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The Fourth Phase: The One with the Messenger of Hades
May the voice of the messenger of damnation reach all

--------------Rising Forest – Area 23E ----------

It had taken several long day for the so called Team Takato to finally come out of the forests that surrounded the Sacred Area 'Eternal Bastion' but the small group of the small eight year old digimon tamer and the digimon who all swore to protect and follow him, had finally reached the ending of the forest.

True the four days they had spent had been uneventful but they were still productive for the now tired Takato, he had further his own swordsmanship while practicing with Kotemon, who now Takato thought he was some sort of closet sadist and enjoyed to watch him being tortured in the excuse of maniac torturing he called Training.

Running up and down mountains, practicing word slashes, fighting against all three Digimon, and countless other exercises. Takato could only take the training as a grain of salt, because he had initially asked to learn to wield the powerful Kurenaimaru blade.

True as hellish and hard the basic sword training had been, a least now he had an idea of what to do with the crimson sword, that he carried stored onto his pack. Strangely enough he did not need a scabbard for the legendary blade as it appeared to attach itself to his back, making carrying it easier.

The digimon told him, that the group would arrive to one of the main cities that made up the vastly sized island, which such beautiful city was called Ithero, near the southern coast of the land that contained Floppy.

He himself had also been learning some customs of the digimon's, just so he would not be out of place when he reached the massive populated city. True man of the ideals were very similar but the three digimon hinted that there was some sort of code or laws that every digimon seamed to abide by.

There were several simple rules such as the normal battle rules such as giving prices in battles or permitting the opposing digimon perform ans evolution if possible, or knowing how to treat other monsters, etc. Takato had much trouble to pick up these things, unlike the myths and stories his friends told him, he had, like every normal child, little if no interest in the mannerisms of several digimon.

He also had no idea of what to do with the two cards he had gotten in the match in the coliseum, he ignored how they could be used; all he knew was that the two small modification cards somehow unlocked or gave boosts in power, as the cards had done to Centarumon in the Eternal Bastion

Taking his thoughts back to the present the small boy, continued traveling through the small forest hoping to finally make it to the other side. He turned to the right to see Guilmon walking alongside him, ready to defend his partner from any sort of assault that may happen in a forest such as this.

Kotemon and YellowGabumon walked in front, both kept silent for most of the time unless the furred rookie teased his partner about 'being so shameful defeated and had to be saved by a little boy' or 'of the same cute digimon female the duo had met and apparently Kote-chan had a crush on'.

The masked monster reaction was very simple, he blushed somewhat and then started to glare at the taunting monster while following him promising to delete him if he ever tried to do something similar ever again.

But like any good eight year old, the monotone silence that possessed the group as they passed through the forest; was already boring the human child out of his mind. There was only one option left for Takato, he would have to break this by himself.

"Hey, Guys..." Takato paused, he really did not have any real inquiry to ask his companions, but still now that the viral tamer thought about it, he now had one, "Guys were are we going anyway?" True Takato, ignoring any of the geography of the large island named Floppy, could not guess where the small team was heading to.

The electric version of the staple rookie looked at the human, the group had not the need to discuss their traveling plans, as they thought that they was no such need, but anyway he would comply with the wish of the tamer.

"Oh well if you are really curious, my cute little goggle head, we are going to the capital of this area, the home of the largest holy cathedral of the island, and well the city of the silent, Ithero!"

Before the goggle head could even respond, the wolf of thunder, took his had, dragging him forward, towards the apparent end of the woods, and their destination.

Kotemon, seeing the exchange, sighed and raised his steps to catch up to the human dragged by the data type.

Guilmon smiled, truly happy that his master was finally adapting to this world, and joined also in the strange race.

But anyway the miss matched group had finally exited the apparently infinite running woods and finally arrived at their destination, the legendary city of the silence wave, Ithero.

