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Kiba quietly stepped into the white hospital room, and shut the door softly behind him. Laying on the bed looking totally bored out of her mind, her curled hair spread out on the pillow, was Sakura.

"Sa-Sakura." he whispered she turned to look at him. Once she realized it was him she smiled at him.

"Hey, I wanted to tell you something." she shifted to where she was sitting up, he rushed over to help her.

"I'm not helpless." She snapped glaring at him, before he could retort she cut him off.

"Sorry, I don't mean to keep snapping at you like that."

"Soo, what is it you want to tell me." he asked sitting in the chair next to her bed.

"I was thinking, when my mom was in here, that I could have died, any one of us could have died, and that scared me, because there is SO many things I want to do, places I want to see, things I want to say before I die, but then I realized the most important thing I wanted to say was to you, Kiba." he stared at her.

"Wh-what is it?" he asked.

"I love you." she whispered, staring him straight in the eye, "I think I've loved you since the day I met you …… well, ok maybe since they day we started being nice .. Er, civil to each other but still."

"I .. I know it's probably not the best time to say it, and your probably really really angry with me, bu-but I wanted you to know." she whispered when he didn't answer, he just sat there staring at her in shock.

"Kiba …. Now would be the time to say something." she whispered.

"Sakura, I …. I love you more than you know." he whispered pulling her into a hug.

"Ya mean it." she asked into his shoulder.

"Yes." was his choked response.

"Don't ever leave me." she whispered shakily as they pulled away from each other.

"Never." he declared.

8week later8

Sakura and Kiba were walking arm in arm down the hall heading towards the cafeteria.

"Sakura-san!" Sakura turned and saw her Photography teacher running up to them.

"Yes?" her teacher thrust an envelope into her hands.

"I figured you'd want to open it with your friends." she said smiling, Sakura gave her a confused look.

"It's the results from the photography contest." her teacher said.

"Oh thank you." Sakura said her teacher nodded and headed off to find other students.

8in cafeteria8

"You got the results what does it say?" Ino demanded.

"I don't know I haven't opened it yet." Sakura said was she flipped the envelope over to opened.

"Oh I can't do it, I already know what's going to say, it's going to say that I lost, I knew I should have sent in a different picture, oooooh." Sakura cried as she threw the envelope onto the table. Kiba wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close to him.

"Heeey, you don't know that and I bet that picture was great, you want one of us to open it?" he whispered in her ear, she nodded and he nodded to Ino who picked up the envelope and opened it.

"Sa-Sakura, I thought you said you sent in a picture of your Aunt's garden from a balcony view." Ino stuttered.

"I did." Sakura said confused, "Why?"

"Because they sent a copy back and this doesn't look like a garden." Ino replied.

"Um Ino, the letter what does the letter say?" Saki asked.

"Dear Sakura Haruno …. Blah blah blah … we would like to thank you for entering you picture … yada yada yada ….. And we would like to congratulate you on getting …third place" Ino whispered the end.

"NO WAY!" Sakura screamed snatching the envelope.

"oh …. My … GOD!!!!" Sakura screamed.

"But it's only third it'd be cooler if you got first." Naruto muttered, the rest of the boys nodded in agreement.

"Guys do you know how lucky I am to get third, thousands of kids sent in photos, the chance of me getting first was like 1 to a million, so this is supremely cool, but wait, I didn't send in this picture." Sakura murmured staring at the picture in her hand. It was a black and white picture of a young mother bandaging her son's scrapped knee while he wiped his tears. Sakura had taken when she had been at the park one day.

"Weird." Hinata murmured the other girls nodded in agreement as the boys shared a smirk.

8on the way home8

"Oooooh I can't to tell mom, we mocked that contest for days, then once I entered we joked about ways we would celebrate it. Oooooooh! She owes me six dollars and thirty-two cents, not to mention two tank tops, three sweaters, a skirt, a pair of shoes, three pairs of jeans and her leather jacket." Sakura said as she and the boys walked down the stairs.

"What'd you bet on." Shikamaru asked.

"She bet that I wouldn't get above fifth place because my picture was stupid, and I said I would so HA!" Sakura giggled.

"Yeah but since it's a different picture won't she still win?" Neji asked.

"nope!" Sakura cried cheerfully.

It's time to be a big girl now, And big girls don't cry Quickly Sakura grabbed her cell phone and answered.

"Cotton Candy Baby." Tsunade cried.

"Oi with the Piglets, you owe my six dollars and thirty two cents, not to mention two tank tops, three sweaters, a skirt, a pair of shoes, three pairs of jeans and your leather jacket." Sakura said grinning into the phone.

"WHAT! No fair!" Tsunade cried.

"Totally fair a deal's a deal, mummy dearest." Sakura said smirking, trying to hold in her victory dance.

"Maaaaan! That bites!"

"Ha ha! So you better have it all ready when I get home lady, you know the consequences." Sakura said.

"Fine, let me go so I can get it all in your room."

"Bye mom!"

"Bye my cotton candy darling."

8at home8

"Mom! We're home!" Sakura called.

"In the living room!" Tsunade replied.

"We brought company!" Naruto yelled.

"The more the merrier!" Was her answer.

"Oh there's no telling what she has planned." Sakura groaned as she tugged on her boot, failing to get it off.


"Told you not to wear them, they don't like you, isn't that right, Lucy, Carl!" Tsunade called back.

