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Chapter Ten

Hamburger Castle

"Daddy lives in a castle, Mommy!"

Rory scoffed and turned around to look at her little boy who was sitting calmly in his car seat, staring up at the mansion before him with a look of sheer awe on his face.

Castle indeed, she thought to herself, remembering with a pang of heartbreak the first time she had seen the humble Huntzberger abode. Her heart had always broken when she thought of that night. At first it was because of the horrible memories that accompanied it; now her heart broke because of the pleasant ones.

"He sure does Jamie," Rory said. "Do you want to hear a story about the castle?" Rory was praying that the child would say yes. She wanted to stall as long as humanly possible. Seeing Logan was not something that she wanted to do lately.


"Once upon a time a foreign princess visited the castle-"

"What's it called?" Jamie asked.

"Uh…..its uh…." Rory trailed off, trying to think of a name that would do justice to the wonderful people who resided in it when a nickname her mother had made up rung in her head. "…Hamburger castle."

"Does the Burger King live there?"

"Yes, Jamie, the Burger King lives there," Rory said. She looked at Jamie again and noticed that his eyes had one wide in fright.

"He scares me!"

"Well….he scares a lot of people, baby. Anyway….When the princess arrived she was so wonderfully happy to be visiting this new kingdom, excited to see all the new things and meet at all the new people. However, upon her arrival the evil King-"

"The Burger King!" Jamie interrupted.

"The Burger King and Queen attacked her and threw her into a lions pit with no hope of escape. But just when she thought all hope was lost a knight in shining armor jumped into the lions' pit and fought the lions off with a…um…"

"A lightsaber!"

"A lightsaber! And the knight grabbed the princess around the waist and used the force to jump high out of the lions' pit. He put her down and faced the evil Burger King and Queen but he did not give into his anger and attack them, for that would be the way to the dark side! He simply took the princess and left. The Burger King and Queen begged him to stay, for he turned out to be the Prince of Hamburger Land but he refused! He would not allow the Burger King and Queen to be mean to the princess any longer. They fled the kingdom but not before stopping for a whopper and a frozen coke and the prince and princess lived…." Rory stopped.

The prince and princess lived a life without each other for five agonizing years only to meet again and hate each other.

"Mommy…" Jamie said, waiting for her to finish the story. Growing exasperated, the little boy sighed. "You're supposed to say that the Prince and Princess lived happily ever after."

Rory closed her eyes and took a deep breath. How she wished to be four again – to live in a world where the prince and princess always lived happily ever after. Forcing away her sadness, she opened her eyes and looked at Jamie, giving him a sweet smile.

"Well you just said it for me, silly," Rory said. She unbuckled her seat belt and climbed out of the car, walking around to the back seat to help Jamie get out. When she opened the door Jamie had already unbuckled himself from his seat and practically jumped into his mother's arms. Rory groaned and set him down on the ground. "Aren't we excited today?"

"I wanna see Daddy!"

"I know. I know," Rory said. Jamie took off running for the front door and Rory followed slowly behind him, much to his dismay. Once she reached the door, she slowly lifted her finger to the bell, praying that by the grace of God she wouldn't have to see him. The door opened and the maid answered her prayers.

"Hello. I'm Rory Gilmore and this is-"

"Oh! Hello. This must be Jamie," the woman said squatting down to the four year old's level. "My name is Greta. Aren't you just the cutest thing!"

Jamie scrunched up his face and backed away from the woman who was wearing a smile a mile wide. "You smell funny."

Rory was aghast. "Logan James Gilmore! You apologize right this second, young man!"

Greta, the maid, simply laughed and stood up waving away Rory's displeasure with a gesture of her hand. "It's alright. I was just mopping the bathroom floors with ammonia. I probably do smell funny. Besides I know how these little ones can be. After all I had to put up with his father. I can't imagine Jamie here being much worse."

"I wouldn't know about that…" Rory said. "Um….I'm sorry I don't want to sound rude but…is Logan here?"

"Oh! Dear. How silly of me. Logan actually had to run into the office for a moment. He should be back within an hour or so. You can just leave Jamie here. He'll be just fine with us while we wait for his Daddy to get home."

"I'm sorry," Rory said. "Us?"