----------- Ithero, The City of The Silent---------

Truly had Takato had the smallest idea about architecture or art he would have definitely called the city somewhat Gothic, as the several extravagant houses with elegant dark designs, and large towers that ascended towards the somber sky of the silent city. Each of these sinister buildings were reinforced by the apparently eternal grayed sky, never changing, Kotemon had commented that the city had been named by an ancient digimon group that once lived on these ground, but had faded with time leaving the city to be inhabited by the new generations of monsters.

That did nothing to ease the terror the eight year old felt at the strange architecture the sights of all the strange buildings caused him.

In the center of it a large building, that Takato imagined was a cathedral. appeared to stand up and watch the forbidding city, the sides of the church's towers had several statues of winged monsters that he recognized as Gargoyles form similar buildings he had seen in one of his sister´s textbooks.

Several smaller houses of the same styles surrounded the massive towers, leaving a great maze of streets, alleys and plazas for their inhabitants to attempt to guide themselves toward their destinations.

Several small fountains made the streets more colorful as they were adorned by several grey buildings all under the same silver clouded sky. Several different digimon came across the city but he decided to not scan them as they might consider the gesture somewhat rude and it would take more time than he had.

True as the city somewhat frightened the young boy, but he quickly overcame it, as it was normal for all those who first stepped into the gothic capital. The many shops of the ancient city were full with costumers as Takato could see they sole a variety of items ranging from Cards, as the ones he now had, to several weapons, ornaments, clothes, and even several types of exotic foods.

True they reminded to some type of bazaar as those he had read about in some of the many fantasy books his nee-san had given him; he had always loved fantasies and part of his considered this world to be his own, but some part of him told him that was not entirely true, because there had to be some other humans here, right?

This also made him realize something he had been thinking about as he interacted with his friends, Digimons are the same as Humans. This city was the prove he needed, the monsters may not be humanoind in form but that did not change that they were still rational sentient beings with a desire to live, to continue to evolve and survive, but Takato still did not grasp that fully.

Most of the digimon in the city paid no mind to Takato as they most likely though he was some type of new human digimon; the three monster, had commented that new species were found all the time, as cause of the constant evolution and change of the world, and maybe he could use that to his advantage.

The great numbers of the beasts unnerved the boy, as his mind refused to picture them as nothing more than a group of foes, his hand refused to leave the handle of the scarlet blade, the only safety anchor he would have in the worst case scenario, if a fight broke.

Guilmon glared at him and the young tamer left the blade alone, understanding the words that those yellow eyes sent, You are not alone.

But a habit was always difficult to break and for Takato, someone who had to grow up mostly alone with the company of his nee-chan, the eight ear old never was completely used to the idea of having company.

But, that it did not mean that it calmed him being surrounded by his friends.

Takato turned to Kotemon who was still being riled up by his best friend, "K-Kotemon, are all the cities like this," True he knew they all could not have the same styles, but the diverse forms of digimons and items, made the Tamer's head spin in confusion.

"No, there are more simpler cities than Ithero, as most mons live in mainly small villages with monsters of their same species this but this is a an special exception. Most monster moved here as there was several opportunities for jobs and other types of enterprises."

Kotemon always had the strange mania of starting to lecture people in the middle of strange places and situation, luckily the group had the perfect balance for the monster.

Mainly their last companion, the sparking prankster, YellowGabumon.

"Others just come here to go to the Underworld Coliseum or take a job as a team, anyway." May the digi-god bless YellowGabumon for being simple and clean about things.

"Coliseum, teams?" seeing the confusion in the eyes of the young tamer Kotemon continued where his partner left off.

"A coliseum is a place were different digimon who enjoy to have fights go and arrange tournaments with great prices, it it is considered the best form of entertainment and it allows to gain useful items easier than other methods. The rules allow a teams of up to five, with one substitution and one trainer, and the fights follow the rules of the Digimon Arena, and several modification depending on the different tournaments"

"Man Kotemon you really are so stiff, it simple" YellowGabumon raised his red hands from which white claws rose from his knuckles, and raised a finger, giving Takato a 'don't worry' expression, "You and a group go and sign up and fight and then you get Digi-Dollars, just like that!"

