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About story: The "gang "are now 17. They don't live in the academy. Mikan has grown up to be sorta punkish. Mikan and Natsume are in the music industry they are the two most popular bands in Japan and are sworn rivals.

Name of Band: Lost Innocence

Mikan: Main vocalist/ Backup guitarist

Hotaru: Drummer/ special effects

Anna: Backup vocalist/ Main guitarist

Nokoko: Keyboardist

Name of Band: Crimson Abyss

Natsume: Main vocalist/ Backup guitarist

Ruka: Backup vocalist/ Main guitarist

Koko: Drummer

Yuu: Keyboardist

Chapter 1: Rivals


Natsume and his band were on stage and the crowd was going insane. Many people were "crowd surfing" and chanting the band name. As they finished up their song they went back stage to find Mikan and her band warming up.

"Hey, we rocked tonight so I'm just saying this to you now, you lose printed panties."

The band sweat dropped as anger marks started to pop out of Mikans forehead. As Mikan sharply turned around fire in her eyes.

"Oh we'll win just you wait! Muahahahaha!" Anna looked at her and sighed.

"N-now Mikan common…lets not change to take-Natsume-down mode." Said Anna with a weak smile. Everybody gave Anna a Thank you look as they witnessed Mikan calm down. Everybody got afraid of Mikan when she was ready to beat Natsume, Except Natsume, who seemed to not notice the change. Then Mikan stood up.

"You're right, sorry Anna." Natsume glanced up to see what Mikan was wearing since he secretly had a huge crush on her. But when he saw her his mouth dropped open and he was trying to hold back a giant nosebleed. Mikan was wearing a black sports bra (spaghetti strap) that had written in silver across the breast lost Innocence, black jeans with multiple chain belts and skateboarding shoes on. She also her hair down and big sliver hoops in her ears, she wore a collar that had spikes on it and had black mascara and eye liner on. Natsume managed to just choke out some words before he grabbed a tissue.

"What the hell are you wearing!" he said trying to hide his blush from her. The rest of Natsumes band members looked up at Mikan to see what he was talking about. Ruka turned into a tomato, Koko started howling like a wolf much to Anna's annoyance who started punching him, and Yuu had started to get a nose bleed while he looked at Nokoko nervously and she bawled her fist.

"What its just clothes!" said Mikan. Who shrugged off his comment. Oh Damn she looks so sexy! Crap what am I going to do if she finds out I'm drooling! Look at that perfect body it should be mine!

"Hey guys it's our turn we better go!" Ha watch this Natsume I'm going to beat

that you and your pretty face! The girls set up on stage and started singing. The whole crowd was cheering them on screaming and yelling as Mikan sang her heart out. Natsume as listening to her and watching her. She has such a beautiful voice and a perfect body….. his thoughts were interrupted by Ruka.

"So when are you going to tell her?" Ruka said looking at Natsume. Natsume pretended to not know anything.

"Tell who what?" He said in a monotone. Ruka raised an eyebrow.

"Tell Mikan that your madly in love with her." Natsume looked at Ruka.

"I am not madly in love with her." Ruka sighed.

"Fine fine whatever! But when she starts to see other people don't be jealous!" Ruka said as he got up and walked off. Natsume stared at her again. Mikan seeing other people but she wouldn't…right? Natsumes eyes narrowed he was already feeling jealous. Mikan finished her song with the crowd cheering for a encore as she ran off stage.

"Ha look whose good now! Pretty boy!" Mikan yelled as she ran back stage and grabbed a water bottle. Sitting down and waiting for the club D.J. to announce that the party was over.

"Yo everybody I just got good news!" Said the D.J. Mikan turned to Hotaru who was beside her.

"I wonder what it is." Mikan said.

The D.J. looked up to speak again.

"It's a letter that says that the manager of Lost Innocence and Crimson Abyss…" Mikan looked up.

"Our Manager…" Referring to the manager of her band.

"Have decided to make them a joined band!" Mikan jaw dropped to the floor as the crowd cheered. That would mean singing song together, taking pictures together going to clubs together…OH MY GOD that would mean TOURING TOGETHER!!!!

Then Mikan shouted looking up at the ceiling.

"WHY GOD!? WHY?!" The rest of the band and the rest of Natsumes band were in total shock.


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