Summary: Konoha High, a prestigious school, has decided to have an experiment. How will this experiment bring together eight different individuals who hate each other, together? RxR

Dreaming.sapphire: yea, yea. This idea just popped into my head when I was daydreaming. XD Also, all eight of them don't really get along with each other. Some of them are acquaintances or friends, blah blah. Don't worry! Each of them will have a youthful relationship with each other!! Wait… I just sounded like Gai-sensei… Ok! Anyways! On with the fic! Please enjoy and tell me what you all think. XP

Chemical Reaction

Lucky, or Unlucky, Eight

"Tenten!! Our fragile flower of youth!! We have saved you a seat!!" Lee waved jubilantly. His bowl hair-cut swayed from side to side. His hair shinier than any star and eyebrows as thick, if not thicker, as caterpillars. He was dressed in the standard Konoha High school uniform. The uniform consisted of black slacks and a black dress-shirt that could be either tucked or untucked; Lee always had his tucked in safely by his green belt. The only kid known to have a green tie, rather than the standard red, and green shoes.

Maito Lee – Konoha High's fastest track-and-field member. The junior is childhood friends with Tenten and the adopted child of Maito Gai, the Phys. Ed teacher. Lee's the self-proclaimed "Eternal Rival" of Hyuga Neji. He's sometimes seen challenging Neji to spars... But most of the time, he'll be seen professing his love to Haruno Sakura. He's one of top martial artists in Konoha High, despite his dorky looking self.

Tenten grinned before jogging over to Lee's table, where Gaara and some other males sat. She was also dressed in the standard Konoha High school uniform for girls. The uniform consisted of a black long-sleeved top that showed some midriff, and had a sailor-like collar around the necks; held in place by a red bow. Around the wrist were double white bar lines and the same lines edging her collar. The black mini-skirt had the same white lines and red chiffon underneath that lengthened the skirt a good three inches. Black thigh-high socks covered up most of her legs and she wore black dress shoes that you would slip on. She had amber, almond-shaped eyes and chocolate brown hair that was always up in a pair of buns on top of her head, held up by her red ribbons.

TentenThe niece of Gai; she's been living with him and Lee after her parents died. She's the team captain on the Archery Team, the girl's Soccer Team, the president of the Gymnastics Club, captain of the Volleyball Team, and the girl's Basketball Team. She's also joined the Martial Arts Club; one of the top members at that. How she does it no one will know. She's the girl with no last name and has only guy friends. She doesn't have many friends since most were afraid of her 100 percent accuracy and knowledge on weaponry. She and Lee are juniors.

"So how've you guys been doing?" Tenten sat down on the cafeteria bench between Gaara and Lee.

"…." Was Gaara's silent response. He wore the standard uniform and had a red tattoo that was the kanji character for love. The tattoo was partially covered by his red hair and his jade green eyes were scary to look into.

Sabakuno Gaara – The scariest dude in Konoha High. He's only been able to be friends with Lee, Naruto, and Tenten. Lee became his friend because he had somehow gained his trust and respect when the two sparred and Naruto because he made Gaara realize everyone needed at least one friend. Tenten trusted him since he was friends with Lee. The junior transferred from Suna High on the other side of Japan with his older brother and sister.

At a nearby table, "AWESOME!" Was Naruto's loud cry. Causing some to glare at their table. Naruto had spiky blond hair and ocean blue eyes, his red tie was replaced by a orange one with ramen cups and his shirt partially tucked and untucked.

Uzumaki Naruto – The loudest person you'll ever meet. Has determination that no one can rival, a good sense of justice, and is infatuated with ramen. The junior is always looked down at because of his low grades and loudness. A promise-keeper, he swears he'll be the next president of Japan; just to prove to everyone that he can be serious and intelligent when the time calls. A member of the Soccer Team, he is the self-proclaimed "rival" of Uchiha Sasuke. A deep crush on Haruno Sakura, he seeks acknowledgement. He was adopted by Jiraiya, a famous rich porn novelist.

