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Chameleon sighed quietly to himself. Ah, the good old days back home. He'd been popular, about to get a cute girlfriend, and generally well-liked by nearly everyone. Then, Lord Dragaunus discovered a way to escape their prison in Limbo and life went to SHIT.

Every available young saurian of age (and some not) was recruited for the invasion force. Females became either healers or mechanics while males of course became soldiers and everything else. Even then life hadn't been so bad. At least his fellow soldiers knew how to appreciate a good joke and their constantly giving him a swirly had also been a joke, not an attempt to shut him up, thank you very much.

Right now, he was in his body builder form, trudging through some ash-forsaken swamp in the middle of nowhere with a struggling avian over his heavily muscled shoulder and following a crazed Wraith who had most likely sniffed a few too many of his own toxic potions, considering this stupid plan.

Oh well, at least he wasn't on bathroom cleanup duty. It was Siege's turn for both that and to cook the meals for the week….May the great deities protect them all.

Now, back to daydreaming, uh, remembering, yes, remembering…….

Wildwing stared at the clear blue sky sadly.

They'd finally gotten Canard back in a deal with Dragaunus. A duck for a duck, that simple. At first he'd considered himself for the deal but Nosedive somehow managed to talk him out of it. They all debated on what to do, Duke even offering to go himself, using his background as Puckworld's most successful cat thief as his argument.

Eventually they decided to send Duke, as he had the best chances for escape while the others created a diversion. It all should have gone perfectly, and it had, at least until Dragaunus sprang a trap of his own.

They'd gotten back to the Migrator with both Canard (unconscious) and Duke only to find that Nosedive, who'd been told to stay there and watch the vehicle, was gone. Chameleon must have had something to do with it since there was no apparent signs of a struggle and no one could remember seeing the shape sifter in the battle.

All any of them could do now was wait and hope for the best. Wildwing looked down at his hands and blinked back tears. Some leader he was turning out to be.


Currently aforementioned teenager did not like how things were going. Chameleon had assumed his brother's form to trick him into opening the hatch to the Migrator before knocking Nosedive over the head with the hilt of a saurian blaster.

When Dive had come to, it was only to find that he was over said saurian's shoulder, being jostled around like a bag of potatoes. Nosedive had twisted in Chameleon's grip, kicking his legs and trying to hit the broad green shoulder with his elbows instead of his fists because his wrists were tied together. All it had achieved was a tighter rope around his wrists and for his legs to be tied up at the knees and ankles. Strangely, Wraith didn't allow Chameleon to hurt him at all, though it was easy to see that the green saurian wanted to give the avian a good smack.

From what he could see, they were either in a forest or a swamp somewhere. Twisting to get a better look, Nosedive saw a sign on the side of the…..path….that they were on. That was great, but the sign was in Chinese, which to Dive was bad, because he really didn't know any of it. Although, he had learned just enough Chinese from Thrash and Mookie's manga books to pick out the words "Accursed Springs" and "Beware!" What did that mean?!

Dive grunted as Chameleon dropped him hard onto the ground. The green body builder quickly slipped another rope around Nosedive's wrists, tying off only one end there while the other end was tied securely around a pole. With that done he walked off, leaving the avian alone.

Glaring after him, Nosedive saw that the pole had a little plaque on it. Thankfully, the pole was short enough that he didn't have to strain his neck to look at the plaque and its inscription. Once again, all he could make out was "spring" but another one looked familiar. It was either "Pig" or "Panda", hard to tell which. Nosedive tugged on the rope but it was as secure as anything.

The sound of a splash caught his attention. Turning around, he saw Wraith standing next to a spring with a satisfied smirk. It was then that the teen saw that he was actually next to a spring himself. In fact, this place seemed to be an entire field of springs.

The spring next to Wraith seemed different somehow, as if the sorcerer's presence had altered it in some way. The splash soon turned out to be a dog that had been tossed into that spring. Chameleon dragged it out with a net and held it up for Wraith's inspection.