"Teams are just like groups of Digimon who did errands and tasks for other mons who need them." The explanation lacked the details of such missions, as many involved some sort of fighting.

Most of these request were because, even with the Digital Brigade to help keep order, leaving the villages to travel was mostly forbidden for the digimons, save for very few adventurers.

Because of the corruption the world was feeling lately, many monsters went 'Rogue', and started to attack other monsters outside of the protection of the cities, causing great fear of traveling and leaving the sacred sanctuaries the villages and cities gave the normal monsters. Takato would later realize and example of this was the Gerymon they had meet earlier.

But still there was the need to exit these sanctuaries for various diverse reasons, or several Rogues would attack an digimon village and thus the Teams were created to do missions to help solve these problems and defeat the different berserk Rogues.

That last information about hunting Rogues wasn't shared with Takato, the least they needed was the goggle head boy to charge and try to fight rogues; the group still weren't sure what was Takato supposed to do in the world, so they could not let him in unneeded danger.

Takato reaction to the told information was dual.

One part of Takato, just wanted to scream at the blasted yellow wolf that if he did not remembered the Eternal Bastion and how they barely came out barely alive, after fighting the Team Scale.

Then also there was the first fight with that Greymon on where ever was the place he first arrived on this world, and in both occasions he and his friends had only managed to win due to cheer chance or some sort of miracle.

Miracles won´t happen at his every whim, that was one of the lessons, he was forced to realize during his accelerated childhood, before he had even left to the care of his nee-san, but that was another story.

So learning to defend himself and others was a priority for him, the sooner he could help himself and the others the better.

But the other part of him, the part that was taking a liking to this world and the different battles, was willing to participate in the different battles to win a place in the world.

That part of himself scared the young Tamer; was he really willing to go and fight to kill any living creature just so he could live longer... did he have the right to kill any more digimon...even if they are not humans.. are not digimon also living creatures?

No, he would not kill anymore, he would not become like that man, he would never step so low and kill, not even digimons... he would not become like him... he won't destroy any life... that was his oath... and he would not break it.

"Takato, are you all right?" Guilmon's voice, grave and caring, helped strengthen the resolve of the young Tamer, these monsters were his friends, and he would do all he could to help them, as they were the only family he still had, other than his sister.

"Oh, I just was thinking, that all Guilmon." Takato gave a soft smiled to reassure the red rookie. "Guilmon from where are you actually?"

"Huh?" Confusion spreaded across the face of the intelligent dinosaur, unlike YellowGabumon or even Kotemon, Guilmon most of the time was silent, and did not share much about himself and his past, and that pained the young boy.

Did even his partner could not trust him to believe in him, to divulge some of the past that had made him join him. He doubted that the three monster had joined him for the grace in their digitalized hearts – he would later start using the term digital core when he met a perverted old data base, later.

Not that it mattered to him much, as he also wanted to see if this world had any sort of connection with that man, he was sure of it, so he would continue in this adventure, to find a way to return home, and to his nee-chan.

The other thing was that he was starting to consider the group his friends, and he was sure the felling was reciprocated.

They were slowly but surely becoming one team, a group tied for better or worst, and the eight year old child still could not completely accept the idea.

"Well, you really haven't told me anything about yourself... I just really want to know about you, th one who fights with me."


"Nee Guilmon is my partner isn´t he? I just want to know something about you... is that bad..."

Guilmon turned away refusing to meet his master in the eyes, his past was truly a sore point for him, or more exactly his lack of one was.

"Takato... I don't really remember anything from before a few years ago... All I remember was a just..." Guilmon paused his whispered answer and turned his head looking to the side.

"Takato, we have arrived!" At Guilmon's announcement distracted the whole group, as they stopped before the sign of a small establishment, the question quickly forgotten at the sign of a comfortable stay in a real bed.