An icy chill went up her spine as she heard the saccharine voice echo behind her. She couldn't bring herself to turn around. She couldn't bring herself to move at all. She was completely paralyzed from a mixture of shock and uncontrollable fear. She could feel that she was about to hyperventilate and the room seemed to be spinning around her. The red marble on the columns around her began to swirl before her eyes and she began to get dizzy from the sensation it was causing.

She was having a panic attack. She hadn't had a panic attack in almost seven years. With all of the stress she had gone through in her life: finding out she was pregnant, starting her new career, seeing Logan again after five years, she had never had a panic attack. No, the last time she had a panic attack was the last time she has seen the very woman who had just called her name.

"Mrs. Huntzberger," she squeaked as she turned around, trying to compose herself so that she could at least exchange a few pleasantries without giving away the fact that she was completely terrified.

"Oh please, dear, it's Shira. After all I expect we'll be seeing each other often. Now that we have little Jamie to consider," Shira said. Her stiff smile faltered for a moment as she moved her gaze to the little boy that was standing bashfully next to his mother. Rory could have sworn that for a moment she saw what could even be described as compassion in the woman's eyes. And when the look didn't seem to go away, Rory felt like she had entered an alternate dimension.

"He looks so like Logan…." Shira whispered before snapping out of her trance and plastered another wide smile on her face. "With your hair of course."

"Yeah. That's what I've always thought."

Shira looked down at the Jamie again and he returned her gaze with one of slight confusion and curiosity. "Hello Jamie," She said. "I'm your grandmother."

Jamie stood back and burrowed himself even further into the comfort of his mother's legs. He looked up at the strange woman in front of him and felt nothing but fear. No one had told him that there was going to be anyone other than his Daddy here and he most certainly did not know that he was going to be meeting another grandmother. This lady reminded him of Grandmother Emily and Grandmother Emily was one of the scariest people Jamie knew.

"Jamie, sweetheart," Rory said, running her fingers through his hair and trying to coax him away from her legs. "Your grandmother just introduced herself. What do you say?"

"Hello," Jamie whispered.

"I'm very sorry, Mrs. – uh…Shira," Rory said, "He's usually not this shy."

Shira stood up and offered Rory the smallest of smiles. "That's alright, dear. I imagine he must be quite overwhelmed with all of this. Greta," The maid snapped to attention, tearing her gaze away from the little boy and turning it toward her employer. "Will you go down in the basement and bring up that box filled with some of Logan's old toys, please? Perhaps James would like to play with them."

"Certainly, Mrs. Huntzberger." Greta said before leaving them. She passed Rory on her way out, giving her a smile and a reassuring pat on the arm. Rory immediately decided that she liked this woman and felt significantly more comfortable leaving her son in this place with the knowledge that she would be here.

"I think Logan has some old transformers and G.I. Joes down there somewhere," Shira said.

"Oh that's ni-"

"Well, Rory, it was wonderful seeing you again," Shira said as she hooked her arm through Rory's and started walking her toward of the door. Rory reluctantly followed her lead, looking back at Jamie who was starting back at her with a look of pure fear on his face. She smiled at him as Shira dragged her closer and closer to the front door.

"Uh, Shira, I…"

"We really must have lunch sometime. Just us girls."

"Oh I um - "

"Now you go on about your day and have fun. We'll take good care of Jamie."

"I - "


In an instant Jamie had run over to this mother and thrown his arms around her legs. Rory broke out of Shira's grasp and knelt down to be eye level with her little boy. After seeing the small tears of fear welling in his eyes she ran a hand over his face and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

"It's okay, sweetheart," she said, "Grandma Shira will take care of you until Daddy gets home alright. He'll be here before you know it."

"I-I-I don't wa-want you to leave!"

Rory took one more look at his pitiful little face and pulled him into a hug. Jamie clung to her for dear life, silently begging her not to leave him alone with this strange woman. Her heart broke into pieces, knowing that she had to leave him. She simply didn't have the time to wait around for Logan to get home. She kept reminding herself that - despite her feelings about Shira - the woman would not let harm come to her grandson. He would be fine with her. Plus, there was always Greta.

"I know you want me to stay sweetie but I have to go to diner with Grandma Emily and Grandpa Richard. You'll be just fine."

Jamie continued to cry and held on to Rory even tighter. She had to pry his little hands off of her in order to pull him away far enough so that she could look at him again and wipe the tears from his eyes.

"Hey," she said, "Is this anyway for my brave little man to behave?"

"No," Jamie said while he shook his head and sniffed.