The ancient saurian picked up a bucket of something and poured it on the dog. It yelped as steaming hot water rushed over it along with Chameleon when some scorched his fingers. The little alien dropped the pooch to nurse his hurting digits. The mutt wasted no time hauling tail out of there.

Now Nosedive was definitely confused. Why did Wraith throw the dog into the spring only to then give it a hot bath? Wraith berated his companion for his incompetence,

"You idiot! Why did you let go of the dog?! Arg!! You're completely useless!! Go and get that dog NOW!!"

Chameleon whined, "Ahh. It's just a dog, Wraith. We can always get you another one. "

The spell castor held his staff threateningly, "I said now Chameleon. Or would you like to be part of my next experiment?"

Very rarely outside of battle had Chameleon moved so fast.


Wraith took a deep, calming breath. Today was one of the greatest days of his life. His plan would work and Lord Dragaunus would finally see how helpful the dark powers of their ancestors were, and their importance. This plan would work. It had to.

All that was needed he had with him: a crystal containing a very special soul, two potions made from extremely specific herbs under excruciating conditions, another crystal (empty) and finally a stick of charcoal made from sacred wood of a tree from a temple forest that had existed on the ancient and lost homeland of the saurians.

The only snag in his plan was that he didn't have a young avian female virgin host…..yet. Carefully pulling a third crystal from his bag, Wraith walked over to the captive and pressed it into his hands, making the boy hold it tightly. After barely a moment the crystal stayed perfectly clear and seemed to glow with a pure inner light. Feeling highly pleased with himself, Wraith took it back and faced the avian.

"So you really are a virgin. "

Nosedive turned bright red and glared at him.

"And so what if I am?! It's got nothing to do with you!! Now let me go!!"

Wraith couldn't help but laugh at this. It was just too funny! Nosedive began to get uncomfortable. Maybe Wraith was crazier than he'd thought?

"What's so funny?"

Wraith took another breath,

"You see, duck, your being untainted has everything to do with me. In fact, it's the reason I had Chameleon snatch you."

Dive gulped and scooted back from him. Something was telling him that he wasn't going to enjoy where this was going.

"What do you mean?"

Smirking, Wraith looked down at him

"Simple. You're going to become pregnant."


Chameleon came back with the dog in tow only to find Wraith laughing manically and the avian brat staring off into nothing.

'Uh, did I miss something?'

After that little thought, the small saurian tied the dog to another pole, careful to keep it from the spring water. That done, he went to the spell castor.

Wraith noticed him almost immediately. The teen just kept staring.

"Ah, you're finally back Chameleon. Now the ceremony can be completed. Go to the site of it and make sure that all is ready. I can take care of everything here. Oh and take the dog with you. "

Without asking, he did as he was told, using his teleporter to get to the warehouse Wraith claimed was built on sacred ground.

'I don't think I'll every get used to Wraith's constant mood swings.'

Turning to the captive, Wraith used his magic to strip off the boy's body armor. That got his attention.

"What are you doing?! Stop it!"

Nosedive turned and twisted in an attempt to keep his armor. Wraith huffed slightly, trying not to laugh again. It really was quite funny when people fought against magic though they could do absolutely nothing.

Soon enough all of Nosedive's armor was gone, chest plate, shoulder pads, knee pads, even his gloves and boots! Still smirking, Wraith used magic to pick up the boy and simply drop him into the spring that the dog had been in.

Nosedive jerked as he hit the water and went under. At least the ropes were off. He felt strange all over, like a slight tingling sensation mixed with faint pins and needles. Though he didn't want to, Nosedive swam to the surface. Curse the need to breathe!!

Wraith was waiting for him. With a strange smile he wrapped Nosedive in magic again, pulling his captive out of the water and onto the shore. As soon as Dive's bare feet touched the ground, the magic pulled his arms over his head and held his feet apart.

Wraith walked towards him with a knife in one hand. Nosedive started to panic. Wraith wasn't going to really kill him now…was he?

Stopping in front of the boy, the saurian made a swift and precise slicing motion down his chest. Nosedive closed his eyes tight and waited for the pain, but none came. Instead a cool breeze blew across his now exposed chest causing him to shudder slightly. That was strange, usually he wasn't so sensitive to temperature. It had to be because he was still wet from being dunked. Yeah, that was it.