It appeared some sort of bar or inn, mostly empty as the sunlight was still bright, but when the celestial body settled, and his sister the moon rose, Takato was sure the pub would become full of visitors.

The old wooden door was large enough to allow for large digimons, which were becoming more common as the group had entered deeper in to the city, to enter, such as the large Greymon or DarkLizardmon. It made Takato feel like he was entering some sort of a giant's house, like the strange story his sister had told him about the little boy and the green beans...

There were many tables, of different sizes, ranging from ones to serve extremely large Digimon to those that would be useful to him and his companions. Seeing that many types of tables made the boy realize, and he would notice this more as he tried to adventure in the strange world, the vast number of species and types of digimon.

He doubted if he would be able to see all of the different forms of the strange monsters, known as Digimon could take.

The squadron entered, the few digimons there appeared to be eating. To his left there was a strange wood monster, his D-arc designated it as Woodmon, and to his side a flower female, called Floramon. Both sat on the same table eating some sort of soup, that by its strange color, some awful purple, made Takato wonder if it was safe for him to eat it too.

To the bottom right near the bar top, a group of Dinosaurs appeared to be having some sort of card game, as he recognized different digimons life a metallic version of Greymon, or a light version DarkLizardmon. The conglomeration of monster were making different shouts as they were playing the strange game, but Takato could laugh at the image of them using the small human cards for plating the game, and the troubles it brought.

The final one was a small panda with a red scarf, it appeared to be some sort of loner, so the tamer decided to pay no attention to the strange white and black bear and continued with his companions to arrive at the bartender.

The monster looked like some type of strange Halloween ghost costume, the floating spirit, was just a white blanket with two petit arms and a face. The Bakemon served as the main innkeeper of the small pub and inn combination.

"Greetings and Hallucinations, welcome to the Black Moon Inn!" The small spirit monster bowed as the small group reached him.

"Hi poltergeist-san," Yup YellowGabumon always had to make some of clown, but there would aways be a natural balance to beings like him; at the moment Kotemon brought his bokken at the electric wolf.

"Sorry for that Bokemon-san, my companion is a bit ..err free minded, but don't worry, I will correct is shameful ways." Kotemon appeared to have given a nervous smile under the mask, but how could anybody notice that.

Not them, really!

"What do you mean, ehh" YellowGabumon rose from the floor, a huge bump on his head, as he stared at his life long frined.

"I just mean that you don't have any control..."

"What do you mean Kote-chan!"

"What I meant Gabu! And for the love to the four Great Dragons, STOP CALLING ME KOTE-CHAN!" Both glaring monster looked at each other, while the Tamer, the red virus, and even the ghost all sweat dropped at familiar the scene made by the two friends.

Takato steeped near the Innkeeper, having sent Guilmon to calm the two monster, "Don't worry about them okay, but well we are here just for getting two rooms, Mr. Innkeeper."

Bakemon was relieved when he watched as the scarlet rookie broke up the fighting duo, and the fourth one, was at least more calm, facilitating his business, but the inn owning spirit still had one inquiry at hand.

"Well mister what type of digimon are you?" True human like digimon were quite common in the digiworld, but never had the spirit seen one like the one in front of him.

The human-esque monster, appeared to be a rookie level one, and by looking at the red sword it carried, he was most likely a short range melee fighter. But he still could not make what type of monster he was.

"Mee?" Takato was confused by the question, what did the monster not know that he was a human.

"Of coarse, sorry for this but I have never seen a mon of your type before and I am curious?" The eyes of the blanked poltergeist shown with the curiosity for the information.

Had Takato possessed more knowledge of the world, he would have known that monsters with similar jobs like the one interrogating him, possessed great amount of information of the world due to their jobs, and for him to find something he was not familiar with, was truly a rare occurrence.

"My type? .. I a-am T-takato, sir.."

"Takatomon, uhh strange name for a digimon, sir, so welcome to the Black Moon, I'm Bakemon, the owner. So I guess you want two rooms, am I right?"

