Takeru sat in a corner curled up in the fetal position, rocking slowly back and forth. "Oh my god, what have I done," he said quietly to himself. "I've killed her, I've killed her, I've killed her." Takeru stared at the floor. He moved his finger gracefully around through the dust that occupied the basement of the hospital. After Takeru had accidentally punched Hikari in the head he had sprinted through the barrier and into the hospital. He had taken the first stairwell he saw, and it led him into this dark and dreary basement. Broken machinery created a labyrinth and the small amount of lighting created a dreary and somewhat creepy ambiance. Dust particles floated through the air and dust bunnies littered the floor.

"Come on Takeru, we have to go," Patamon urged. "We need to go help the others."

Takeru stared up at Patamon with haunted eyes. "I killed Hikari. I hit her on the head. People who are hit like that don't get up."

Patamon sighed. "This is a hospital in case you didn't notice. And anyways I doubt you hit her hard enough to do any real damage. Maybe you broke her nose."

"Oh god I broke her nose," Takeru resumed his rocking back and forth.

Patamon rolled his eyes. "There is only one person who can help…" Patamon said to himself as he flew out of the basement.


Yamato and Mimi stood around Hikari's bed.

Yamato spoke first. "Are you ok?

"Yeah, just a bloody nose and a small gash on my head," Hikari replied.

"Don't blame Takeru for what happened," Mimi suddenly blurted out. "It was my fault I provoked him."

Hikari laughed. "It was all stress. I don't blame anyone, it was an accident. We have more important things to worry about than who hit who."

"Still, Takeru needs to learn to contain his temper. His type of behavior is just malignant," Yamato. "I'm pretty disappointed in my little brother."

"Ahem," Mimi cleared her throat. "Aren't you the one who ran off when we were fighting the dark masters because you thought we were holding you back?"

Yamato glared at Mimi. "I don't want my brother to follow in my footsteps," Yamato said stiffly. "I'm his brother, I want what's best for him."

"Just like Taichi," Hikari said happily. "Anyways, where is Takeru?"

"He ran off," Yamato said. "Should I go look for him?"

"No, I will do that," Hikari said as she climbed out of her bed. "You guys go check up on Jou."

"Yes sir," said Yamato as he mocked a salute.

"You're dumb," Hikari said.

Yamato laughed as Hikari exited the room. He turned to Mimi, "She is right though. We should see how Jou and Sora are. Let's go."


Jou awake suddenly. His chest hurt and he couldn't see.

"Hey Jou, are you awake yet?"

Jou knew that voice. Gomamon.

Jou groaned. "I need my glasses, I can't see."

"Right here," said Gomamon as he awkwardly fumbled with Jou's glasses. He was just relieved that Jou was awake.

Gomamon awkwardly placed the glasses on Jou's face. Jou reached up and adjusted them until they sat comfortably on his face. He blinked twice and stared around the room. It was a generic hospital room with an ICU machine to Jou's left and a few other machines to his right. Everything in it was white. Gomamon was sitting on the bed next to Jou. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," Jou said softly.

Into the room stepped Mimi and Yamato. "Jou!" Mimi screeched and rushed over to grab him

As Mimi embraced him Jou said, "What did I miss?"

"Nothing good," Yamato said sadly. "Hikari got hit on the head, Takeru is missing in action and Sora apparently got infected with the virus. We are in shambles."

"Where is Taichi?" Jou asked.

"With Sora," Yamato laughed.

"That's predictable of him," said Jou.

"Yeah I suppose," said Yamato. "So how are the injuries?"

"Injury," Jou corrected. "Only one. Just nice little bullet hole. It went straight through. I should be fine in a while."

Yamato nodded understandingly. "Well we should go check on Sora."

"Taichi is probably giving her more than enough company," Jou laughed.

"Yeah, we should go rescue Sora," Yamato giggled.

Mimi rolled her eyes. "You guys have no idea how Sora feels about Taichi."