"That's right. You are going to be just fine. Now chin up." Rory smiled as Jamie lifted his tiny little chin in the air. "There you go. Are you okay now?"

"Yes," Jamie said.

"Good. Now come here." She gave him one more hug. "Mommy loves you so much. Now you have fun."

After one final squeeze Rory stood up and turned to her almost mother-in-law. Shira smiled and opened the door for her.

"Good bye, Rory."

It was with the slam of the door behind her that she realized she had never spent a single night without her baby.

"Hello, Rory!"

Twelve years. Twelve years she had been coming to dinner at the Gilmore household and the response to her presence had never changed. Nothing had ever changed. Every week she would walk in the front door, hand her coat to the weekly maid, and make her way into the sitting room where her Grandparents would greet her as if they hadn't seen her in months as opposed to days. The only thing that had changed over the years was the occasional absence of her mother and the new addition of Jamie, the new apple of his great-grandfather's eye.

Little Logan James Gilmore was spoiled more by Richard and Emily than any other child that had ever entered their house. Not only was he their favorite granddaughter's only child but he was the little boy that some part of Richard had always wanted. He loved his daughter more than anything, but part of him was very sad that he never had a son to pass on the Gilmore name. And who better to carry on the Gilmore name than a little boy who was half Rory Gilmore and half Logan Huntzberger?

The Gilmores' opinion regarding Logan was a strange thing; a thing that Rory had never really understood. It seemed that he was immaculate in their eyes. Nothing he could do could taint him. Even after they had learned of their sexual relationship, after he had lost millions of dollars, after he had left her broken and pregnant, they still loved the man.

That wasn't to say that the news of her pregnancy had gone over wonderfully with the Glimores. She would never forget the look on their faces when she told them the news. Never before had they looked so small to her. Emily had begun to cry and Richard had to excuse himself from the table. They didn't scream. They didn't yell. They were so frighteningly calm that Rory couldn't help but weep herself.

But they loved him.

"You look absolutely beautiful!" Emily cheered as she walked over to her granddaughter and kissed her on the cheek.

"Thank you, Grandma. You look very nice yourself."

"Where is Jamie?" Emily asked, looking behind Rory to find her little great-grandson. "Surely you didn't leave him with a sitter. You know how much we love to have him at dinner."

"Actually…" Rory began reluctantly, "Jamie is spending the night at Logan's tonight."

"Oh." Brief and succinct responses from Emily Gilmore were often not a good sign "Well, isn't that nice? Come in. Come in. Your mother, Luke, and April are joining us this evening."

"April is here?" Rory asked as her Grandmother led her into the sitting room. Emily didn't have a chance to answer before Rory was enthusiastically greeted by her grandfather. She walked over to give him a hug and sat on the couch, carefully avoiding the eyes of her mother as she did so.

Things had been a little awkward between the two of them since the day Jamie had fallen at the park. In time Rory had come to see that her mother was right but she still had not fully forgiven her for violating her trust.

"Hey, kid!" Lorelai said with a tight smile, knowing that her daughter was not at all happy with her. "Where's Jamie? Is he out on the town tonight?"

Rory looked down at her feet. "He's with Logan actually."

"Logan? Really? That's nice," Lorelai said with an encouraging nod.

Rory bit her lip and nodded her head. "Yup. It is."

"Too bad I couldn't see him though. I'm starting to miss my little grandbaby."

"He'll be with me next week."

"Rory would you like something to drink?" Emily asked pleasantly, interrupting the strained conversation between mother and daughter.

"I'll have some wine please, Grandma."

"Coming right up!" Emily said. "Richard. Rory would like some wine."

"Can do," Richard said from the drink cart. "Red or white?"

"Red please," Rory said. Less than a minute later Richard handed her a glass of red wine and sat down in the chair next to her.

"So, Rory, where is Jamie this evening?"

Rory sighed. If she had to say this one more time… "Jamie is spending the night with is father this evening."

"Oh," Richard said in surprise. "Well that is certainly a change of pace."

Rory nodded. "Logan and I decided to try and work with each other on the issue before going through with a custody battle. Hopefully it won't come to that."

"Well," Richard said before taking a sip of his drink. "That is wonderful. Custody battles are such a nasty business. No one should have to go through that."

"Hear, hear." Luke said, tipping his glass.