Takato could not understand how he had now been labeled as a Digimon, but he could just nod in agreement, it might be better to hide himself from others using the alias as he had read in several of his mangas, but there was just one small problem with this magnificent opportunity.

Why did he had to pick his name as Takatomon, weren't there better digimon names out there.

Before Takato could continue to mentally whine about the strange new designation. The two other bickering rookies were stopped by Guilmon's intervention, and heard the conversation Takato had with the innkeepr and his new nickname.

YellowGabumon taking the opportunity jumped over the two other monster landing on the shoulders of the eight year old. Takato using the little strengths of his undeveloped muscles, tried to hold the extra weight to the best of his abilities.

"Hello, poltergeist-san, well I apologize for my cute little friend Takatomon, he is jut isn't used to the city, and well he is quite shy!" YellowGabumon front flipped off the young tamer, sending him crashing towards the floor, face up. "Here this should cover what you need." Yellow Gabumon left the golden coins over the bar table, covering the fee for the their one night rest at the inn.

While YellowGabumon and Kotemon were closing the deal, the fallen Takato, by act of luck, observed outside the great door, from his position. The crowds of digimon still used the ancient path, but even with them Takato noticed the presence of the pair that would become perhaps his first allies after his team in this world.

The young girl appeared to be around his age, if she indeed was a human, he platinum blond hair was worn in two ponytails to the sides, as both softly bounded as she walked down the street.

The dress she wore, Takato could describe it at best as some sort of gothic black dress, deeply adorned with several darkened markings, the complicated patterns on the material awed the young boy. The deep raven color the vestment

conflicted with the pale skin of the Gothic looking girl.

Even if the young goggle head did not had any real like for females, but deep down the young tamer could tell that the young girl was beautiful, neither in the natural appealing way, like his sister, nor a cute moe angle, but more in a dark, mysterious but strangely drawing way.

Her short regal step carried her confidence and power, to her side her faithful hound, a digimon like his Guilmon, walked at her side, the black canine, glaring at any monster that would dare approach his master.

But Takato did not paid any mind to the powerful guardian no, what what had truly captivated the premature mind of the Tamer of Hazard, were the eyes of the young female. The girl had crossed eyes with his, giving him a soft smile, but in that moment he could see her face completely, and he was disturbingly attracted and terrified at the same time.

Those ice cold, azure orbs, held in an incredible stoic contemplation, that to most they not find the barest hints of emotions under those two seas of azure. But to the skilled eyes of the orphaned Tamer, he could find two undeniable facts.

The first was that the eyes of the petite girl were much like his own. Not in color or form, but the the yes of the blond girl held the same darkness in them, the one that told him that she was like him, the young female had seen the deepest darkness of the humanity and survived to control it.

But the other thing was what truly frightened him about the cold female, he could not give an real way to describe it but her eyes simply held power.

Not quite unlike the total wicked corrupting eyes he had seen from that man, but hers, instead of that sort of intimidating aura, her eyes held a feeling Takato tried to forget, Death.

Her eyes, no her whole aura and being reeked of that foul feeling of those departed, her eyes held an invitation to him as that cold power overwhelmed his, and that moment he undoubtedly reached a conclusion.

She could kill him if she wanted, she not her partner or with the help of any type of weapon, if she simply desired it she could easily end his existence in that very moment.

This girl, whoever she was, could pass as the right hand of the Shinigami, all she needed was some sort of glaive or scythe, and he could picture the young female going from place to place collecting the souls of those whose time had eneded that were sentenced for their afterlife.

Meeting his eyes the girl gave him a soft smile, one despise the fear and awe she gave him, it made him want to seek her out. The young female continued walking as a group of digimon passed, before the Hazard Tamer could rise from the wooden floor of the inn, and the small girl and her dog were last in the sea of monsters.

"Takatomon what happened!" Takato looked up as he stood rapidly, looking at the questioning Guilmon along with both YellowGabumon and Kotemon, who both were looking at him as he was some type of weird new monster that arrived at their world...