"Quiet Naruto!!" Kiba smacked him on the head, he had no alterations on his uniform; the shirt untucked. Underneath his black hoodie you could see a lump popping out. His brown hair was wild and spiky with matching brown eyes. Red streaks came from his eyes, running down his cheeks.

Inuzaka Kiba – A dog-lover. The junior always carrys his dog, Akamaru; which is actually white despite its name. Like Naruto, he's pretty loud. The two are usually arguing over something stupid.

"Stop being troublesome, Naruto." Shikamaru lazily glanced at Naruto. His spiky brown hair pulled up into a tight ponytail that made him look like a pineapple. His black shirt was left untucked, claiming it was too much work to tuck in. His ears were pierced with silver loops.

Nara ShikamaruAn unmotivated genius with an IQ of over 200. The shougi lover junior is always sleeping in class. The childhood friend of Chouji and Ino, he loves watching clouds. The strategist's favorite word is "troublesome."

"You can have a chip if you want, Naruto." Chouji offered. The boy had odd swirls on his cheeks.

Akimichi Chouji – The fa-big boned junior is always carrying a bag of chips on him. Whenever he's called fat or someone takes the last chip, prepare to meet his wrath.

"No thanks, Chouji." Naruto denied the offer. As their table continued to make the most noise, a girl sitting in her corner watched them, smiling sadly.

Hyuga Hinata – The shiest girl on the planet. She stutters, blushes, and plays with her fingers when she is nervous and runs away before anyone can offer her to sit with them or join their group of friends. The heiress to Hyuga Corporations, she's the daughter of Hyuga Hiashi and cousin of Neji. The Hyuga members all have the same pearly white eyes and dark hair. Hinata has indigo blue hair and has a younger sister.

A table on the other side of the cafeteria sneered at the loud group. "Ugh! They're so loud! It's annoying!" Ino growled. Her long platinum blond hair was rarely seen out of its high ponytail. Her sky blue eyes entranced most guys and her figure was like a models. She crossed her legs under the table.

Yamanaka Ino – The heiress to Yamanaka Flowers and the daughter of Yamanaka Inoichi. A bit spoiled, snobby, and bratty, she was once friends with Chouji and Shikamaru before she met up with her groupie. She is also rivals with Haruno Sakura and team captain of the Cheerleading squad. The ultimate fan girl of Sasuke, she's the president of the Sasuke fan club. She has vast knowledge on plants and nature.

"Che, reminds me of you, Ino-pig!" Sakura glared. Her unusual pink hair and emerald green eyes combo made you wonder if it was all fake. Instead of black stockings she wore red ones and had her pink hair down to her waist.

Haruno Sakura – The rival of Yamanaka Ino. Despite their rivalry, Sakura remains in the group, being a cheerleader also. She's smart and beautiful and is in love with medicine. Hoping to be a doctor one day, she's often seen going in and out of Tsunade-sama's office, who had a doctor's degree. Also a member of the Sasuke fan club, Ino and Sakura fight for Sasuke's attention. Her strength is legendary, much like Tsunade's, and can memorize things in a glance, her scores also come close to Shikamaru's.

"Don't start anything, Sakura. I don't feel like dealing with a headache." Temari commanded her sandy blond hair up in four ponytails and had navy blue eyes.

Sabakuno Temari – A cheerleader herself after transferring from Suna, Temari has attitude and isn't afraid to show it. She doesn't take crap from anyone and will take care of anyone who dares to piss her off. The older sister of Gaara, Temari and her sibling don't share a close relationship.

"Hmph!" Both Sakura and Ino turned the other way, but upon sensing a familiar presence, both snapped their eyes opened.

"SASUKE-KUN!" They both cried out but glared at each other. The dark-haired boy ignored them, his onyx eyes not even glancing at them. His uniform shirt untucked and his hands in his pockets.
Uchiha Sasuke – An orphan who had his family killed by his brother, Sasuke attracts a wide range of girls. A part of the "popular" group, he considers Neji as a rival and both dislike each other. He is considered as a genius for his grades and a cold-hearted jerk.

