No one ever thought to consider the heart ache they put me through. My own guardians and my precious Endymion could never have realized just how many pieces they tore my heart and soul into when they called me names or said things to me about my being "inefficient as a leader" or a "total ditz" or something equally as hurtful. Never once did any of them pause to think that maybe there was something deeper in me than that outward appearance of a klutzy blonde teenager. Not once. Not once did they ask me why I acted as I had, nor did they bother to support me in what they thought were my worst moments. The gravity of their acts against me strikes me soul and while it burns me with anger, it is the sadness and the hurt which weighs more upon me. The realization that neither my best friends nor my lover could see past the countless days of acting.

It was a lie. All of it. I'm not a klutz, and I don't even know what it's like to fail a test on my own without trying. I can beat Lita in figure skating when I want to, and I can easily score higher then Amy on a test. I remember all of my music training from the moon, I bet if I wanted I could beat Mina or Rei at singing or maybe, just maybe Michelle on the violin but thats doubtful seeing as she's the one who taught me. I can fight just as well as them too, I had training on the Moon that none of the were subject to. I was not taught simply by mentors like they were, my mother had me trained by the best, just in case I needed to defend myself. The problem was that I never had the need to, there were plenty of people to protect me and so, I never had to bother lifting a finger.

The point is I'm not anything that they think I am. I've been living a lie since the day my mother sent me to Earth, hoping my court and I could lead a better life. The problem was that I was still in danger regardless of my loving mother's desperate efforts to spare me of an end like that which I faced on the moon. So, in an effort to hide myself, I began changing things about myself to throw the negaverse off. They'd never think the princess of the universe was a blond klutz who was failing school faster than Beryl destroyed the Moon Kingdom. But, what I never expected was for my closet friends to forget me, and treat me like I was nothing more than dirt.

Things have changed. And in the name of the Moon they'll be sorry they made me feel like I was worth less then what I truly am.