Nosedive felt Wraith opening his cut shirt and heard him chuckle softly. The boy kept his eyes shut tight.

"What's wrong? Open your eyes and look at yourself. Your body really isn't half-bad."

'What's he talking about?'

Dive cautiously opened one eye then the other, staring at his chest in shock. This had to be a bad dream, it just had to!! He was going to wake up any minute now and forget he ever dreamed this.

"Wraith, what happened?!"

His eyes were wide now, staring down at a chest that had a pair of soft looking breasts instead of being flat like it should be. Some part of his mind noted that his voice sounded higher and softer and that a certain area below his waist felt strangely empty. The saurian smiled cruelly.

"What happened is that you are now a girl. This place is known as the 'Training Grounds of Accursed Springs' and I simply put you in the 'Spring of Drowned Girl'. Whoever falls into it is cursed to take on the form of a girl. Typically you could turn back into a boy when you come into contact with hot water only to revert to a girl if cold water touches you. However thanks to my skills as a sorcerer, the curse is now permanent!"

To prove his point, Wraith picked up a kettle of hot water and splashed the avian with it. She screamed at how hot it was. Her body stayed female; it never even flickered to being male again.

She didn't see Wraith reach out, not until he grabbed one of her new breasts and pinched it. That tore a sharp yelp out of the teen's throat as she jerked back and stared at him like he'd gone insane (if not already). The saurian simply laughed at her.

"Now you will help me achieve my life long dream!"

Swallowing her fear, Nosedive protested,

"Oh yeah? Who said that I would help you anyway?! I don't want anything to do with you!!"

Wraith stared at her before chuckling again,

"It is so amusing how you're acting like you have a choice in the matter."

With out warning he grabbed a fistful of her hair and activated his own teleporter. Normally he'd use magic, but it was a very long trip and besides, he needed to conserve all he could for the ceremony.


Dragaunus was not happy and when he wasn't happy then his minions were usually absolutely miserable. Yet another plan foiled by the Ducks, costing him the old team leader. To top it off, it had been hours since he'd last seen Wraith or Chameleon.

Normally he'd be happy about that, but now it set him on edge. Wraith was definitely up to something and he wanted to know what.

The tracking devices he'd hidden in the teleporters showed them going first to China and now a warehouse in the Midwest, near the Texas-New Mexico border. This had gone on long enough.

Dragaunus grabbed his own teleporter and set the coordinates. It was time to find out what in the Blazes was going on.


Chameleon sneezed twice in a row. Glaring at the dust responsible for it, he quickly glanced around the room to make sure it was how Wraith wanted it.

Creepy, dusty interior, check.

Strange symbols everywhere, check.

Enough candles to put a bonfire to shame, check.

All candles lit,…..check.

And finally, weird table-like alter in the middle of it all, double check.

After another bout of sneezing, Chameleon escaped to the windy outdoors in hopes to escape the dust. It wasn't as warm as it was in the warehouse, but it also didn't mess with his sinuses as much.

The sound of a teleportation came from his right, making him look over. It was Wraith and the duck. The sorcerer went straight to the warehouse, magically dragging the avian with him. Chameleon sighed and went back inside. He never got a break.

The dog whimpered when it was passed by, hiding under the old cart that Chameleon had tied its rope leash to.

Ignoring it, the green alien raised an eyebrow at the duck's appearance. Who knew that brat would actually make a somewhat decent girl?

"Chameleon, strip her down and secure her to the alter while I make sure of the procedures."

Wraith never even looked at him, face buried in some giant book that had obviously seen better centuries and pulling things out of his bag with mutters. The avian tried to scoot away from both of them while trying to hold her shirt shut.

Smirking, Chameleon went back to his body builder form and grabbed her ankles. Nosedive shrieked and pried frantically at his fingers in a bid for freedom. Still smirking, Chameleon increased his size so he could effortlessly hold both of her ankles in one hand and lifted her up so that the duck-girl dangled upside down from his fist.