When he re-opened his eyes, onyx met lavender. Neji, the top of his class, had long coffee brown hair and pearly lavender eyes. His hair was tied at the end and his arms crossed over his chest. His shirt was also untucked.

Hyuga Neji – Like Sasuke, he's a cold-hearted jerk who only gives "hn's" as answers. The top of his class, Neji's the cousin of Hinata and nephew of Hiashi. His parents were killed in a car-crash and Hiashi took him in. He also has a crowd of fan girls that could rival Sasuke's.

The two glared at each other before walking in opposite directions. Soon after lunch period, the bell ran and everyone headed to their classes.

--- Astronomy Room ---

"Alright class." Genma began, a toothpick hanging out at the side of his mouth. "Before we begin, I'd like to make an announcement." All students put all their attention on their teacher. "Tsunade-sama wants to try a little experiment. A random eight students will be picked from each and every junior class will be picked to live together for the rest of the year."

"WHAT!?" Tenten screeched. Great it was only the first day of her junior year and yet she was already miserable.

--- Gym Room ---








Soon, out of no where, a sunset back round appeared behind the two sobbing.

--- English Room ---

"You've got to be kidding me, Iruka-sensei!" Naruto cried.

Iruka sighed, "Please Naruto, it will only be a year."

"Troublesome…" Shikamaru yawned.

"Will we be able to bring food?" Chouji asked seriously.

Iruka nodded, "Yes Chouji, but I think that will be provided."

--- History Room ---

"But what if we're paired with some idiot or loser?" Sakura asked and she shuddered at thinking she would be picked along with Rock Lee.

"Oh well then." Kakashi shrugged his shoulders uncaringly, his attention not leaving his book.

"Why is Tsunade-sama doing this?" Ino inquired, she definitely did not want to be living in a house with some idiots.

Kakashi shrugged again, "She wants to see what will happen when she bunches up eight students in a house. Tsunade-sama is planning on building dorms for this school, but it all depends on how this experiment will turn out."

"WHAT?!" Ino yelled.

--- Chemistry Room ---

"You have to be kidding me." Kiba gaped, looking at Kurenai unbelievingly. Neji only glared at Kurenai and crossed his arms, Sasuke mimicking his stance.

Kurenai chuckled, "Well… Tsunade-sama will be announcing the lucky eight on the intercom before you all leave."

Kiba groaned, he didn't want to be stuck with any jackasses.

--- Near the End of the Day ---

When the announcement for the lucky, or unlucky to some, eight were soon to be announced, students filed into their homeroom class, some anxious and some excited.

"Ahem!" Tsunade's voice filled the school as she began her announcement. "The lucky eight who will be living together for a year are," Everyone tensed, waiting.

" Nara Shikamaru." Shikamaru groaned, his head meeting his desk in a loud thump.

"Uzumaki Naruto." "WHAT!" Naruto nearly choked on his spit.

"Hyuga Hinata." Hinata blushed a deep red.

"Inuzaka Kiba." Kiba cursed under his breath for being stuck with the ramen lover Naruto for the rest of the year.

"Yamanaka Ino." A loud whine filled the halls and Sakura's evil laughter could be heard.

"Haruno Sakura." "NOO!!!" Sakura's doomed filled voice filled the school. "Yay! I'll be with Sakura-chan!" Naruto cheered.

"Tenten." "Ugh!" Tenten furiously snapped her pencil in two.

"And Hyuga Neji." Everyone who sat around Neji scooted away from the glaring Hyuga.

"For the students who have just been announced, please report to my office. Thank You."

--- Tsunade's Office ---

"Well, aren't you all just a happy bunch?" Tsunade smiled. Four out of eight glared at her.

"Why? Why do we have to be your guinea pigs?" Ino whined, tugging at her hair.