"Um, who is she talking to?" Neji asked, as Sakura finally managed to take the boot off.

"The boots." Sasuke answered, he had been over here enough to be used to Tsunade's weirdness.

"Mom! How many times do I have to tell you not to name inanimate objects?" Sakura asked as they walked into the living room, only to find Jiraiya and Tsunade playing twister.

"Doesn't it help if you have more than two players?" Naruto asked.

"Usually." Tsunade replied flickering the spinner.

"One of the many things I wish I never had to witness, my mother playing Twister with Jiraiya." Sakura said shaking her head.

"You guys wanna play?" Jiraiya asked as he and Tsunade stood up to straighten the Twister mat.

"I'm game!" Naruto said, the other boys, minus Shikamaru agreed.

"Sure, but I'm not playing in my uniform." Sakura said heading to her room.

"Good point, Naruto go change out of your uniform, give your friends something to wear." Jiraiya said, the boys, except Shikamaru sighed and headed to Naruto's room.

8little while later8

"Ugh, Naruto you smell." Sasuke said as he leaned across the blonde boy to reach a red dot.

"Shut up Sasuke." Naruto growled trying not to fall on top of Kiba and Sakura.

"Here's an idea, how about you both shut up." Sakura snapped as she stretched her foot to touch a green spot. Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Shikamaru were watching the four play, Neji had gone home a while ago.

"Uh, guys I .. can't." Naruto muttered, straining not to fall on his step-sister and best friend.

"Naruto I swear if you crush us I'll kill you in your sleep." Kiba and Sakura cried.

"Too late." Naruto said and with that he fell, his back crashed into Kiba's who fell on top of Sakura.

"Owwww." Sakura moaned.

"Naruto, get off your crushing us." Kiba gasped, his breath brushed against Sakura's neck, as his head rested on her shoulder, her ears turned red.

"I would if Sasuke would stop sitting on me." Naruto groaned.

"Sasuke get off, I can't breath." Sakura gasped.

"Oh sorry Sakura-chan I forgot you were down there." Sasuke chuckled. Slowly the four boys climbed off the poor girl.

"Thanks for your help guys." She growled at Tsunade, Jiraiya and Shikamaru who were chuckling.

"Anytime Sweetie." Tsunade replied.

"Ugh I think you may have broken something." She groaned plopping back down on the floor.

"Are you ok?" Naruto asked leaning over her, worry shining in his blue eyes.

"Yeah, I'm ok, I was pulling you leg Naruto, the worst ya'll may have done was shove the oxygen outta me." she snickered, he nodded.

"So would you boys like to spend the night?" Tsunade asked.

"Can't, have to help my dad, what a drag." Shikamaru muttered.

"I'll stay." Sasuke said.

"Me too." Kiba murmured.

"Sweet." Naruto cried as they walked Shikamaru to the door.

"Oi! Who turn is it to cook tonight?" Jiraiya asked a little while later.

"Sakura's!" Tsunade and Naruto cried.

"Ugh fine you lazy bums." Sakura said as she stood up and headed into the kitchen.

"Saaaakuraaaa is it done yet??" Kiba whined poking his head into the kitchen. Sakura didn't hear him she had her iPod headphones in her ears the volume blaring.

"One night and one more time. Thanks for the memories, Even though they weren't so great. 'He tastes like you only sweeter.'" Sakura sang as she danced around the kitchen while cooking.

"Ahhh Fall Out Boy's Thanks for the Memories. Such a good making dinner song." Tsunade said with a sigh from behind the dog-boy. Kiba jumped about a foot in the air.

"Tsu-Tsunade-san.." he muttered half glaring at the woman.

8middle of the night8

"Hey isn't is past your bed time, puppy?" Kiba jumped slightly and turned to look at Sakura, who was standing in the living room doorway.

"Couldn't sleep." He grunted, she giggled.

"Have you ever seen a star shower?" she asked as she sat down next to him.

"No.." his voice trailed off wondering what she asking for.

"Follow me." she said her voiced laced with excitement. She led him to her room, and into her closet.

"We're going to see a star shower in your closet?" he asked totally confused.

"No silly, just watch, I haven't let any one up here before, so consider yourself special." she whispered tugging on the handle to the attic trap door. The ladder slid door and she scrambled up it, Kiba was right behind her.

"Whoa! Where are we?" he asked.

"The attic, I turned it into my art studio. But this isn't where we're going to see the star shower." she whispered taking his hand leading him to the far window. She climbed up onto the roof, and Kiba followed. Sakura sat down on a blanket that was laying on the roof.

"Did you plan to take me up here?" Kiba asked smirking, raising an eyebrow.

"No, I had this up here for me, but I asked you to come too." she answered rolling her eyes, "oooooh come here and lay down, it's starting." she whispered, quickly he walked over and laid next to her on the blanket, she took another blanket from the side and spread it over them, before laying on her back.

"That was awesome." Kiba whispered a few minutes later as he absently played with Sakura's hair.

"Yeah it was." she agreed curling against his side, half-asleep.

"Sakura?" he murmured.


"I love you." he murmured.

"Love you too, dog-boy." she whispered as she started to drift off to sleep.

"Tch stupid woman." he murmured.

'Everything will be perfect from here on out, Daddy. Cuz I have Kiba here to Hold Me.' she thought with a content sigh, knowing she and her mother were going to be at it in the morning for this.


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