'Ok, this I have to admit is weird.' I'm a twelve year old boy. Average everything. Well not really. But that's what people tell me. I'm an orphan. But the thing is, I've been transferred from home to home for seven years. I've seen over fifty different sets of possible parents. I've also seen ten different adoption agencies.

First let me tell you what I look like. I have shoulder length black hair which I've taken good care of, so it kinda shins a bit. You have no idea how many times it had gotten me mistaken for a girl, lets just say I stopped counting after two hundred. No I don't look like that boy from Death Note, Mello or something. My eyes are lavender. Yes, lavender, don't say anything. One of the reasons I keep getting switched around. I have a small build for a twelve year old boy. I tried to look bigger but nothing worked.

But the reason most parents gave me up was because of my weird case. I can move things with my mind. They called it telekinesis or something like that. So it's the main reason why no one wants me. But that all really changed when this one guy came to the adoption agency I was at…

A guy that looked sixteen walked into the room filled with children. Four others stood behind him. All looking the same age. The first on had a long chestnut braid hanging from his head. One of the brightest smiles I've ever seen was smacked on his face. He walked confidently looking over the children in the room. The two that came in after him were a lot more stern. A Chinese boy with a short pony tail walked in with another. His face was covered in a scowl. The other had messy brown hair and walked stiffly, his face expressionless. The two behind them looked a bit nicer. One was one of the nicest boys I've ever seen. That's saying a lot. His angelic face was smiling shyly at something the braided boy had said. The other boy next to him was standing unnecessary close, his arm brushing the others. But he didn't seem to mind. The angel boy had short golden hair. That made the room brighten up a bit. His to close friend had weird hair, that hung to the side weirdly, covering on of his eyes.

What a weird day. For one second as the braided boys eyes passed over me our eyes locked. For a second. Then he was walking up to me faster then a wolf spotting an easy kill. I had been reading so once I had heard the door open I was just looking up. I didn't have enough time to try and run before he was upon me. His eyes were amethyst. A bit like mine. He took one look over me and turned back to the others who had come in with him.

Since I had telekinesis it helped enhance some of my senses. I could hear some of their chat.

"I want him! He's perfect." The braided boy was saying pointing at me. He was crazy. No one ever wanted me. I had been here for two months.

"Slow down Duo, first we need to talk to the supervisor." The blond said catching up to the others. He had been looking at the others.

"But he's just perfect! Look at him. He even looks like 'Fei a bit!" The Chinese boy turned sharply to stare at me.

'This isn't good.' I hated being adopted. I don't know why but I just did. They were all looking at me now. The stern one spoke.

"We'll talk to the supervisor." They all went to the back of the room where the office room was.

'Not good.' I closed my book quickly as soon as they were all gone behind the door. I ran to my room that I shared with four others. Not that I knew them at all. The book I had was from one of the many families I had. It was precious to me. I loved it. It was about fantasy. I loved fantasy. I used my ability to summon my bag. It was old and torn. But I used it anyway. Since no one bothered to get a new one for me. I only carried what I needed. Or what was special to me. Like a jade bracelet one Japanese family gave me.

I placed my book in the bag and hid it again. What was I going to do!? I don't want to be adopted not now. I don't like being around these kids yes. But I don't like being around adults even more. The looks they give me make my stomach churn. Pity. I hate the word. Disgust. Makes me shiver. Sure I'm used to it. But it just gets to me sometimes.

I was sitting on my bed when I heard them. People were walking down the hall. The supervisor had probably told them about me. So they weren't here for me. I took my book out again. I shouldn't worry. No one wants me. I started reading at the part I loved the most. When the hero goes home. People greet him. Family, friends, comrades. People showed their love, hugging him. Some even kiss him in that part. The hero goes up to the person he was- wa? Someone was tapping me shoulder. I should have noticed.

I looked up to see the smiling face of the braided boy. I jumped back wondering when he had gotten so close.

"Whoa, calm down! We aint going to hurt you." He held up his hands surrendering. His friends were all there two. The blond was smiling at me. The other three were a stern as ever.

"Who are you." I heard myself asking. The braided boy smiled.

"Duo Maxwell. I may run and hide, but I never tell a lie!" I narrowed my eyes slightly. If I made them not like me maybe they would reconsider… guess not.

"Hey 'Fei! He's just like you! I told you so!" The Chinese boys scowled at the newly dubbed Duo. I noticed another presence come into the room. The supervisor had come in with papers.

"Are you really going to adopt him?" The supervisor asked. She was nice enough. But she know there were others that she thought they would like better. The braided boy smiled so bright I thought I would go blind.

"Yes, are those the papers?" He went over and she handed them to her.

'They're really adopting me?' The two that had followed him in went over to look over his shoulder. The papers were probably my records. I saw the messy hair scowl. Good. They wouldn't be adopting me now. Not after seeing my records.

"Where do we sign." I felt my jaw drop. The messy haired boy was the one that spoke. The Chinese boy nodded along. The supervisor gave them a pen and pointed somewhere on the papers.

'No way! NO one wants me! I'm a freak!' The blond came over.

"Are you ok?" I felt something from this boy. He was different. I could see the air shifting around him too. Like it does around me. I stared at him for a second before coming up with a guess.

"You're a empathic." He took a step back in shook. The others turned to look.

"How'd you know." I shrugged.

"I just know." I used my telekinesis again and my bag came floating from its hiding spot. They all gasped. The supervisor wasn't too keen on letting me use my powers in front of others. Let out a warning.