It shut her up at least. Using his other hand, he peeled Dive's shirt off and didn't bother to hide the fact that he was staring. The avian turned red (from blood rushing to her head, embarrassment, or both) and crossed her slender arms over her chest. Chameleon faked a look of disappointment, then slid a finger under Dive's belt, snapped it, and simply tore the pants off. That got another scream and an attempt to curl up into a ball.

Chameleon found himself enjoying this more than he thought he would. Grabbing the boxers (solid green surprisingly, probably an old pair of Wildwing's) she was wearing , he tore them off as well, fully enjoying her scream and attempts at modesty and keeping what remained of her dignity.

Laughing out loud, he placed her onto the alter and pinned her down with a massive elbow while chaining Nosedive's wrists and ankles to it. The shackles were very snug against her limbs and the chains were small enough that Nosedive was spread eagle style on the alter.

Standing back to admire his handiwork, Chameleon let his eyes drift over her and didn't bother to hide it either. Nosedive turned a brighter shade of red and looked away, clenching her eyes shut tight. Having someone staring at her while she was completely naked was one of the worst humiliations Dive had ever had and … it made her feel funny there, between her legs where her manhood had once been. Nosedive definitely didn't like this.

None of the three of them noticed it when Dragaunus slipped in and hide behind a stack of crates. He frowned at the sight he saw. What the Hell was this? It looked like some scene out of a cheap porn flick, a young girl offered against her will to the sexual desires of a well-endowed monster while a mage kept watch to make sure everything went well (for the monster). Who was that girl anyway? She looked a little bit familiar…… Maybe a relation of one of the current ducks or something like it.

Wraith finished setting everything up. Dusting his hands off and nodding to himself, he grabbed the two potions and the charcoal stick and stepped up to the altar. Waving Chameleon over, Wraith handed him one bottle and placed the other aside.

"Get her to drink this while I place the needed symbols on her body. And be gentle about it, Chameleon."

The other saurian gave an affirmative grunt and carefully applied pressure to the joints of the avian's jaw. As soon as she (reluctantly) opened up, he started pouring small amounts of it down her throat, making sure she drank every last drop.

While he was doing that, Wraith began carefully, oh so carefully, drawing the specific symbols needed for the spell to work. He softly muttered the needed incantations under his breath, sounding almost like some kind of monk. Nosedive whimpered timidly to herself. The liquid tasted nasty and made her body feel uncomfortably warm and relaxed. The charcoal stick shifted over much of her body, starting from her feet and working its way up.

Chameleon put the bottle aside once it was empty and started to reach for the second one, stopping when Wraith shook his head 'No'. He didn't even miss a beat of his weird chanting. With a shrug, Chameleon stepped back to watch him, not once going back to his normal form.

That's when the large, taloned hand pinched the special spot on his spine. That spot always made him return to regular Chameleon. He turned around only to see his boss glaring down at him with his quickly becoming famous 'Tell me what the Hell is going on or ELSE' glare.

"Wraith has this strange idea in his head that he can reincarnate a banished god. So he got all the needed materials except he couldn't get a virgin female avian before we had to leave Puckworld.

So he researched for weeks and found these springs in China that would cause you to change forms if you fall into them. Wraith gets it into his head to use Wildwing's kid brother instead since he overheard that thief guy teasing the brat about still being a virgin and one of the springs could turn a person, or duck, into a young girl.

And when we were doing that trade deal with the ducks, Wraith had me snatch the brat and then we went to the hot springs and Wraith turned him into a girl permanently by altering the curse of that one spring so that whoever fell in it wouldn't ever be able to get their natural form back and now here we are doing the ceremony."

By the time Chameleon finished, his normally green face was rapidly turning purple and he was seeing spots at the corners of his eyes. Dragaunus lifted an eyebrow, first at his smallest minion then to his sorcerer. Wraith only gave a small nod, most of his concentration on getting an intricate swirl pattern just right. Currently, Nosedive's legs and a large part of her torso seemed to have a strange new sort of exotic tattoo consisting of swirls, dashes, waves and the occasional shape.