"Well it it's like that then maybe we shouldn't interrupt them," Yamato said, his eyes growing wide.

Mimi slapped Yamato on the back of the head. "Let's go you idiot."

Yamato sighed. "Well talk to you later Jou."

"See ya," Jou.


Sora rolled over on her bead, tears dripping down her cheeks. Again, she heard a knock at the door.

"Wh-who is it?" Sora stammered out.

"It's us," said Mimi, "Me and Yamato."

"Come in," Sora said.

When Yamato walked into the room he stopped and looked around. In a tone of surprise he said, "Where is Taichi, we thought he was with you?"

"Wait, so he isn't with you?" Sora asked in alarm.

"Well obviously not," said Yamato. "Do you have a guess where he is?"

"Going after Koushiro."


The chosen children and their digimon, minus Takeru, Hikari, Jou and Taichi crowded around Leomon.

"If it is true that Taichi has gone after Koushiro alone, we need to stop him." Leomon said decisively.

"What about Hikari and my brother," asked Yamato. "And Jou?"

"Jou is still too injured to be of any use. We don't have time to find Hikari and Takeru. It looks like it will just be you three." Leomon responded. With that, a door opened and Hikari and Takeru came into the room, followed by Gatomon and Patamon.

"Oh there you guys are," said Hikari happily. "What is going on with you guys?"

"We think Taichi has gone after Koushiro. We need to go out and stop him," Leomon said gravely.

"Well I hoped for a happier return," said Hikari nervously, "but let's do this."

"Ok, here is the plan," Leomon began. "You guys will simply overtake Taichi and bring him back. We are going to assume he has Agumon with him, so he may go as far as to try to resist. Use force if necessary. Anything we do to him will be better than anything Koushiro will do. Is this all clear?"

"Just one thing," Takeru objected, "how can we overtake him if he has such a huge head start?"

"Simple," said Leomon with a smile. "You will have champion digimon." When he said this Leomon reached into his pouch and pulled out a small glowing blue ball.

"A datacore," Mimi gasped.

A soft blue light danced over the digimon. Each of them flashed bright white, and in their place stood their respective champion form.

"Let's do this", said Yamato. He then leaned down to Takeru's ear. "You have lipstick on your cheek," he whispered.

Takeru blushed.


Taichi bent his head against the howling desert wind. Agumon followed faithfully behind. He didn't know why he had entered the desert during a sandstorm; his instinct just told him to. He continued forward stubbornly, stopping for nothing. He, the leader of the chosen children was going to end this debacle right now. No second guessing, no group deliberation. He was going to kill Koushiro without hesitation, without flinching. In fact, he just might enjoy it.

"Tsk tsk Taichi, you want to kill me? Now that stings, that really stings."

Taichi looked up. He was in the eye of the sandstorm. Walls of sand swirled around him on four sides, but not a grain of sand from the storm went near him. Standing in the middle was Koushiro, dressed in black with his eyes alight with malice. "Do you like the sandstorm? I thought it would add a dramatic effect."

"It's too bad you wasted your time coming up with drama when you're going to die right here." Taichi said angrily.

"Well, this really puts me at a disadvantage. One angry chosen child and a rookie digimon against a god and a mega." Koushiro said, laughing. "I'm so terrified."

"Well you're dumb," Taichi countered lamely.

Koushiro shook his head slowly. "Well in all honesty I am at one disadvantage. I don't want to kill you."

"Oh really," Taichi said, "You want to protect us, that is exactly why you shot Jou and Sora."

"Those were… unfortunate circumstances," Koushiro replied smoothly. "I'm not claiming to be a saint. I'm just doing what is best."

"By turning yourself into a god and having a nice little ego trip? I can't see your logic," Taichi said smugly.

Koushiro stiffened. "Please don't push me too far," Koushiro's voice dropped a little, "then I may do something I truly regret."

"Talk is cheap," Taichi said, "Let's let our digimon end this."

