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-. ages .-

Main Characters: 16; Juniors


-. Chemical Reactions .-

Scavenger Hunts


Each of them walked back into the mansion grumpily, soaked wet still with a towel draped over their shoulders or around their bodies. Only two walked in beaming. Or at least, one. "T-that was v-very well p-played, e-everyone." Hinata complimented quietly, jamming her fingers together nervously. The girls, who were all rather competitive, glared at her. Kiba let out a loud and boisterous laugh, "Hahah! They all sucked Hinata-chan! I don't know what you're talking about!" Neji and Naruto glared at him, but he shooed them off. "Well then, I guess that means you guys are my slaves for, how long did we say again?" He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Two weeks." Neji ground out and Shikamaru sighed, "How troublesome."

"Ahh! That's right." Meanwhile, the three girls, excluding Hinata, were glaring daggers at their "partners". "You." Ino began.

"Made." Sakura continued.

"A." Tenten ground out.

"BET ON US!?" They all shouted out in unison, but Hinata just stared at them. The boys winced, excluding Neji who was too cool for that. "Che, don't get your panties in a twist." Kiba crossed his arms.

"Listen dog-boy! I will pound you to the ground! Since Hinata seems much too sweet to do that!" Tenten growled, stomping towards him. "Hey! Go to your boyfriend! He's your partner, not me!" Kiba held his hands up in surrender. "He is NOT my boyfriend. And I'll deal with him after I deal with you!"

"Hahah! What a loser!" Naruto laughed, Sakura grabbed him by the ear, "I will kill you later." "EEP!"

"You lazy bastard! You deserve this! Maybe after this you won't be so lazy!!" Ino yelled. Shikamaru rubbed his ear, "Troublesome woman. The bet only included me, Neji, Naruto, and Kiba. You girls have nothing to do with it." All four women immediately brightened, "Well then," Sakura started.

"That's a whole different story. Have fun being slaves guys." Tenten then walked out to the mini-gym room they had, Hinata to the kitchen, Sakura to the library, and Ino to the garden.

"Girls." Shikamaru rolled his eyes with Kiba, Neji grunted in agreement, and Naruto crossed his arms.

-. Flash Back .-

Hinata shut her eyes tightly and held her arms out, Kiba charging into the chaos in the pool. She pushed and shoved with all her might without looking to see who it was. Multiple splashes and two shrieks with one yelp were heard. Bravely opening her eyes she was shocked to find Tenten, Ino, and Sakura submerged. Neji glared at her and Kiba before he crossed his arms. Naruto groaning in dismay and Shikamaru sighing for the umpteenth time.

"Shit." Naruto cursed. Tenten suddenly popped up above the water, her hair buns a little floppy and soaked wet. "Thanks for helping!" She glared at Neji who shrugged it off.

"WOO HOO!! We win! Yes!" Kiba whooped for joy, jumping around with a surprised Hinata on his shoulders still. "A-ano… Sorry…" She said meekly.

-. End Flash Back .-

A few hours later, Kiba had his three slaves working like dogs, Tsunade reappeared; although surprised to see Neji, Naruto, and Shikamaru pampering Kiba. Neji and Naruto were waving fans to create gentle winds in Kiba's direction as Shikamaru changed the channel on the TV and threw grapes into the dog-lover's mouth.

She shrugged it off, at least they weren't fighting. "Alright brats! Get down here!" Soon everyone was gathered in the living room. "Your next task is to play a little scavenger hunt!" Everyone looked at her ridiculously, "Do we look like kindergarteners to you?" Naruto grumbled, arms crossed. "You act like them." Tsunade remarked before she cleared her throat, "Anyways! You'll all split into two groups, four in each, and you are all to get along, understood? That means no killing each other." Tsunade glared. They each looked away or crossed their arms, Hinata playing with her fingers.