"So, April," Rory said, wanting desperately to change the subject, partly because she did not want to talk about Logan any longer, and partly because all the talk about Jamie was reminding her of the fact that she would not see him until tomorrow morning. "I haven't seen you in a while. How's school going?"

"School is going great," April said with a smile. Rory smiled back. Over the past five years the girl had really grown into herself. She had changed from the awkward thirteen year old to a very pretty young lady. She had learned how to manage her head of curls, bought contact lenses, learned how to wear make-up. The only thing that remained of her awkward demeanor were her slightly less then exemplary social skills.

"In fact," April continued. "I just got an acceptance letter from MIT in the mail yesterday."

"MIT?" Richard asked. "Well that is very impressive, young lady. Congratulations."

April smiled. "Thank you, Richard."

"That's amazing!" Rory agreed.

"Well, Richard, we need to celebrate. Do we have a bottle of champagne?" Emily asked.

"I'm sure I could dig one up somewhere," Richard said. "Luke, you wouldn't mind April having a glass of champagne, would you?"

"I think that would be fine, considering this is a special occasion."

"A very special occasion," Lorelai said, smiling at her husband and squeezing his hand. She glanced back at Rory who was flashing her a confused expression and smiled at her.

It was a matter of moment before Richard returned with a bottle of champagne and began pouring glasses for everyone. As he reached to hand his daughter a glass, Lorelai let go of Luke's hand and shook her head.

"No for me, Dad. Thanks."

"No champagne?" Richard asked, surprised.

"But Lorelai you love champagne!" Emily said.

"I do. I do," Lorelai said with a nod. "And there is nothing I would rather do than my wonderful step-daughter's acceptance into the best technical school in the country but I don't think it would be very good for the baby…"

"Oh my God, you're pregnant!" Emily exclaimed. "Richard! Did you hear that? She's pregnant!"

"I heard her, Emily."

"Well this certainly is a night for celebration," Emily said.

"It sure is." Rory said, eyeing her mother. Lorelai was staring back at her with a timid look on her face. "Congratulations, Mom."

"Thanks, kid."

"Well I think this calls for another bottle of champagne."

It wasn't a monster.

It wasn't a monster.

It was a shadow. That is what his mommy always said. Whenever he saw a monster she would come in, turn on the light, and show him that is was just a shadow. One time he left one of his dinosaurs in front of the nightlight and it made a really really scary shadow on his wall.

That's what it always was. A shadow. There was no such thing as monsters.

It sure looked like a monster though.

For the past hour, little Jamie Gilmore had been huddled up in a ball in the bed of his brand new room at his Daddy's house. It was a really big room and a really big bed. He had never seen a bed this big in his life. Even his Mommy's bed, which he thought was the biggest bed in the world, was not as big as this one.

Everything about his Daddy's house was big. All night Jamie had found different rooms to play in. He and Daddy had played hide and seek and Daddy hadn't found him for almost ten whole minutes! He and Daddy had played all night until it was time for Jamie to go to bed. Daddy was just as mean about bedtime as Mommy was. Lisa let him stay up as long as he wanted. But Daddy wasn't a babysitter. Daddy was his Daddy.

The big window cast a big light on the wall and inside was a shadow of a monster, watching Jake from a tree. It was huge. He couldn't tear his eyes away from its shadow on the wall and every once and a while the monster would move its head, causing the little boy to clutch his lion even tighter.

"It's okay, Marvin. The monster's not gonna get us."

It wasn't a monster.

It wasn't a monster.

But as soon as the scariest sound Jamie had ever heard sounded from outside his window, he was out of bed in a flash. Marvin clutched tightly at his side, he made his way out of his bedroom as fast as his little feet could take him and burst into the long dark hallway.

He couldn't help it. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't keep the tears from falling down his cheeks. He was a big boy. The last thing that he should be doing was crying. Big boys simply did not cry. But he was scared. There was a monster, he was lost, and he missed his Mommy.

With a bite of his lip and a step of his foot he made his way down the dark hallway, summoning all his courage as he went. His Daddy's house was really scary in the dark. It was so big and there were funny pictures all over the walls that stared at him as he passed. Plus he was really scared that his new Grandma would find him.