Koushiro shrugged. "As you wish." Koushiro gestured with his hand and Herculeskabutarimon flew down from the sky and landed with a thud on the sand. He looked like Megakabutarimon on steroids.

"You can see here Taichi that I'm not all evil. Tentamon isn't under the influence of the virus. He is with me by choice. I just simply used a touch of the virus to help him reach mega."

"I have my own way of getting a mega," Taichi said smugly. Agumon stepped forward, no fear in his eyes.

Koushiro looked at him knowingly. "I see. You're going to let the crest of courage work for you. Very… ingenious."

"I'm glad you could figure that much out. Just like you remember from Apoclamon we don't need the crest. Just need to remember that it is always inside of us." When Taichi finished saying this, there was a bright flash. Standing in Agumon's place was Wargreymon. "Now I have a mega too," Taichi said haughtily.

"The Patriots and the Rams both play NFL football," Koushiro said, "but it doesn't mean they are the same skill level."

"Became a football fan in America? You liked the barbarian violence?" Taichi laughed.

"More the complex strategy. You wouldn't understand, I don't think your brain could handle it," Koushiro said.

Taichi completely ignored Koushiro's last statement. "Go Wargreymon, end it."

Wargreymon leapt forward, his arms shining in the desert sun. Herculeskabutarimon used his massive wings to fly into the air. Wargreymon leapt up after them. Herculeskabutarimon shot a blast of electricity behind him, but Wargreymon barrel rolled out of the way.

Herculeskabutarimon and Wargreymon continued their deadly dogfight. Neither of them could land a hit on one another, they seemed evenly matched. Unfortunately for Herculeskabutarimon Wargreymon had experience on his side. When Herculeskabutarimon charged Wargreymon he left himself open. When Herculeskabutarimon missed Wargreymon grabbed a hold of Herculeskabutarimon's horn and slammed Herculeskabutarimon into the ground. Wargreymon began spinning rapidly, readying himself for the final attack.

Herculeskabutarimon stared up at the spinning Wargreymon, a drill of death. Herculeskabutarimon smiled as much as a bug could. Wargreymon had one weakness, and Herculeskabutarimon knew he would only have one chance to exploit it.

Wargreymon turned in the air and shot toward Herculeskabutarimon using his final move, Terra Destroyer. The orange energy whirled around him as he smashed into Herculeskabutarimon. However, unfortunately for Wargreymon Herculeskabutarimon had dodged the attack. Now, unable to stop himself he continued spinning helplessly into the ground. Herculeskabutarimon reached over with his massive claw and grabbed Wargreymon and through him up into the air to get a clean shot with his electricity. His horn glowed, and a deadly bolt of electricity shot at Wargreymon.

Wargreymon saw the bolt of electricity heading toward him. This was it, it was over. He had won. Wargreymon spun in the air, deflecting the bolt off of his shield that was on his back. The bolt flew back at Herculeskabutarimon who was stunned, and not moving, just watching the bolt.

"No!" The scream from Koushiro's throat tore out of him like a wild tiger. He pointed his hand at the bolt of electricity, and suddenly the bolt of electricity disintegrated. "Stop!" He screamed. "It's over."

"Too scared to continue sissy?" Taichi taunted.

"Yes," Koushiro said stonily, "I'm scared of losing a friend. Whether it is you or Agumon or Tentamon, no one will die here." Too prove his point Herculeskabutarimon devolved back into Tentamon. Wargreymon stood over him, staring down at him.

"I don't care what message you preach, what lies you sprout," Taichi said angrily. "You are going to die, now. Do it Wargreymon, finish them both."

"Are you sure Taichi? It seems the fight is over," Wargreymon protested.

"The fight will never be finished as long as he lives," Taichi said coldly. "Finish him."

Wargreymon sighed. "I'm sorry," he said as he raised his arms. A large ball of orange energy began to form in between them. Koushiro and Tentamon just stood there impassively. "If you kill us the digital world will never be safe."

