Exillimus Prime turned to the only autobots there were left on cybertron . . . the only autobots still alive which were very few, and said them by name-

"Scavenger, Red Alert, Jetfire, Thunderblast, Wingsaber, Smokescreen, Hoist, Evac, Linegar, Meter, Opensky, Roadflare, Jetstream, Inferno, Leobreaker, Snarl, Scattershot, Metroplex . . . mom. This is the end of cybertron and the autobots. I can't do anything else or more to protect it, but I can do one last thing to protect you . . . what's left of us."

They even had some young children with them. Roadflare had her twin mechs Optimus and Hot Shot and Meter and Opensky had Tailwind while Scavenger had two grandchildren he had left from Blurr, Silverburst, and Aquafreeze. Not many survived, but for those who did maybe they could start over a better life.

"I'm so sorry it has come to this, but . . . it has. Even with my Primus powers I cannot turn the tides of this won war. It is over, but maybe with you . . . it can all start over."

"How though?" asked Roadflare. "They won't even let us off the planet and you know how hard it was for Snarl, Leobreaker, and Metroplex to come to our aid."

"I know," said Exillimus casting his sad optics down. "There is one way left to save you all."

"How young lad?" asked Metroplex.

"Deep down inside me I have a part of Primus' power that I haven't dared use, but it is our last resort," said Exillimus. "I can use it to create a portal to teleport you all back into the past so that you will be able to start over anew and perhaps change the future. It's a long shot, but I know I can do this."

"But you're coming right?" asked Roadflare worried he'd stay behind. "Right?!"

Exillimus Prime didn't say anything to her though. He didn't want to tell her he was going to have to stay for if he did she would never leave his side and he did not want anyone to stay behind with him. He turned and gold flames engulfed him as he shot all of his power out into one small substance slowly stretching it and creating a while oval of some sort. It was the portal and it was even big enough for Metroplex.

He turned and stood straight and Prime-like saying-

"Now go. That is my last order autobots!"

All bowed and so entered. Roadflare embraced her love and kissed him one final kiss. She didn't want to let him go, but soon Jetfire came and took her saying-

"Come on Roadflare it is time to leave."

"But, what about you?!" asked Roaflare looking at Exillimus.

"I have to stay," he sadly sighed. "But make sure . . . promise me you'll help our sons and the future children of cybertron to remember the Prime pride. Promise me!"

/Remember, I will still be here/

/As long as you hold me, in your memory/

"I will!" cried Roadflare hugging him again this time tight and long.

Jetfire had to take her once again and pull her away. They entered the portal and she looked once more at her husband and then wept on her father.

"I'll never see him again dad!" she cried on him.

"I know," said Jetfire hugging her tight. "Just remember him though. It's the least you can do now."

/Remember, when your dreams have ended/

/Time can be transcended/

/Just remember me/

Exillimus Prime watched as all his friends left and began to start a new life where there was no war . . . it hadn't even been thought up of yet, and no decepticons . . . no enemies . . . just peace. He just wanted them to never forget and remember what they fought for here . . . so that the future may be different thanks to them remembering.

/I am the one star that keeps burning, so brightly,/

/It is the last light, to fade into the rising sun/

/I'm with you/

/Whenever you tell, my story/

/For I am all I've done/

As Exillimus watched the last of his loved ones enter he had not noticed one was still left . . . she took his hand and he turned quickly to see Override smiling at him.

"Mom!" he gasped. "No! You have to leave!"

/Remember, I will still be here/

/As long as you hold me, in your memory/

/Remember me/

"I want to be here . . . by my son's side," she smiled laying her head on his shoulder. "It is my last wish."

"But mom," he started.

"Shhh, no buts remember," smiled Override gazing into the broken cybertron. "I want to be with you to the end."

"To the end mom," said Exillimus as tears filled his optics.

/I am the one voice in the cold wind, that whispers/

/And if you listen, you'll hear me call across the sky/

"No . . . to the beginning," smiled Override as she hugged her little boy.

/As long as I still can reach out, and touch you/

/Then I will never die/

And so Exillimus Prime and Override his mother looked into the face of their death, yet life for the others and smiled seeing it would be a good one. The others made it through the portal safely and as they looked around they found they were on cybertron, but found that there existed no decepticons or autobots for that matter. No one was here.

"Do you . . . do you suppose we have made it to the very beginning of cybertron?" asked Meter holding Tailwind close.

"Perhaps," said Scattershot looking around. "I can't detect any life forms anywhere."

/Remember, I'll never leave you/

/If you will only/

/Remember me/

All then jumped as someone came down before them. It was a great transformer and an ancient one by that, but this time . . . he looked bran new. They had been teleported at the very beginning of cybertron.

/Remember me.../

"Welcome . . . to cybertron," smiled Vector Prime as he held down his sword greeting them.

"And they did remember. They told their children about what they fought for and so their children and their children's children would fight for it and tell them of it. The last surviving autobots now make up the transformer planets we know today. Optimus and Hot Shot both became Primes and were the first to rule as equals and together. They were great they were and all because . . . they remembered their father's legacy."

Silentscream just smiled as she placed her sparkling down inside his cradle and prepared to leave him to live his own life. She left him with these words-

"And that . . . my Starscream . . . is what the future holds."

She then left and let the foretelling of theses things come to be.

/Remember, I will still be here/

/As long as you hold me/

/In your memory/

/Remember, when your dreams have ended/

/Time can be transcended/

/I live forever/

/Remember me/

/Remember me/

/Remember... me.../

The End

Hot Shot's girl: Well guys there's the end that has finally come, yea I know the ending is weird, but I liked it and so wrote it like this. This story was so fun to write, not to mention my first, lol, and I am sad it's over, but I don't think I'll be doing a sequel. I was thinking about doing one where what if the portal actually took them to an alternate reality where the decepticons were autobots and the autobots were decepticons lol, but it'd just take too long :) I hope you all have enjoyed my story. I will be going back sometime and changing a few things about my late chapters like correcting mistakes and telling the names of songs and such. This was Remember by Josh Groban. Bye guys, thanks for reviewing and thanks for reading. I love you all and so does JESUS!;D