DISCLAIMER: I don't own Digimon, or anything related to Digimon. It wasn't my idea. It was some one else's. So in conclusion, I don't really own anything in this story, so please don't sue.

I'm going to use the Japanese Digimon names, so here is a list for those that don't know them…

Tai is Taichi

Matt is Yamato

Sora is still Sora

Joe is Jou

Izzy is Koushiro

Mimi is still Mimi

TK is Takeru

Kari is Hikari

The Digimon have basically the same names I think.

Also, the start of this chapter is a little dark. Don't be discouraged; read on, it gets happier as the chapter progresses.

And finally, this is my first true fan fiction, as well as my first attempt at anything resembling romance, so bear with me.

So please read it and review, I would like to improve my writing as much as possible.



I put this whole thing as a separate chapter, so you just need to move to the next one to see the beginning