However, he had no choice. He had to be brave. He had to find his Daddy so that he could come scare the monster away, otherwise Marvin would never be able to sleep. He needed to be brave for Marvin.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of treading down the scary hallway, Jamie found himself at the stairs that his Daddy had carried him up when it was time for him to go to bed. That was a long time ago. Jamie didn't know exactly how long is had been but it had to have been at least an hour. And an hour was a really really long time. He took the stairs slowly, careful not to fall down, and made his way into the room where there was a big TV flashing light over his Daddy and Susie.

He didn't like Susie very much. She was nice… almost too nice. She talked to him in a really squeaky voice and she liked to pinch his cheeks. Jamie hated when people pinched his cheeks. It made him feel like a baby and he wasn't a baby. He was a big boy. People should treat him like he was a big boy.

Jamie rubbed a tear out of his eye and tiptoed his way over to the couch. His daddy and Susie were watching a man on the TV wearing a suit and sitting at a desk, talking about things that Jamie didn't quite understand. His daddy had his arm around her and she was leaning against him sort of like his Grandma and Luke did when they watched TV.


Logan snapped his head toward Jamie and got up from the couch, pressing the mute button on the remote as he did.

"Jamie," He said, walking over to the boy and picking him up. "What on earth are you doing awake? It is way past your bedtime."

Jamie wrapped his arms around Logan's neck and squeezed him as tight as he possibly could.

"There's a monster outside my room!" he cried, letting loose all of his fears now that he was in the arms of his father.

"A monster?" Logan asked as he rubbed a hand up and down Jamie's back. He felt a head nod against his neck. "Well we better check this out, huh?"

Jamie nodded his head again. "It keeps wa-watching me."

"Well that's definitely not cool," Logan said. "I'll be right back, Susie. I've got some monster butt-kicking to do. Isn't that right, James?" Jamie nodded again.

"Okay, well you be careful."

"Oh I will. I have experience in this area. Come on, Jamie," Logan said as he made his way through his house and up the stairs to the guest room that he had put Jamie in.

"Now where is this monster?" Logan asked. Jamie turned his body as far as he could in his father's arms and pointed to the window. Logan followed the boy's finger and came face to face with a pair of giant yellow eyes.

"It keeps watching me!" Jamie cried.

"Oh man. You know what I think?" Logan asked as he walked over to the light switch and flipped it on. Jamie hid his eyes from the sudden onslaught of light and buried his face in Logan's neck once more.


"I think we have a new pet. Look."

Jamie turned around and looked out the window to see a small brown owl sitting on a tree limb outside.

"It's a owl!"

"It is!" Logan said. "He just wants to be your friend."

"Whoo whoo!" Jamie said at the window.

Logan laughed. "How about we give him a name."


"Peter the owl. I think that sounds good," Logan said with a nod.

"Uhu. Cause he can fly like Peter Pan."

"That is very true. Now come on. It's way past your bedtime, mister." Logan carried him back over to the bed and pulled down the covers before placing Jamie down. He crawled under the covers and hugged Marvin tightly to him. Logan tucked the covers securely around his little body and kissed him on the forehead.

"What do you say the next time you come over we go shopping for some stuff to make this room yours, huh?"

"Toys!?" Jamie asked wide-eyed.

Logan smiled. "Some toys. But I was thinking a nice comforter and some furniture."

"Oh…" Jamie said, suddenly bored by the idea.

"We'll go to the toy store when we're done. I promise. Now sleep tight." Logan gave him one last kiss and walked over to the door, flipping off the light.

"You didn't say goodnight to Marvin and Peter!"

Logan laughed. "Goonight, Marvin. Goodnight, Peter."

"Goodnight, Daddy."

As Logan closed the door he couldn't help but think that he could get used to that sentence.

It was strange; the places life could take you. There were several things in her life that Rory never dreamed would happen to her. She never imagined she would end up at Yale instead of Harvard. She never thought that she would end up having a baby out of wedlock at twenty-two. And she most certainly never imagined that she would end up ringing the doorbell of the Huntzberger mansion twice in less than twenty-four hours. Come to think of it she had never imagined she would meet a member of the Huntzberger family let alone fall in love with one had bear his child.

Yes, life was strange indeed.

"Hey, Ace."

Ace. God how she hated to hear that name.

"Logan," Rory said as he stepped aside to let her inside the house, "I'm glad you actually decided to grace me with your presence this time."

"I'm sorry about that, Rory. I had an emergency. But my Mom and Greta were here to watch him."

Rory rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. Another thing that was strange was the fact that Logan had somehow turned from lazy party boy to man who went to the office instead of seeing his son.