"Ok, now here's the group. Group 1 will be made up of Tenten, Sakura, Ino, and Hinata." Tenten, Sakura, and Ino's mouths dropped, "WHAT!? With the hookers/Forehead/Ino-pig!?" They each shouted out. Tsunade rubbed her temples and exhaled, "Yes and no complaints. Group 2 consists of the boys. Also, the items may only be found in the school." The boys glared at each other.

"Now! The objective is to collect each of the items faster than the other team and the key is team work. Here's the list." Sakura scanned the paper over, "Strand of youth? What the hell is that?"

"Kakashi's/Anko's Icha Icha Paradies book? We'll get murdered for that!" Tenten exclaimed. Tsunade grinned, "It's all about tactics, deception, and team work remember that! I'll be waiting here and whoever comes back first wins."

-. ds .-

"Okay, first thing on the list." Sakura cleared her throat, "Gai or Lee's weights." Tenten smirked, "Well that's easy. We should go for Lee."

"What? Why?" Ino inquired. Tenten looked at her with an annoyed expression, "Practically every one knows he has a crush on Sakura, and plus he's my brother." Sakura laughed, "You're siblings with that freak?" Tenten glared, "He's my brother. Don't call him a freak, especially with that forehead." Sakura silenced and glared at the brunette. Hinata coughed lightly, "W-well, Tenten-san is right, Lee-san does have a crush o-on Sa-Sakura-san." Tenten looked at her, "Drop the san, it's annoying." Hinata nodded.

"Well then let's go!" Ino said enthusiastically.

-. ds .-

"Ok! We have to get fuzzy brow's weights!" Naruto announced cheerfully. "That idiot wear's weights?" Kiba queried, "Duh! Just like Gai-sensei."

"We can get Gai's also if we want." Shikamaru pointed out, "Yeah yeah, but Lee is a little less freakier." Naruto waved off. Neji snorted at the comment, "Is that possible?"

"Alright alright! To the school!" Naruto pointed in the direction he thought the school was idiotically. Shikamaru rolled his eyes, "Idiot." The other three headed in the opposite direction, Naruto blinked before he chased after them. "Wait for me!!"

-. ds .-



"Lee, Sakura just wants to ask you something." Tenten growled, her upraised hand fisted.

"Ahh, and what does the beautiful blossom of youth request?" Lee queried, grinning brilliantly to the point that they all had to squint at the brightness of his Colgate-worthy teeth.

"U-um… Ano…" Sakura began. "Just get on with it forehead." Ino ordered. Sakura glared at her, "C-can I have your weights Lee?" Sakura inquired. Lee's eyebrows bunched up together, making Ino shudder at the sight of them, in confusion. "What for dear flower?"

"U-uh…" Sakura stammered and Tenten decided to intervene. "It's so that she can remember your youthful flaming love for her Lee-chan." Sakura's eyes twitched and Tenten sadistically enjoyed the glowing expression on her brother's face.

"OH DEAR FLOWER! OF COURSE YOU MAY HAVE THEM! I HAVE PLENTY MORE AT HOME!" Lee ripped off his weights in a flash, Sakura on the ground from trying to support the weight of his weights.

"Wh-what… The… Hell?" She ground out. Ino snickered and Hinata tried to take one but ended up tripping. Tenten dragged one weight behind her with some difficulty, already used to the weight of it; she helped Lee put on his weights often.

"Let's go girlies." Tenten grinned.

-. ds .-

"I'm afraid my dear students… That I cannot allow you the honor of holding my weights." Gai said gravely and they all sweat dropped. "WHAT!? COME ON! They're only st-" Shikamaru clamped a hand firmly over Naruto's mouth.

"Shut up!" He hissed.

"Come on Gai-sensei!! Just let us have 'em for a day!" Gai sternly gave them the same answer.

"B-but!" The sounds of ringing bells had students filing in to the once-empty gym. "Ah! I'm sorry youthful students, but I have another class to attend to."

"WHAT!!!" Naruto yelled out.

-. ds .-

"Okay… Next on the list blondie?" Tenten inquired, twirling a thin and deadly needle in her agile fingers. Ino inched away from the needle before replying, "A cancer stick."

