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Serena fled into the park as several tears streamed down her cheeks. She hadn't expected a confrontation to end up like that. She knew the chance was there especially given Darien's aggression and Amara's overprotective personality. She ran through several of the paths in the large park until she thought she had gone far enough that no one would be able to find her. It was only then, with her chest heaving from physical exertion, that she slowed down her pace to a walk. She looked like a mess, her hair was tousled, and her cheeks flushes and streaked with tears. No one had told her things would end up like they were, no one had prepared her for the way seeing her friends fighting would rip her heart into tiny pieces. They were pieces she wasn't sure she would be able to pick back up.

She walked for several more minutes until she came to the pond that was in the center of the park. There were actually two in this park, the first one had paddle boats and the like to play around on. But this one was quiet, and not so crowded, and Serena knew she would have a better chance of collecting her thoughts here then she would have had anywhere else. A choked back sob broke the natural calm of the pond and she slid down to her knees as a few more tears escaped her. "Why did this have to happen, mother? Things were so much easier on the Moon." She whispered as she tried to compose herself. She had cried enough. Darien and the others didn't truly deserve her tears but she couldn't help but cry. She still loved the girls and she loved Darien, and the pain was almost too much for her to bear with any amount of grace.

" You, of all people should know its useless running, Princess Serenity. What would your mother think?"

Serena's eyes cast upwards to the sky as she heard the silky, manipulative voice from above her. Blue eyes met with familiar gray-blue eyes and she froze for but a moment. She couldn't believe it, he looked so familiar. The male had silver hair and an upright moon crescent on his forehead. He was decked out in a full royal uniform, including a deep silver and navy cape. She was supposed to know him, she was sure of it, but her voice reflected her uncertainty as to who he was as she let out a quiet, unsteady "Who...who are you?"

"Who am I?" The male asked as he flicked his medium length hair out of his face. He was arrogant looking, a delicate jaw and medium build but his arrogance shone through whatever ounce of him someone might have found attractive. He was cold, icy even but manipulative too. "I am Alexandrite, brother of Queen Serenity!"

Serena could do little except stare for but a moment. "But that means that you're my..."

"Uncle?" He laughed, a sound that caused more shivers than it caused smiles. It was icy, and sounded more like a cackle then it did a genuine laugh. He hovered over the smaller blonde with a smirk gracing his otherwise handsome features. "That's right. I'm your uncle. I bet your mother never once mentioned me .Her mistake cost her much, Princess" He sneered at the title. He looked repulsed at the thought of calling her anything with such a honorable title. He hid the disdain well behind a sugar sweet tone, a voice most women had fallen for during the Moon Kingdom's years.

"I...she mentioned a brother but she always ended up upset and after awhile refused to speak of you." Serena slowly stood herself up from the ground. Her knees were streaked with hints of dirt and grass and she brushed it off quickly. She knew she couldn't have looked much like the future ruler of the universe in her current state. She was about to open her mouth when the bushes behind her rustled and she turned to see what was going on.

Her eyes caught sight of Darien and the Scouts as they burst through the narrow pathway with Darien in the lead. She had to admit she was surprised he had managed to track her down but then..she supposed their bond was still there. She hadn't had the heart to break herself from it. The hope that they would work things out had been far too prevalent in the past. Before she had so much as an opportunity to say anything the Scouts had transformed into their Scout uniforms and were ready to attack.

"What do you want?This is a private conversation between myself and Prince Alexandrite. You have no right to be here" She inquired, her voice reflecting the hints of hurt, and pain that she had felt because of their transgressions towards her. A delicate pale hand had clenched itself into a ball in an attempt to diffuse her own anger at their intrusion. As if they had any right to be around her at the moment or at all. They were ready to attack someone else simply because of her.

"He's a bad guy. Serena!" Darien countered, his own voice resonated in the quiet of the park. He had transformed as well into his Tuxedo Mask outfit and he was more than prepared to attack at a seconds warning that such a move needed to be performed. The Scouts too were right behind him. "He's been trying to attack us all for weeks now – he might have been defeated if you had been around to help." He added icily. He too had to admit he was hurt that the blonde had simply run off and left him and the Scouts to defend for themselves. He didn't know where her mind was when she had fled that night so long ago. He had chalked it up to Serena being her typical self.

Alexandrite simply let the two snarl at each other before he lowered himself to be on Serena's side, just inches behind her. "How dare you address her by name!" He bellowed, as though he were defending her honor or something of the sort. He placed a cool hand on Serena's shoulder before speaking again. "She is Princess Serenity! And you shall all refer to her as such to show your respect for her!" The discord between the Scouts and the Princess and her lover would work well for him. Alexandrite smirked slightly from behind the blonde as he squeezed her shoulder. "Leave us! We have much to catch up on, without your rash appearance into our personal conversations."

Serena nodded in agreement as the Scouts stared at her. They looked dumbfounded as she began to speak. "This man is my uncle and I intend on speaking privately with him. You will leave immediately, I don't sense that I am in danger. And even if I was, I am confident I could defend myself. After all, it was I who saved you from the clutches of Queen Beryl and many other evil doers. The last thing I need is your help." She hissed as she turned to Alexandrite. "Uncle...we have much to speak of. Perhaps it would be best to do it elsewhere?"

Alexandrite nodded in agreement as he cast an icy stare at Darien. "Of course, Princess. Allow me to escort you somewhere much more private, away from undeserving and prying eyes." He touched her hand and with one more smirk at Darien and the Scouts over Serena's head, he and the princess disappeared.