-1"I was born and raised in a lab. By scientists. By the time I was five I could read, write, and speak in five different languages and had started training in hand to hand combat. By the time I was six I could disable simple locks and started on warfare training.

When I was seven they took me to a junction where they 'showed' me off. Then the next night someone kidnapped me. I was found by them a three hours later after escaping. I also learned in that year about computers, I could explain the ins and outs of a computer system and I could take one apart and put it back together the same way. When I was eight I started learning how to hack into computer systems and how to create viruses.

When I turned nine I managed to escape and take extra information and experiments they were going to implant and test on me. By the time I escaped the doctors had been taken away by some men in black so it had been a lot easier to escape since the people left were all imbeciles. Then I turned up in a adoption agency after being caught by the police on the streets of L3." I ended, I felt like a computer laying out my life for them. It was brief. But enough for them to understand where I was coming from. If they wanted me to go into detail then it would take days.

When the last word came out of my mouth I finally looked at them; the five were all looking at me in shook, anger, and a bit of fear. For once I had no idea what they were thinking. From what little information the doctors told me about them, I could tell that they were angry at the doctors not me. They had said that their former disciplines were never listening to them. They rebelled a lot. But that's only from what I've heard. The doctors never talked about them much. They were always focused on the experiment, mainly, me. I still couldn't figure out why they were training me. I had went though their notes and nothing could point out what they were searching for. They always made sure I couldn't listen into their conversations. Usually locking me in a room or gave me some assignment that kept me busy for hours.

It was a good ten minutes before anyone spoke. But as usual Duo spoke up first, breaking the tense silence.

"You were kidnapped?" I nodded at him and spoke.

"The person who did it was a scientist studying the human mind. Turns out I looked like his deceased little sister, whom he had fantasies over." I saw Heero and Trowa glare at some person in the distance. The other three turned pale.

"He didn't do anything did he?" I shook my head.

"The person was too kind and didn't have it in him to tie me up. So I just knocked him out when I woke and walked out." The five relaxed. I heard the dragon chuckle from behind me.

"He had him in a pretty little maid outfit when he woke though." I turned and glared. It was true though. While I was sleeping from the medicine, he changed me out of my suit that I had been wearing for the convention and into a maid outfit he wanted his sister to wear. Frills and everything. The doctors got a laugh out of that when they found me.

"Do you still have their notes?" I froze. I did have them. But I didn't want to give it to them. The notes were also hidden. I had made sure that no one would get them. They held a lot of information on the doctors and also about me. It had everything about me on them. It told my life story up until age nine. When I escaped.

I just nodded.

"Can you show them to us?" Quatre asked sweetly. I shook my head as a "no" to that question. I really didn't want them to go though it. Hell, I didn't even want to be here.

"Why not?" Then to my demise the dragon spoke up from behind me.

"He hid them. Thought I was asleep then didn't you?" He asked me. I cringed. It was decided, I was going to kill him.

"Why?" I glared sharply at the dragon, daring him to say anything about the papers. Yet, again, he did and I still couldn't do a thing about it.

"It holds all of his information. Everything up till his escape. Dislikes, habits, skills, anything you name it. Its got it." I glared at him with so much power it could be compared to Heero's Glare 177(die-seventeen-times-from-being-boiled-in-hot-sauce). I ignored him and turned back to the five.

"Its outdated though. Its been over four years since I've last put something in it." The looks on their faces told me I wasn't out of the water yet. Quatre spoke up from the couch where he had been pulled to. He pulled every ounce of noble blood and ranking he had and put it into his voice.

"Tell us where it is." I had to say, unhappy Quatre was the same as the world ending. I nearly flinched but nodded reluctantly. Though I did see Duo and Trowa really flinch.

"If you want it," They all watched intently. "then we have to go to L2." They all froze and Duo squeaked out.

"Why L2?" I wiggled in the dragons grasp.

"I hid it there. In a church." I saw Duo flinch. I knew that he grew up in one and his entire life was destroyed there. I had a limited amount of information on them. But it was enough to get the upper hand on them.

"Fine. We leave tomorrow." Heero stood pulling his two lovers with him leaving Quatre and Trowa to take care of me and the dragon.

Which of course they did. Quatre and Trowa led us to my old room showing us in, the dragon pushing me firmly the entire way. But before they left Quatre addressed me from the door.

"Oh, and we installed sensors outside of the window and your door. So don't leave." His face was clearly not very happy, so I just nodded. Cursing silently in my head and glaring at the door as it closed. Before I did anything I looked around the entire room, taking in any changes that had been made from the last time I was there. The bed had been neatly made, the window closed and probably locked, the door didn't have a lock anymore(no surprise there), and the biggest change was the dragon in the room that was staring with an odd look on his face. It seemed to be something in the lines of confusion and anger.

