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Sakura Haruno sighed as she finished straightening her school uniform tie. She brushed her long hair and braided it. She looked in the mirror one last time and almost didn't recognize herself.

"Well, time to start a new year." She whispered as she grabbed her bag and headed to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

"Morin' Mom, Morin' Jiraiya!" She said cheerfully, as she sat down at the table.

"Morin'." They replied.

"Soooo, Where's Naruto?" She asked as she dug into her plate of pancakes.

"Still sleeping." Her mom answered, she nodded and continued to eat.

"Shouldn't you two be heading out?" Jiraiya said a little while later, Sakura glanced at her watch and shrieked. She raced down the hall and started to bang on Naruto's bedroom door.

"Naruto, we're gonna be late!!!" She screamed, she heard a thump, a small curse, then a few seconds later a louder curse.

"Go on ahead, I'll catch up!" He shouted.

"Ok!" She took off down the hall, pulled on her shoes, shouted her goodbyes and raced out of the apartment. Just as she was reaching the subway station Naruto caught up with her.

"HEY GUYS!!!!" Naruto shouted as he caught sight of the guys. Sakura frowned, she wanted to say hi to the guys and hang out with them, but she didn't want to see Kiba. Before she could make up her mind, Naruto grabbed her wrist and dragged her to meet them.

"Hey guys!" She said cheerfully not looking at Kiba.

"Hey, Sakura-chan." They replied.

"What took you two so long?" Shikamaru asked.

"I overslept, and Sakura-chan lost track of time." Naruto answered, grinning.

"Here's the train." Sasuke and Neji said. The six teens boarded the train and sat down.


"Sakura!! Hey!!" Sakura's head snapped up and she grinned at Ino and the other girls.

"Hey, guys!!" She called jogging up. Together the five girls walked into the school and into the main office to get their schedules.

"What classes do you have Sakura?" Tenten asked.

"I have Art, Chemistry, Algebra II, Lunch, Government, English, and Photography." Sakura replied.

"I have Art, Algebra II, Government, Lunch, Chemistry, English, and Creative Writing." Hinata said.

"I have Orchestra, Algebra II, Chemistry, Lunch, Government, English, and PE." Tenten said.

"I have Chorus, Chemistry, Government, Lunch, Algebra II, English, and Dance." Saki said.

"I have Fashion, Algebra II, Chemistry, Lunch, Government, English, and Dance." Ino said.

"Soooo, we all have Lunch, and English together, Ino and Saki have Dance together, Ino and Tenten have Government, Chemistry, and Algebra II together, Hinata and Saki have Government together, Hinata and Tenten Algebra II together, Hinata and Ino have Algebra II together, me and Saki have Chemistry together, me and Tenten have Government together, me and Ino also have Government together, and Me and Hinata have Art together." Sakura said.

"Yep!" The other girls chorused.

"Well, we had better go." Hinata said as the bell rang.

"Hopefully, we have no classes with the guys." Sakura said, giggling.

"Um, well, we still have Art with Ki-Kiba-kun." Hinata answered, Sakura sighed and nodded.


"Hello, Class, and Welcome back. Hopefully we'll have a much more pleasant time this year, right, Inuzuka-san?!" Kureinai said looking at Kiba, who grumbled and nodded. Sakura and Hinata giggled.

"Ok, we're going to start off, with portraits, so I'll call out your partners." She said the class semi-groaned.

"Sakura and Hinata." The girls grinned.

"Tsuki and Kyu."

"And finally Kiba and Sai." Sakura, Hinata, Kiba and Sai tensed.

"Um, Kureinai-sensei, I don't think that's a good idea." Hinata said raising her hand.

"I'm sorry, Hinata-chan, the pairings are final, Sai-san, and Kiba-san will need to set aside their differences and work together." Kureinai said.

"What if we switched?" Sakura asked.

"I can't do that, if I did everyone else would want to switch." Kureinai answered. Hinata stood up, walked to the front of the room, and started to whisper in Kureinai's ear. A few minutes later she walked back.

"Ok, you're working with Sai-san, and I'll be working Kiba-kun." Hinata whispered glancing at Sakura to see if she was alright with that.

"How'd you do that??" She asked, amazed.

"We-well, I-I just had to use m-my name, my family name." Hinata answered.

Sakura couldn't help but smile happily as she sat in the front of her Photography class. She loved taking pictures, or drawing pictures. She loved everything about pictures really. But all too soon her class was over and she was heading home.

"Hey, Sis, how was you're day?" Naruto asked, popping up next to her.

"It was pretty good, how was yours?" She asked as the other guys 'appeared' around them.

"Pretty good, look tell the old man and your mom I'll be out late, and not to wait up." He said before dashing off with the others, leaving her his bag.

"YEAH! BECAUSE I'M SURE THEY WON'T MIND!!!!" She screamed, sarcastically, after him.

"Ugh, what am I his messenger, if he wants mom and Jiraiya to know something he should call them." She muttered as she boarded her train.

"MOM!! JIRAIYA!!! I'm home, so you can stop making out on the living room couch like two teenagers now!!" She called as she dropped her and Naruto's bag and pulled off her shoes.

"We were not making out!" Her mother said as she walked past the living room.

"Suuuure you weren't." She drawled sarcastically, as she checked the voice mail.

"Sakura, this is your Photography teacher, I was looking through portfolio earlier and I was amazed at her pictures, they look as though they were done by a professional. I was wondering if you wanted to enter your pictures in a contest we're having in a few weeks. Let me know tomorrow, thank you, bye." Sakura turned and found Jiraiya and her mom staring at her waiting for her reaction.

"Soooo, what were you two doing to where you couldn't hear the phone?" She asked smirking; both adults turned a delicate shade of red.

"Go do your homework." Her mom said.

"Kay!" She said cheerfully, kissing her mom on the cheek and going to her room

"Oh Naruto said he'll be out late and not to wait up for him." She called as she shut her door.

"Finally, some peace." She said picking up her sketch book and a pencil.


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