Hinata the Angel

Hi, everyone!! Sorry that I have been neglecting my Revenge or Downfall story. I just had this little plot bunny hopping through my head so much that I can't concentrate on much. Okay.

Summary: Hinata is tired of always being the underdog and then she leaves Konoha to a brighter future.

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Enjoy my little plot bunny, I worked hard on it.

Chapter One: Moonlight Thoughts

Nighttime slid down, the darkness enveloping all deeply. Hinata gazed out at the sky from the rooftop watching as the stars sparkled in their giddy dance. Her pale white eyes reflected the moonlight.

Suddenly she felt cold as her mind wandered over a memory of long ago, a memory of her long lost friend and companion, Itachi Uchiha. Thoughts of him interrupted even this moment of quiet solitude. From the middle of the city, Hinata heard the sound of a clock chiming midnight, the hour where anything could happen. Suddenly, she felt a tug of a presence in the air. It was familiar yet also frighteningly strange at the same time. It could only be one person.


He was there, just behind her shoulder. She whispered quietly so no one would hear her.

"Hello, Itachi-san."

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