugs and stared at Jirou, incredulous, "Don't tell me you were actually listening…"



A/N : Lolz, this is a Morning Affirmation from my school newspaper, revised and edited to suit Atobe-sama more. Yeah it's really REALLY suited to him, ne? Oh and D and L is currently on a short hiatus... i'm getting lazy. There's another morning affirmation i can use and if i get more, i'll make this ongoing-ish. (Wahh, i get my report card tomorrow:'()

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