"Seiryū." I huffed and opened my bag. My name is Japanese, from my first family. It's also the name for the Azure Dragon of the East. It sounds like a girls name. I never really liked it. I pulled out my bands. They were from a whole different family. They were to show who I was. Don't know what religion they were from but it was interesting. So I kept them. I had four. Two for each wrist. If I was leaving I was going to have them on when I left. Sentimental reasons.

I slid two on each wrist. They were made of gold. The family that had given them to me was a rich family. They were really kind. But in the end the gave me back. I just hope that this family didn't take them from me. I liked them. I could see their surprised when they saw them. Even the supervisor was surprised. I kept them hidden. I set my hands on the bed beside me and waited.

I hated waiting. There was so many papers they had to sign. By the time they were done I was falling asleep. It was getting dark. There was some kids looking into the room. The blond and weird hair was sitting on either side of me. Much to my distress. The other three was sitting on one of the other beds. Duo was sitting in the middle while the other two watched over his shoulder. Then suddenly Duo shot up and shouted.

"DONE!" The other four sighed. It startled me, so I was fully awake. I almost tried to hid. The Chinese boy spoke.

"Duo. Stop scaring the children." The other little heads had vanished from the door way. The other messy hair just nodded along with his friend. They all stood and the blond smiled down at me. The weird hair just pulled me along. I grabbed my bag before we left. We went back to the office where they made me sit in a chair while they went though the paper work with the supervisor.

When they were done with that I was led outside. A limo waited outside. It was black, I've seen a limo before. Once. But I've never rode in one before. Even the family that gave me the gold bracelets couldn't afford this kind of leisure. The door was opened by a fairly old man. Who the blond smiled his thanks at. We all filed in the blond tucking me in-between the braided boy and the Chinese guy. I settled in and tried to make myself as small as possible as the car started. Which wasn't really working since I was in the spot light. The braided boy spoke first.

"Ok, so first we'll start off with introductions." He pointed to himself.

"I'm Duo, as I told you before. The I'm-too-good-for-you Chinese boy next to you is Chang Wufei." The other scowled at Duo.

"The wont-talk-unless-I-really-need-to guy is Yuy Heero." The other boy just ignored him and continued to look out the window.

"The-" The blond intercepted him.

"I think I'll do my intro Duo. I'm Quatre Raberba Winner. This guy next to me is Trowa Barton." He smiled at me. Duo leaned down to whisper in my ear.

"Otherwise known as cute-angel-of-doom and clown boy." The blond glared slightly but as soon as it was there it was gone. He turned to face me again.

"From your records your name is Seiryū right?" I nodded. Oh, the cars stopping. We all got out and to my surprise we ended up in front of a mansion. I was led into the beautiful thing. Great, first I get adopted in less then a day and then the people who adopted me are rich. I must look like scum to them. The adoption agency didn't really get a good pay from the government. So we mostly lived off of donations now days.

The inside was wonderful. Glorious more like it. Yes I have a wide vocabulary. Since a lot of the kids didn't play with me cuz of my ability, I read a lot more. So my brain is pretty full for a twelve year old. But more about how smart I am later. Back to gapping on how rich these people are.

Oh, here's a good question. Which one adopted me? I'm sure it wasn't weird hair or angel face. So it had to be one of the three that was going over my files. I should ask later.

"Ok, Cat. What first? Food or room?" The blond looked at me then back at ADD boy.

"Food, we definitely need to get some meat on his bones." The braided wonder grinned so much he would make cats cry. He pulled me after him while the others were left to follow. When we finally stopped we were in a kitchen. He pulled me over to a table and then was gone again. He came back with stoic boy and I have a stick in my ass. Yes, I use some BAD words. For my age I think it's a little weird.

The braided wonder shoved the two over too the kitchen. He then proceeded to sit next to me with a wicked grin on his face.

"Watch." Wow he managed only one word. Then the two who had been a bit stunned at the ADD boys quickness recovered. They took one glance to us and then went over to the cupboards. They were soon chopping vegetables and heating water. Heero was cutting what seemed to be pig, up into small squares. Wufei was busy watching the three different pots that were boiling. One with noodles, one with a strangely colored soup broth, and the last was just water. I watched as soon had the oven going with I think was bread. The noodles were soon ready and was being drained. The pork was being boiled. The vegetables had been added to the soup broth.

Sure this was pretty good cooking. But I could do better. More about that later. Look another pot.

About thirty minutes later they were done. A bit sweaty, nothing a good bath could take care of. The table was set. They wouldn't let me do anything…

The results were wonderful. Sweat and sour pork. Egg drop soup. Last to come out was a Chinese pizza. Strange but delicious. All the dishes were Chinese. It was good, really good. It was a long time since someone gave me such a wonderful meal. I almost forgot to breath as I ate. For a second they stared till I looked up, and started apologizing. They just smiled.

"Oh, no its ok. Its just, we've never seen anyone that can hold their own against Duo." Hold their own? In what? I realized that Duo wasn't looking at me. He was eating. As fast as I had been eating. I blinked. Wow. He's good. I also realized I was getting really sleepy. Not good it was catching up to me and I couldn't fall asleep now. Not when I still didn't know anything about these people. Sure the blond could be trusted, maybe. But the others I'm not sure. Oh god. I just remembered. The blond is a empathic.

He was staring at me with worry. I just ignored it. Turned to face down at my plate. Which was completely cleaned. I felt myself nod off a bit. Before I caught myself hoping no one saw. Sadly without me knowing, someone did see.