Chapter 1: introduction.

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Hello People. I am back now with my new story Love Forbidden. This chapter is really just and introduction to the new character and what his life is like. I hope you like it as much as you liked my other story.

Love, Jasper A.K.A. Jessica Dildo

Hello. My name is Joshua Michel Cullen. My 'parents' are Isabella 'Bella' and Edward Cullen. I live with my 'grandparents, aunts and uncles'. They are not really my family. We are a family of vampires. I was almost dead from a bear when Bella and Edward found me. Edward changed me and I have been part of their family ever since. We are what we call 'vegetarians'. We do not have the usual diet of a vampire. Instead of drinking human blood, we eat animal blood. Most people have problems when they first change, of controlling their blood thirst. Well, vampires have powers have a power that they get when they change. Usually it is something intensified from when you were a human. Well, my power is where I can control my blood thirst for humans. I still need to feed to survive, I just don't go after every human I see.

It has been three years since they have changed me. It has also been over 20 years since they have lived in the small town of Forks Washington. We are now going back and I am going to be going to go to Forks High School. I am going to be the only one to go. Everyone else is afraid that others are going to remember them. Carlisle isn't even going to be working. I love my family, but sometimes my 'parents' can get on my nerves. Of course, what parents don't?

Tomorrow is going to be my first day of school. Something I am not looking forward too. My parents told me that this was a great school. I didn't believe them. No school was great. I knew I was going to be the 'weird' one at my school, because of my pale skin and everything.

I am forbidden to go to La Push Washington. That is where are only enemies live. They are the warewolves. They are our one and only enemies. I have never seen one up close before, and I don't plan one it.

I know that chapter sucked, but I couldn't think of anything. I just wanted for you to get to know Josh. The next chapter will be about his first day of Forks High School.

Love, Jasper A.K.A. Jessica Dildo