Rated: K+

Summary "Ore-sama is just about the least egotistical person there is…"


Category: humour

Characters: Hyoutei

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"Ne Yuushi!" Mukahi crawled up to Oshitari.

"What is it, Gakuto?" Oshitari asked, putting the book he was reading away.

"Let's play the 'it is' game!" Mukahi declared.

"Did you just make that game up?" Atobe asked, from the other side of the change room.

"Well, kind of," Mukahi grinned, "But never mind that, I'll say whoever is… and you say the first word that comes to mind."

"No," Oshitari said simply.

"Aw, why not?" Mukahi pouted.

"Because it's stupid!" Shishido called.

"It's not stupid, I'm bored!" Mukahi called back, "If you don't play it, I'll cry!"

"Why do you always drag me into this?" Oshitari asked.

"Because I love you?" Mukahi guessed.


"Okay, Shishido is…"

"A dash-specialist."

"Ohtori is…"


"Tezuka is…"

"A wall…"

"Fuji is…"


"HEY! WHAT WAS THAT?" Mukahi screamed, hitting Oshitari on the head.


"You said that Seigaku tensai was pretty!"

"…It was the first thing that came to mind…"

"Prettier than me?" Mukahi asked.

"The world is prettier than you!" Shishido yelled from across the room.


"No, he's not prettier than you," Oshitari said without a hint of emotion, "Now please continue."

"Echizen is…"

"A brat…"

"Sanada is…"

"A rock…"

"Yukimura is…"


"Atobe is…"

"Egotistical," Oshitari said automatically.

"Ore-sama is NOT egotistical!"

This was followed by a large round of coughing…

"I'll have you know that Ore-sama is the least egotistical person there is!" Atobe continued.

"Oh no, he's gonna make one of his speeches again."

"Even on totally dreadful days, Ore-sama always manages to compliment people on their appearance or personality, even when the mission is virtually impossible." Atobe paused to look at Mukahi, "Ore-sama realize that my own naturally luminous tresses and acute fashion sense intimidates Ore-sama's friends" All the other regulars tried not to strangle their buchou at this point, "So Ore-sama always manages to dress down in order to improve their self confidence in their dreary appearance. Ore-sama doesn't do these kind gestures out of pity or obligation, but because Ore-sama is innately charitable to others and feel personally responsible for their wellbeing. I have earned great respect from followers who prophesize that when Ore-sama grows up Ore-sama's self-sacrificing nature will regain equality and rid prejudice from society. Ore-sama's services for mankind will be recreated through the magic of cinema and syndicated on free websites like You Tube in honour of Ore-sama's low tolerance for overpriced blockbusters that deprived peasants can't afford. Therefore Ore-sama is just about the least egotistical person there is..."

The rest of the regulars just stared at him for a few minutes in amazement. Who knew that a person could lie so much in one paragraph. This could set a new world record for the biggest liar on earth.

"Anyways…" Mukahi rolled his eyes, "Jirou is…"


"Hiyoshi is…"


"Kabaji is…"


"What's that?"

"…just continue…"


"No," The whole team answered simultaneously.

"I hate you all…"

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