"You all were the selected eight." Tsunade replied simply.

"How did you choose us exactly?" Tenten inquired, arms crossed.

"These." Tsunade opened her desk drawer and pulled out a deck of cards.

"Y-you chose eight people out of a deck of cards!" Sakura's mouth dropped, "But there are hundreds of students here!"

"Only 163 students in total for your grade." Tsunade shrugged.

"E-excuse me, Tsunade-sama, b-but w-why did you choose o-our grade l-level?" Hinata stuttered, playing with her fingers nervously.

"This." Tsunade held up four cards, each labeled with either, freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior. Each of them, except for Neji, facefaulted.

"B-but that's only a deck of cards!" Naruto sputtered, pointing at the evil deck.

Tsunade waved her hand, "Enough chit-chat, we have to get down to business. I have a card game to catch with Jiraiya." She murmured the last part but everyone still heard it clearly. Naruto mumbled, "Stupid old hag." Tsunade glared at him.

Clearing her throat, she began, "Now, all eight of you will be sharing a house together. You'll all be given a salary of 1,000 dollars a month to pay off bills or to buy necessities." Before anyone could ask how the school managed to give them so much, she continued, "A friend of mine said this would be interesting and decided to give a helping hand. Now, you'll all be attending classes like normally, only you'll be living together. Are their any questions?"

"Where is this house?" Kiba asked.

"Ah, yes the address. Here." She gave them each a folder, "What would happen if we didn't do this?" Shikamaru asked.

"Then you'll all fail and repeat junior year." Tsunade smirked, "If that is all the questions you may leave." As they all walked out, they noticed that each of them received a key to the house, a thick rule book, permission form, and an address card. "Also! Don't damage the house! It's a friends! Return those permission forms tomorrow and there will be a moving truck outside of your house tomorrow!" Tsunade yelled to them. Tenten groaned, why did she have to be chosen?

--- Maito Household ---

"Yosh! Tenten, to celebrate this youthful day, we shall invite all the other teachers over to celebrate this grand announcement!" Gai gave her a nice guy pose while Lee sniffed.

"Tenten! I shall run 1,000 laps around Konoha as punishment for not being chosen as well!" Lee sniffed, and dramatically wiped tears away from his eyes. Tenten rolled her own, she did not want Kakashi over, for him and Gai would start having weird battles and the perverted teacher would just continue reading his stupid perverted book.

--- Hyuga Household ---

Hiashi read through the permission form carefully and the rule book before placing them on the table next to him. "Since your cousin will be accompanying you, I trust he will watch over you, Hinata." Hiashi side-glanced at Neji who gave a faint nod.

"Take all the things you will be needing." Hiashi swiftly signed his name on the line before returning both sheets to Neji and Hinata.

--- Yamanaka Household ---

Ino's eye twitched, "Dammit dad! I said I didn't like him! Stop trying to hook me up with your friend's sons!" She growled.

"Are you sure you don't like Shikaku's son, Ino-chan?" Inoichi grinned.

"YES! Now just sign the damn paper!"

"I see somebody's eager to live in the same house with a certain somebody." Inoichi handed the paper back to Ino who nearly ripped the paper out of his hands before stomping off.

--- Haruno Household ---

"WHAT? You'll be living with four boys?" Sakura's father yelled.

"Calm down dear, they're only boys." Her mother rolled her eyes.

"ONLY boys? What if they try to rape he-"

"I'm not gonna get raped daddy." Sakura sighed.

"You never know! You'll be all helpless and defenceless!"

"Here you go sweetie, I'll handle this." Sakura's mother returned the permission form to Sakura before she worked on her task of calming her father down.

--- After School ---

"Ok brats! You all have everything?" Tsunade inquired, looking up from her clip board to glance at the eight of them. A chorus of 'yes's' were heard. "This van will take you all to the house. Have fun." Tsunade grinned and shut the sliding door with a slam after they all boarded the van.