He felt his face redden in embarrassment, but he would not tell them, YellowGabumon would not stop teasing, if he told them of the really cute girl, the eight year old had seen.

Don't look at me like that!

Wait, he technically was some type of weird new monster that suddenly arrived at their world, but still they did not have the need to look at him that way.

Stop looking at me like some weird bug! But anyway Takato did not voice those thoughts and responded to his friends.

"Yes, it is just that I think I saw..." Having no Idea of what to say to save himself he quickly changed tactics, "never mind so did you guys got the rooms?"

"Yes, Takatomon, one for Kotemon and YellowGabumon and another for you and me." Guilmon answer was not really a surprise to the goggle head as the group had agreed for the course of action as Guilmon felt always more comfortable around his tamer and it was his duty to protect him and Kotemon and YellowGabumon were already used to sharing rooms as cause of their life as adventurers.

Taking the keys that from Kotemo's outstretched hand, Takatomon left behind Guilmon and another Bakemon, but this one had a small witch hat, but Takato felt no need to worry about that, as the long trip, the new city, and the vision of the small messenger of death had left the eight year old Chosen physically and mentally exhausted.

Guilmon followed his tamer silently, sometimes the virus thought that his Tamer was a very simple person, as seeing such a care free boy, which was refreshing in the eternal hunt that sometimes this world could be. But sometimes, there were moments were he could really see behind the facade of the happy little boy.

He could see the deep pain his master had in his eyes, and as he hid it behind smiles and his caring nature, but Guilmon felt, no knew that the boy had several unresolved problems, problems that still followed even into this world, but the red saurian would not impose on his partner and interrogate him, all he could do was support the boy in his trials and try to be ready for when the boy confide in him.

------------ Takato and Guilmon's Room 312-----------------

The tamer and his partner were guided by the black- hat version of Bakemon, as the digimon known as Soulmon, guided the duo to a small room at the third and final floor of the inn.

Takato and Guilmon had not questioned it, as the room was specially designed to allow for digimons of their size, clearly hinting that there were rooms for giants... somewhere, but that did not take any of the peace and calm of the comfortable room.

Takato walked beside his friend monster, he still did not feel he could completely understand the other living creature. As if there were still barriers separating the two of them, so he hoped that the time in the inn could help him become more open with his partner and the other way around.

The simple design, two small beds, with a petite night time table in between, and a large desk and chair parallel to them, made the room appear spacious, giving them the space to even spar if the case ever came to be, or that maybe was just Kotemon, but still the group had decided that the duo still needed more training.

But what really drew the duo's attention was the wide balcony at the end of the room, it was not that spacious but enough to allow the the rookie virus and it partner to sit together to enjoy themselves. The glass boundary was opened as both entered the square lookout, the chilly winds of the city blowing refreshingly over the two.

Takato sat besides Guilmon, who thanked for the opening for his red tail in the two small wooden chairs set for the specific purpose; as they stared into the magnificent view of the city of the silent, the clouded grey sky darkened as the concealed sun settled, releasing the beautiful mysteries of the cloud filled skies, of the dark city.

Takato just sat there, gazing toward the three moons, that somehow shined through the pale gray barriers made water vapor, neither of them had tried to start any sort of conversation while they sat calmly in the opened balcony, enjoying the company of the other.

True it may have not been what Takato wanted for his bonding time with his digimon partner, but till this time they had spent together had made him fell more connected to his partner, he felt an inner peace when he just sat with Guilmon, as if he could forget all of his past and his problems, to forget his home and just stay with Guilmon in a whole new world.

But he still had many things that blinded him to his home, many promises and desires; even if this world was the freedom he was deeply desiring of this world, he would still return to the worlds of humans, even if just to meet his nee-chan once again.

But, that did not mean that he would not try to spend more time with his partner.

"Guilmon…" He needed some answers, the barrier that separated him form his partner, something, some pert of him asked him, no it implored him to try to understand Guilmon. Yet, he could not, he did not understand it completely but he still could not dare to ask what was truly in the mind of his partner.