"I don't understand why you want to hide it from them. They all grew up the same way you did. Trained from birth to be something or just to survive during the war they grew up in. Your just the same. Plus their practically your family." I glared heatedly and headed for the bathroom, stopping at the closet to find clean clothes. They didn't need to know. The knowledge of my origins could mean big trouble for them, and if anyone found out. Even more trouble for me.

"You know what would happen if they found out though. Then once the public finds out they'll be after me again." I sighed and walked into the bathroom locking the door behind me so he wouldn't follow me. I could hear him huff and jump onto what probably was the bed. I stripped and folded the dirty clothes before entering the shower. It was pure bliss considering I hadn't had a proper bath the other night.

"Its rude not to invite me to bathe with you, ya know?" I froze as I heard his voice right behind me. The hot water fell over my back as I turned in the large shower. He stood there stark naked a smirk plastered on his face. I fell back to the wall my heart pounding. He was going to do it again.

"Relax. I just want to take a bath too you know. I haven't had one in over twelve years!" He waked under the spray and let himself be soaked. With one hand he pulled me toward him and rested my back against his chest.

"You shouldn't try to handle all of it on your own…"

That was the last thing he said to me the whole night. He surprisingly only washed himself and then went to bed. But he still managed to wrap himself around me even though I fell asleep on the other side of the bed…


"Une Here."

"Its Heero. Duo, Wufei, Trowa, Quatre, and I need to take a week off. We also need to borrow a shuttle." The other line was silent for a while before Une's crisp voice replied.

"Take all the time you need. You guys have been working to much anyways. I'll have the shuttle ready whenever you need it." Heero was stunned silent for a short time. Une was never that generous when it came to work. He quickly caught himself.

"Thank you. We'll be leaving for L2 in about nine hours." He could hear the sound of papers shuffling before Lady Une replied again.

"Right. I'll have a shuttle ready. Also. If you guys need anything don't hesitate to call." Stunned yet again Heero sat there for a minute thinking if they needed anything.

"Thank you. We'll make it up to you." He heard her chuckle.

"No its really alright. That boy really needs you guys at the moment. I'm sure you all need to think about this too." Her voice was soft and kind. Highly surprising for anyone who would have heard. This women was usually known as the demon of the Preventors.

"Thank you. Alright, Heero out." The normally stoic man sighed as he hung up on his boss leaning back into his stiff chair. Berating himself on getting the most uncomfortable chair from the store.

"What did she say?" Heero's Chinese boyfriend walked into the room his hair dripping from the shower, steam still hung around his frame, his cheeks tinted a slight pink from the heat. He sighed again closing his eyes as he stood and stretched from sitting in that odd chair for too long.

"Une said we can have as long as we want or need. The shuttle is taken care of." Wufei looked surprised as he pulled the tired solider away from his post. Heero hugged the smaller boy as he fell onto the bed with the other above him.

"She also told me to call if we need anything." Black haired beauty laughed softly and nuzzled his head into Heero's neck.

"She does have a soft side you know. Ever since she got closer to Mariemaia she's become even more open to all of us. Her other side shows more and more every day."

"Right and that's why she keeps getting closer and closer to Noir and Zechs right?" The last of the threesome came and pounced on Heero's head giving him a big wet one on his cheek. Heero grimaced taking a hand from the bronzed skin of Wufei to clean his now wet face.

"I've always had a feeling that those three liked each other to much to be just friends." Duo laughed at his position on top of Heero before rolling over to land on the bed next to Wufei.

"Yup! Plus Noir is such a topper Zechs wont be able to handle her on his own." Heero spoke before kissed Wufei on the cheek before rolling off of him.

"But on to more important things… Seiryu what are we going to do? Is it really right for us to be butting into his life like this? We've only known him for less then a week!" Wufei gazed up at the ceiling thinking about their adopted child. Duo wrapped an arm around Wufei's waist and snuggled into his lovers chest.

"How can we not? From what he's told us. He's almost completely like us! Only more programmed like. Even more then Hee-chan was when we met him!" Wufei sighed and turned his head to look at Heero.

"What's your opinion on this?" Heero took a hand and ran it though the soft black silk of his love.

"Duo is right. Also. If the Doctors were doing something with children they could have others somewhere. I can't just sit back and watch others become like how I, was." Duo lifted his head up to look at Heero.

"You weren't much different then us. We've all had terrible lives. Nothing can change that now. But we can possible help others that went though similar experiences. Thankfully the war is over now. Wont have to worry about many others. But with the Doc's minions around there could still be some out there." Wufei smiled sadly.

"But I can't help think that he really doesn't want our help." Heero glared a hole in the ceiling.

"It could be because of what the Doctors trained him to do. Its clear he knows who we are now and how we were trained. I can see the similar training in us and in him. He's also really bright for his age. I still wonder though. What were they planning to do with him…?"


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