"Great. One woman who I can't stand and another I have never met before were there to take care of my child. That makes me feel so much better."

"Hey," Logan said, getting defensive. "You may not like her and I don't blame you but she is my mother. Jamie's grandmother. She wouldn't let any harm come to him. Besides, I was home ten minutes after you left."

"Whatever," Rory said. "Where's Jamie?"

"He's getting dressed," Logan said harshly. "You know you didn't have to leave him here with them you know. You could have stayed another ten minutes if the idea of leaving him with my oh-so-evil mother was so horrible to you."

"I had a dinner to go to, Logan. I was already late as it was!"

"Then another ten minutes wouldn't have hurt much."

"I shouldn't have had to wait another ten minutes!" Rory exclaimed. "You said that you were going to be here when I dropped Jamie off and you weren't! How am I supposed to trust you?"

Logan shook his head and looked in the other direction as Rory continued to rant about how horrible a father he was. He had to remind himself that he had once been in love with his woman, that she was once the most amazing woman he had ever known. She had changed dramatically in the past five years. Or he had changed.

Perhaps they had changed.

"I just can't believe that you would do that knowing how I feel about your mother and knowing how uncomfortable I am leaving Jamie places without me! You're completely inconsiderate of other people's feelings!"

"Is this what we've come to, Rory?"

"I mean I - " Rory paused, confused. "What?"

Logan shook his head again. "Is this what we've come to? Screaming at each other over every tiny offense? I mean I always thought… Never mind."

"You always thought what?" Rory asked, her voice dropping the defensive tone.

"Nothing forget I even brought it up. Jamie should be down any second. I'll go check on him." Logan turned and started to make his way to the staircase when Rory reached out and grabbed his arm.

"You always thought what, Logan?" She asked forcefully.

There was a third shake of his head. "I just always thought, in the back of my mind that if we ever saw each other again…" He trailed off.


"It was just wishful thinking I guess. Don't worry about it."

"Tell me what you are trying to say, Logan."

"I just thought we would…" he stopped, biting is lip to keep himself from saying the words that threatened to fall off his tongue. He had always thought that they would meet again and have another chance. It was the only thing that got him out of bed in the morning that he was first trying to get over her. That hypothetical 'what if'.

"I just thought we would be friends."

"We are friends," Rory said, her voice sounding smaller and smaller with every word. They were friends. Where did he get off saying that they weren't friends? They had a child together. They had a history. They loved each other once upon a time. She still…

They had to be friends.

"You really think this constitutes friends?" Logan asked.


"How many fights have we gotten in the past week? Because I've lost count."

"So we fight. Friends fight." Rory said, almost as if she pleading with him to agree.

"All we do is fight Rory. Would we even stand each other if Jamie wasn't in the picture?"

"We…" Rory bit her lip. If she hadn't spent weeks trying to get a hold of him due to her pregnancy only to get her heart broken all over again she probably wouldn't be acting so horribly to him. All in all they would probably fight less if Jamie wasn't in the picture. She wouldn't be as hurt if Jamie wasn't in the picture. "We always fight, Logan. That's what we do. All we did when we were together was fight!"

"Oh please. That's not true."

"Oh it's not?" Rory challenged. "I don't want commitment. I do. So I can't do this anymore. I'll be your boyfriend even though there is a line of girls outside my dorm room and my family hates you and I may treat you like crap after a dinner with them. Oh, that's okay Logan no biggie. Don't do that internship my father is offering you. But I want to! Your father is an asshole. I told you not to do the internship! Don't you dare drop out of Yale. I want to drop out of Yale. I give you one month. You're wrong! I'm jealous of your old boyfriend. Jess is just a friend and you were an asshole to him. Don't blame me for your dropping out of school. I never blamed you. I'm angry. I'm leaving and I'm not going to talk to you again for weeks and then break up with you through my sister and then stalk you when you get back to Yale. Go away. No. Go away. No. Go away. I love you! I love you!? Seriously!? Give me another chance your mother said so. Fine. You cheated on me!? We were one a break!! No you were on a break. I'm moving out. Don't move out! Fine. Stop being a bitch to me. It hurts my feelings. Insert period of time where you were incapacitated/halfway across the world and we were unable to have a confrontation. Bobby's not a boy. Bobby's just my college. Why didn't you tell me you were talking to Marty again? Because it's weird. It's weird? I understand. Let me take this opportunity to expose your secret and ruin your new friendship with Lucy. I lost millions of dollars and I'm not going to do anything about it instead I'm going to blow you off to go to Vegas with Colin and Finn. Your father is right. You are acting like an asshole. How dare you agree with my father!? I'm leaving! I'm going to find you at your friend's wedding and wait outside until I guilt you into talking to me. Will you ma – marry me?"