With a sigh, Takato raised his head, his ruby eyes scanning the darkened towers, many of the buildings near their balcony on the Third Floor were tall enough to cover part of the clouded sky, a they added to the majestic scenery that was the city of the silent.

"What!!" Takato soft voice came, as he watched, shocked, the figure bathed in the pale light of the three shinning moons. He only needed to glace on her figure once, to know without a doubt who that person was. She was that girl form earlier that day.

"It is good to finally meet you, Tamer Matsuki-kun..." Her melodious voice flowed softly out of her mouth, carrying a monotone voice that did not leave any room fro emotions, her greeting barely reaching him from across the buildings, she seamed somewhat aloof and Takato could almost vow that the air around him had cooled as soon as she appeared.

---------- YellowGabumon and Kotemon's Room 204 ------------------

The room of the two experienced Rookie level Digimon was similar to the one that was currently inhabited by both Takato and Guilmon. Although it was slightly smaller in size, as the room was centered in the middle of the building disallowing any sort of windows or balconies, it was pretty large to allow for the two small beds for the pair of digimon.

Kotemon sat on the soft bed provided by the small inn, true it was a basic service in cities such as Ithero but still that did not change the pleasure he felt as he contrasted the pleasurable surface to the rough soil he and the others that formed Team Takato sleep during their four day travel.

The masked digimon stared at his wooden sword, the bamboo surface of his bokken had several cracks on it delicate surface, having been damaged by the times the weaker blade had clashed against the strengthen alloy of the modified Berserk Sword wielded by the team leader of the Scale Clan.

The Kote monster raised his hand over the sword, as he used his free one to search into the small leather bag he usually had for his travels, and drew form it a sparking white orb. The small orb made of fragment of unused spare data merged with the broken weapon. The date that made the traditional wooden sword reformed returning the faithful bokken that had seen its fair share of battles to it former pristine state.

Data Fragments were natural leftovers of data that were remains of the constant state of evolution of the data based world, the orbs were mostly used

Kotemon moved the renewed bamboo sword as he gave a few practice swings while he sat on the hard mattress of his designated bed. His twirled the sword in the grip of his hand before he dropped it besides the bed, adjacent wall as a support, having finished his task he had held for a few days, the powerful swordsman laid down on his bed, looking at the white room failing to invoke the sand of Morpheus and dream once again of a better past.

The same could be said about the other monster in the small room. The yellow furred rookie known as YellowGabumon sat in the small space between the two beds, his red hands that were underneaths his white claws clutching tightly the Farlorn lance he now carried into battle. The normal carefree expression the pranking digimon was gone, replaced with a serious shine in his green eyes and an small frown that appeared to be out of place in the face of the yellow rookie.

He hated having to be Serious, for it reminded him of all he rather not be, it reminded him of his shortcomings, his failures, his broken dreams and the past he would rather forget, but that was already buried in the new life he ad created along with his life long friend. That was why the rookie preferred to be an cheerful idiot, it was easier that way, as that mask proved to be the best to bear his suffering.

And being an ice cold prick, like a certain sword wielding partner of his, would make things too dull for his tastes.

The Gabumon sighed as he stopped his psychoanalysis as he had now more pressing matters to deal with, such as the state of his already mentioned friend. Kotemon and he had been together since he remembered, and the two monsters had helped the other even when the other disagreed with the course of action taken, such was the bond of their brotherhood.

He trusted Kotemon, but the resent events did not make sense in his mind and now was the best time to ask without the presence of the red wonder rookie and his human tamer. "It's strange..."

Kotemon stared at the unfamiliar ceiling as he silently continued his strange from of meditation, giving his friend a muffled "Hn!" as a response to his inquiry.

"I don't understand it not like you to be doing something like this... Kotemon," YellowGabumon paused, as the the use of his partner true name, instead of the strange nickname Kote-chan, to show the importance of the conversation. His partner did not reply; Kotemon acknowledged that as a signal to carry on.