Taichi said nothing as Wargreymon threw the orange energy ball towards them.

"STOP!" The scream echoed across the sandstorm. Sora, riding on Birdramon flew into the middle of the arena, in between Wargreymon and Tentamon and Koushiro.

The ball of orange energy flew towards Sora and Birdramon, bringing their doom along with it.

Koushiro ran forward, and leapt into the air, his reflexes heightened by the Syndrome. He used his body to create a shield between him and Sora. He spread his arms and legs wide, and a black vortex opened in front of him. The orange energy ball, instead of hitting anyone flew into Koushiro's vortex, diverting a disaster.

Koushiro turned to Taichi his eyes alight with rage. "You son of a bitch. You are so reckless on your self righteous quest you would injure an innocent. You don't deserve to live." Koushiro began to slowly walk towards Taichi. Taichi stood still, cemented to his spot by fear. Wargreymon flew down, landing in front of Koushiro, blocking his path.

"You can't hurt Taichi while I'm still alive," Wargreymon said.

Koushiro stared up at Wargreymon. His normally pale eyes were now pure black. He made a small gesture, and Wargreymon suddenly devolved into Koramon. Koushiro gave Koramon a kick, and he flew out of the way. When Koushiro reached Taichi, he let his hands wrap around Taichi's neck. His pointer finger felt Taichi's pulse.

"Just a quick squeeze and it will all be over. You will never almost hurt some one again," Koushiro said, smiling demonically.

"I d-didn't s-s-see h-he-her," Taichi gasped out.

"You were still trying to kill me," Koushiro said, "I think I will kill you just for that." Suddenly, Koushrio felt a weight on his back. It was Sora, who embraced him from behind.

"Please Koushiro don't do it," Sora sobbed. "Let him live."

As suddenly as they had turned black with rage, Koushiro's eyes turned back to their pale white. He sighed, and let go off Taichi. "Very well, if that is what you want."

"Thank you Koushiro," Sora said softly.

Taichi watched this, his eyes like stones. "Let's go Sora, we don't need to hang around with this traitor."

"Don't call me a traitor," Koushiro said softly.

"Because you're doing what's best," Taichi mocked. "That is total bullshit. You are in it for yourself. You just want to be a god here because your life is worthless in the real world. This is just a game to you."

"No it's not!" Koushiro screamed. "I care more than any of you. I am making the final sacrifice for this world. I am a hero, not the traitor you want me to be."

"No matter what you claim to be, you will always be a filthy little bug to the rest of us."

"The rest of us? Sora thinks differently I think," Koushiro said with a smile. Koushiro put a hand to his forehead. "I can't believe I didn't realize this. This is about Sora. How she likes me more than you. You are so petty. Fighting like a middle school kid over a girl who isn't interested in you. If my life is so worthless, then I don't know what yours is."

"Shut up," said Taichi. "This is about-"

Koushiro cut him off. "Please, no self righteous talk. This is all about the girl. You just don't know how you would function without her. What a loser."

"Shut up!" Taichi screamed.

"Just say it Taichi, let it out. Life isn't worth it to you without Sora isn't it?" Koushiro was laughing now.

"Please Koushiro stop," Sora interjected softly.

"No," Taichi said, tears spilling down his cheeks. "Life isn't worth it without her."

Koushiro's mouth twitched into a grin. "So then I guess I would be doing you a favor by ending your life here?"

"What?" Taichi said, but it was too late. Koushiro was standing over him, Jou's gun in his hand. Koushiro pressed the gun against Taichi's skull. Koushiro was still grinning when he pulled the trigger and sent Taichi's brains splattering across the sand. Koushiro leaned down to Taichi's dead corpse. "Goodbye you arrogant little bitch." Koushiro turned to Sora. "Let this be a lesson to you. Anyone who crosses me dies, including you. So don't think about trying anything. Come on Tentamon, let's go."


The other chosen children managed to get to the center of the sandstorm just in time to see Sora crouched over Taichi's corpse, crying.