Hot Shot's girl: Okay even though this story is mainly angst and hurt/comfort it has romance, action, suspence, drama, family, humor, and horror so yea jusy lettin' everyone know :)

My tears could not end that horrible night. The fire that roared in front of my face could burn through anything. I hated myself for not being there when I should have. Scavenger stood there by my side with my brother Ultra Magnus, he tried to comfort me with his words but nothing would ever comfort my aching spark.

He told me he knew how I felt but he had never lost his only child. Nothing would ever replace what those flames took from me that night . . . my son. My tears swelled up my optics and my throat became so tight I began to choke. My emotions overwhelmed me and I fell to the ground. My fists clenched as my tears stained the ground.

I then placed my hand upon my chest and took the matrix of leadership out. I stared at its bright glow for a moment thinking to myself. It was all because of the name of Prime. I knew it was going to be hard, but why this hard?

I am Optimus Prime the leader of the autobots, yet nothing right ever happens to me. Elita One—she was so beautiful. She always smiled even in the most worst of situations. I loved her so much.

My bride, my darling, my only love. We were so happy together and yet war always kept me from her warm embrace. All I ever wanted was peace so I could be with her always. Peace for Cybertron, peace for the transformers, peace for her and me.

I wanted to give her everything for she deserved everything, and yet I could not give her what she wanted the most . . . a child. She wanted one so much and I wished I could give one to her, but I couldn't and I hated myself for making her so sad. But Primus gave us a miracle. She became pregnant and we both rejoiced.

I was ever glad to see her smile again. For months we prepared for the child. We didn't know if it was a boy or girl for we didn't care so we bought neutral colors for the baby like yellow and white. But that happiness didn't last for long.

Six months during the pregnancy she went into labor. It was all too soon. We were both afraid for our unborn child. I waited for what seemed like an eternity in that hospital.

I prayed to Primus for them both to be well. I stood there waiting for the news when the doctor came and told me of everything. He told me that Elita gave birth to a son and that the doctors were tending to the preemie. I asked about Elita and he told me there was a slight complication due to the baby being born so early.

He told me she was fine and my son was with her at the moment, but not for long for the doctors wished to do more tests to see his health. He then told me I could see them and so I did. I entered the room and there she was laying there in that hospital bed holding our son. She slept as I came to her.

Our son did not cry as she held him. I came to her and kissed her cheek. She stirred and looking at me smiled. I saw my Elita there, but she was so tired.

I looked at my son and she gave him to me to hold, but then he began to cry. He wanted his mother and so I gave him to her. She held him softly and took his hand in hers and kissed it.

"My son, my child, my handsome baby boy," she smiled hugging him so soft.

She then became limp and our son began to cry, he knew something was wrong. I looked at Elita and saw she was—DEAD!

"NO, ELITA!!" I cried touching her cold face.

The doctors soon came in and took my son away and they forced me from my love's side. Everything happened too quickly, she had been taken from me and now my son will soon be taken as well. He was so small and young. The doctors said he wouldn't make it if he didn't eat.

I hated seeing my son attached to all those wires and on that bed that frustrated him so. But he did not give up; he had much spirit in him, just like his mother and me. I hated leaving his side. I always feared I would never see him alive again, but I did.

Every day I came to see him wrestle with the doctors to make him eat. He soon did and within a month I got take my boy home with me. He was all I had left of Elita One, all I had left. I could barely stand her funeral, but we went and all mourned for her, even her son.

I planned to raise him together with her by my side and name him when he showed us his personality, but that dream was all gone and would never come back. It was not easy raising him without her, but I managed it. Whenever battle came I made sure he was well protected from my enemies. When he was 2,000 years old (2 in human years.) I had to leave for battle.

I hugged him good-bye and left him with two loyal soldiers, but when I fought in battle I received news that my house caught on fire and began to burn to the ground. I rushed over as fast as I could only to find my house consumed in flames. The soldiers were dead and I feared . . . my son.

I tried to get to him, but my brother and Scavenger would not let me. Now I stand here consumed in grief.

"Why me?!" I cried as I gazed at the matrix in my hands. "I am the leader of the autobots and Protector of peace and yet everything bad happens to me!

What have I done to deserve this?! Everything was taken from me. I had nothing to live for. I wish that I was not Prime. I wish I was just a normal docker like I used to be.

Then someone else would have this grief that I did not want. I could do nothing but mourn for my lost son.