"C-cancer stick?" Hinata furrowed her brows in confusion. "W-what teacher would h-have a c-cancer stick?"

"Good question." Sakura rubbed her chin in thought.

-. ds .-

"Okay! Icha Icha paradise!" Naruto announced, "That's at the bottom of the list." Kiba pointed out, "Yeah, but I want to get the hardest over and done with!"

"I say we go for Anko-sensei." Kiba declared. "Why her? She freaks me out as much as our lab-teacher." Naruto wrinkled his nose.

"We have a better chance at getting the book from her than Kakashi-sensei. You don't always see her reading it like Kakashi." Shikamaru said. Neji raised an eyebrow, "I wasn't aware she read Icha Icha Paradise until Tsunade-sama told us."

"Neither did I." Naruto agreed.

"Let's just ask." Kiba shrugged, "Whatever comes, comes!"

-. ds .-

"PLEASE ANKO-SENSEI!!!!!!!" Naruto begged on his knees with Kiba. "What the hell do you brats want with my book anyways? Jiraiya-sama signed that for me!" Anko glared.

"That perverted bastard…" Naruto grumbled, "Hey, Jiraiya-sama's a god for making that book." Anko said to Naruto who crossed his arms.

"The God of Perverts." Kiba mumbled. "Just give us the book! I'm sure Naruto can get Jiraiya to sign another copy of that book for you."

"Ah ah ah! This is a limited edition!" Anko wagged her finger in front of them.

"Che! Ero-sennin has plenty of those at home! He likes keeping copies of his 'works of art'." Naruto snorted. "Really?" Anko raised a brow in interest.

"You give us the book and we'll give you another limited edition Icha Icha Paradise book with Jiraiya's signature and you'll be able to meet him also." Neji bargained.

"If you can all get a book like that so easily, why mine?" She inquired suspiciously. "Because we need yours!!" Naruto whined.

"What do you need it for?"




"We want to try out the positions on some girls we're interested in." All heads whipped over to Shikamaru who had been quite silent. Before Naruto could let out an indignant protest, Kiba and Neji clamped hands over Naruto's mouth while they hesitantly nodded to Shikamaru's statement.

"Ohohoho, is that so? Never knew the Hyuga was interested in women and from the signs that blonde's giving off it seems like to me you all have different intentions." She grinned in a Cheshire cat way, staring down at them. Neji gave her a glare that if looks could kill she would have been 6 feet under.

"Naruto's just upset that we forbade him from looking at the book after he saw Make-Out Tactics and got too horny." Naruto fought against Neji violently as Shikamaru continued, "We had to tie him to his bed." Anko grinned sadistically at the newly revealed blackmail material. "Alright then, here ya go. But instead of another limited edition of Icha Icha paradise, I want a limited edition of Make-Out Tactics with Jiraiya's personal signature." Anko winked at Naruto, "Don't be afraid to be perverted." Naruto glared at her from behind Neji's and Kiba's hands.

-. ds .-

"A-are they m-m-m-" Poor Hinata could not get out the words as she stared at the two teachers in horror. "Yes Hinata, they're making out." Ino confirmed as they watched from behind a corner, Asuma and Kurenai only 15 feet away from them.

"How're we going to get the cigarettes from his back pocket?" Sakura asked, observing the two with a blush as Tenten fanned an unconscious-Hinata. "They seem pretty distracted to me." Tenten commented. "So I guess we just swipe them?" They nodded and Tenten carefully plucked them out from Asuma's back pocket but froze when a familiar voice broke the two that were once in a heated make-out session interrupted.

"Oi, Asuma, I'm not sure if it's just me but it seems to me someone's robbing you of your beloved cigarettes." The three out of the four girls cursed at Kakashi inwardly.

"Eh? What do you brats want?" Asuma tried his best to make it seem as though he and Kurenai had not just been in a lip-lock.

"U-uh… Good question. He he he." Ino laughed nervously.

-. ds .-

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