"It is not like you to really try to help others... especially someone from the Analog World like Takato-kun..." He remembered the many legends he had heard and his memories about the creatures that shared such a tight bond with their worlds, of how they could be either the most wonderful and helping saints or they could be the pure devil bringing destruction and chaos to the already unstable world.

Humans... they were not bounded by that desire for evolutions as the digimons were, even if they were weak in their power (even if Takato was starting to disprove this fact, as he was learning to wield the powerful Kurenaimaru blade), they had the ability, no the freedom, to be able change their reality, to be able to evolve by themselves, to change and adapt... to accept the power of this world and use it... they were truly interesting.

That was maybe the reason that digimon bounded with humans in the legend of those Five, humans with their accepting hearts, they were able to change this world at their will, digimon used the strength of that bond to draw power and help protect their partner. Takato was proof enough of that as Guilmon and them, to a lesser extent, seamed to gain some boost in power as they were near the young boy, enabling them even to fight the powerful Scale Team as they did in the Final Arena of the Eternal Bastion.

"You gave up your ties with others... you tried to keep others away from you, leaving only me and her along side with you... but then when we found Takato... you started to journey with him and even started to teach him to fight... you are interested in him... aren't you, in that power he holds, it is similar to his, isn't it?"

His partner once again did not answer and thus YellowGabumon continued, "I know... I too can feel it, even now... such power, that darkness in his heart... I really can't believe that can come from someone such as Takato-kun... it frightens me."

"Hn" Kotemon's voice did not treason his emotions about the subject and the dread he now felt as he knew where this was heading.

"You want to see that force... the dark virtue... don't you? His potential... you really want to see if Takato-kun will not end just like him... alone in the dark of his self."

Jackpot! YellowGabumon smirked as he wished he could see the yellow eyes of his friend wide as plates from the shock of him guessing his motives behind his actions, not that it would be that hard, they can read one another like books, as that is the basis of their bond.

Kotemon chuckled, he needed to forget that the annoying self that Kotemon is is just one facet of his personality, and that the yellow wolf is quite skilled when he decides to be so. " I guess you got me... Takato reminds me so much of him..." The other digimon could not read the expression of his friend's hidden face, dammed mask "Takato will change this world, for better or for worse, I want to be there to see that with my own eyes."

Kotemon paused; leaving enough time for his statement to sink in to his friend, as he continued, "I know this is selfish but I know you also have your own reasons for doing this... right Gubu?"

"...I" That moment the experienced YellowGabumon was ready to reveal all to his friend, his shame, the secret he had had keep from his lifelong friend, but before he could continue something unexpected happened.


The great explosion shock the foundation of the ancient inn, but although the stone chambers resisted the blasts, the quake had brought both warriors to the floor. Kotemon recovered fast turning to his friend, their conversation lost amidst the strange situation.

"That explosion..." Kotemon started, agreeing with the mind of the altered colored digimon on the cause of the strange event. "It came from the upper floor!"

"Takato! Guilmon!?" Kotemon nodded at the question of his friend, "Lets go!" The powerful lance known as the Farlorn extended in the fingers of the young electrical monster, as he brought it in two quick slashes up to the ceiling, leaving an X shaped scar on the silver stones of the ancient inn.

Kotemon jumped, and with a cry of "Fire Men", created a new exit and both friends jumped ready to help the human that had become important to them in more than one way.

Next Time in Hazard!

Guilmon: A new enemy has appeared, what! Is that girl our enemy, or is it that dragon, no, I will not let anyone hurt Takato! Now we have been attacked in plain city, and we have to defeat the enemy before anyone notices or gets hurt, or worse!

But who is our enemy, the Shinigami and his forces, or is it the one that serves the being known as the Analogman...

Next Time, the Fifth Phase: The Cry of the Cyber Dragon and the Maiden of Death, I want to be a Hero!

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