Roughly an hour later, Wraith was finished. Now it covered her whole body from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head. Then he carefully picked up a smooth crystal from the small table he'd made Chameleon push next to him five minutes ago. All three saurians found themselves admiring it. The crystal was a deep, deep shade of reddish-purple with a perfect black streak in its center and was formed like an extremely slender oval. With its completely smooth shape, it almost resembled some form of egg.

It seemed to pulse softly with its own potential power, quivering just the tiniest bit at the chance to be unleashed. Dragaunus found himself wondering why Wraith had never come forward with this plan before. After all, it was absolutely brilliant once he actually pondered on all the possibilities of having an actual god as an ally or…even as a minion. And if he remembered his history correctly, most of the banished saurian gods had great powers and weapons of nearly limitless strength.

A thought suddenly entered his mind. How was Wraith going to transfer that power from the crystal to the girl? His unspoken question was answered when the sorcerer carefully reached between the girl's thighs and started to even more carefully push the crystal inside of her. Dragaunus watched with interest while Chameleon seemed to actually be mistaking this for a cheap porn flick.


Nosedive moaned softly. She felt so strange. Her body was too warm, she was starting to get dizzy and her stomach had started cramping up like it was debating whether or not to make her throw up. At least Wraith had stopped chanting. It had been making her tired but she somehow just couldn't get to sleep.

Then something touched her in her most private of places and began to enter. Dive whimpered at the intrusion, trying to pull away except the chains held her down too tightly. It hurt but not badly. She felt strangely slick there, like her body had been preparing for this.

Whatever it was she wanted it out of her body. Nosedive started attempting to push it out of herself except she couldn't feel her stomach area any more. In fact, she couldn't feel her legs either or her arms. What was going on?

Once the thing was fully in her body, the other potion was poured down her unresisting throat. Unlike the other one, this one tasted sweet and seemed to give her back some clarity. At least enough for her to notice that now there were three saurians there instead of just two. Just as she was about to focus in on the third one, her lower stomach exploded into wave after wave of terrible, burning heat.

She didn't notice when Wraith placed a cord with a crystal charm around her neck. She barely noticed anything as the darkness of unconsciousness claimed her.


Wraith couldn't help but smile. His dream was finally coming to fruition.

"Wraith, I'd like a word with you."

The sorcerer looked up at him and nodded slightly, walking to a corner where they could have some privacy yet the girl was still in sight.

"Explain to me exactly what was in that crystal and how this works."

Wraith nodded again and started to explain,

"That crystal held the spirit of a banished saurian god so ancient that its name is lost to time. It has been passed down in my family for generations along with the spell to unleash it.

The only problem is that while eerily simple, the ceremony is damnably specific. As the god was banished by avian mages eons ago an avian female had to be the carrier for it to be reborn. She also had to be a virgin, never touched sexually by a male and, oddly, below her twenties.

One must administer two potions to her. The first before the insertion of the crystal and the second after. While giving her the first potion, she must be completely covered in especially specific ancient symbols with charcoal made from a sacred tree of our ancient homeland.

There are dozens of incantations to be said while doing this. Then when the crystal is finally inserted, you must immediately give the girl the second potion and place a special crystal around her neck to catch any of the god's power that may escape while it is creating itself a tiny new body inside her womb.

She must always wear that crystal though it isn't specified why. After all of this she must be allowed to rest and recover. It will mimic a normal pregnancy from there, six months in the womb then three months out of it to incubate. By the way don't ask what was in the potions. I'll only tell you that do to their circumstances alone, it took nearly three years for each one."

Dragaunus nodded quietly,

"Is there any chance of repeating this ceremony?"

Wraith shrugged,

"Perhaps. If another crystal was found and another girl, then yes most likely."

Dragaunus smirked evilly.

"And in the unlikely event of a miscarriage, what would happen?"

Wraith just stared at him.

"Milord, the second potion grants the unborn god some of its powers back. Just enough to protect itself against something like that. The only way there could be a miscarriage was if some one killed the girl."

Dragaunus broke out into laughter. Oh, how he was starting to love this plan!


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