Suddenly the room went silent. Logan looked down at his feet and Rory closed her eyes, mentally beating herself for bringing up the forbidden subject. Logan let out a breath of a laugh.

"You're right. I guess we did fight a lot," he said in almost a whisper.

"There were some good times too," Rory said painfully. Logan looked up and smiled at her.

"Yeah, there were weren't there?"

Rory nodded. "There was um… The Life and Death Brigade jump."

Logan smiled. "We weren't together then."

"Right…" Rory remembered. "There was that time we had sex on that boat we stole."

Logan laughed. "It's a good thing we got our clothes on before the coast guard caught us otherwise your grandparents probably would have run after me with a shovel."

"They already hated you with a passion after I told their minister. I can't imagine what they would have done if they had found out that I was charged with Grand Theft Boating and fornication."

"There was out first trip to the Vineyard," Logan remembered with a smile. "When we had sex on my boat."

"That was much better than the second trip to the Vineyard," Rory said with a laugh.

Logan laughed as well. For the first time since his death he remembered his father with a smile instead of a pang of sadness. "Mitchum certainly had a way of ruining things didn't he?"

"There was your going away party and my horrible British accent."

"Ah yes, that was a turn on," Logan said. "My first visit home from London. Sex on the roof."

"We sure had a lot of sex didn't we?" Rory said, looking up at him with a smile.

"Well Jamie had to get here somehow."

Rory smiled, a vision of her perfect little boy filling her mind. "It was the day we went to Stars Hollow. The Hay Bale maze."


"Jamie's conception. When my Mom left and you sat down on my bed and tried to get me to have sex with you but I didn't want to because of my first time with Dean."

"Right you kept making up noises and wanting to shut the blinds."

"You told me you wanted to give me a good memory in my bed," Rory said. "You gave me the best memory I could ever imagine."


"You gave me Jamie that day."

"I guess we did something right, huh?" Logan said, reaching forward slightly and grabbing Rory's fingers in the tightest of grips. Rory looked down at their entwined hands and unconsciously took a step closer to him. Their faces were mere inches apart. She could feel his breath on her face. It smelt exactly the same. Peppermint Altoids.

"Guess so," she whispered, her face inching closer and closer to his as it had so many times in the memories that would not stop flying through her head. She wanted to know if he still tasted the same, of mint and scotch with the occasional touch of coffee. She loved it when he tasted like coffee. Her two vices were satisfied in one kiss.

She was so close to finding out. Her eyes closed. Her heart stopped and her breath hitched as he placed a hand on her face like he had so many times before. His hands felt exactly the same. Cold and rough. Just like always. Just how she liked them.


With a gasp, Rory broke out of her trance and jumped away from Logan. They looked at each other awkwardly, suddenly remembering that they hated each other now and that they both were in relationships with other people. The only thing that kept them in contact with one another was Jamie.

"My baby!" Rory answered back as Jamie ran up to her and jumped into her arms. Rory picked him up and kissed his little head. "I missed you so so much! How was your first sleepover?"

"It was really really fun! Daddy and I played all night and then I went to bed and there was a monster. But it turned out to be an owl."

"An owl?" Rory asked enthusiastically. "Oh boy."

"Uhu. I named him Peter."


"Uhu. Acause he can fly."

"That's a very nice name," Rory said before putting him down. "Now say goodbye to Daddy. It's time to go home."

Jamie turned around to find Logan squatting on the floor in front of him. He walked into Logan's arms and Logan gave him a tight hug, kissing him on the head.

"Bye, Daddy."

"Bye, Kiddo. You be good for your Mommy now alright?"

"I will," Jamie promised. Logan let him go and he grabbed a hold of Rory's hand as she led him out the door.

"Bye, Logan," Rory said, offering him a small awkward smile.

"Goodbye, Rory."

As he watched them make their way down the driveway to Rory's car he couldn't help but think of the one time when those two words were even more painful than they are now.

Rory Gilmore seemed to like making a habit of walking away from him.


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