I'm sorry you guys!! I'm sorry that I haven't updated at all! It's just that I have been really busy.

I know that you guys probably really hate because I haven't written any of my stories in a year but I promise that

I'll start writing again

There are a few things I would like to clear up.

1) First off, My original pen name was Kori Tatsu but now it's Sakura Inoue so don't send any hate mail to me for claiming that I

stole my own stories XD

2) I'm thinking of starting my stories off fresh meaning delete all my old ones and start new ones. If you don't want this to

happen, please review my stories and tell me so. If I receive enough reviews, I'll continue! Also, please send some

constructive critism on how I can make my stories even better than they were before. Thank you

3) That's is all XD

Anyways thank you for taking some of your precious time to read this A/N. I'll really appreciate if you support me considering that all my story files have been deleted ;;;;

Yours truely,

Sakura Inoue

Last Known as

Kori Tatsu