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Summary: Hinata is tired of always being the underdog and then she leaves Konoha to a brighter future.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto and if you want to own it talk to Masashi Kishimoto.

In case you forgot: Hinata has an evil plot, Zetsu is taking care of her plants, and Itachi is asleep.


Chapter Seven: A Little Heat Anyone?

Deidara had gotten things set in record time. He held up five fingers behind his back.

"We run on three to give us a head start," he explained. Hinata nodded. They were going to get killed for this, but it was so worth it.

"In five…four…three…" They sprinted for the end of the hallway. "Two…One…Katsu!" There was a loud and forceful BANG and with that huge sound came a scream that reminded Hinata fiercely of Neji when Hanabi stuck his hair to the pillow with super glue. She stopped for a minute to see the damage, but started running very quickly yet again as a very fast and livid Itachi burst out of the smoke cloud.

"Deidara and Hinata, you will die," the Sharingan master hissed with an icy vindication. Hinata's hair stood on end. Looking over at Deidara, she saw a look of similar horror that probably mirrored her own expression.

"Shi matta! I forgot how fast he is! We'd better split up, Hina-chan." Deidara muttered. She gave a quick affirmative nod, and as the hallway came to a fork, the mastermind and the troublemaker raced down opposite sides away from their doom.

Itachi didn't pause a moment in his pursuit. With a poof, he went down both hallways.


"Crap," Hinata thought as she felt the icy presence of her fiancé behind her. Hinata rounded the next corner in the hallway and performed a quick but flawless henge that had fooled both her father and Neji.

A few seconds passed and Kisame stepped into the hallway, coming out of his room to go to the kitchen. Itachi almost blew right past him, but then, he did a double take and skidded to a halt.

"What's your hurry, Itachi? Your girl givin' you trouble?" the shark-man drawled. Red eyes widened imperceptibly and then they narrowed again. With a quick leap, the raven-haired man tackled Kisame, straddling him.

"Tell me where your partner in crime is right now, or I will kiss you senseless," he hissed.

"What the…" The swordsman was cut off by Itachi's lips on his.

Now it just so happened that Sasori had heard all the ruckus and looked out into the hallway, only to see a very angry Itachi on top of a very uncomfortable looking Kisame. And to top it all off, they were kissing. The puppeteer blinked, and then the two partners were apart.

Upset at being bothered from his work, Sasori growled, "Itachi, since when have you been into men? I mean you've always been slightly feminine, but this is a little much."

"I'm not into men," the raven-haired male snarled between short kisses. "It's Hinata in a henge. She and your partner blew up my room."

"Um, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but Hinata went that way five minutes ago. I saw her turn into a shadow and leave," Kisame squirmed, obviously uncomfortable.

"Damn that woman," Itachi hissed, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, and then with a flying vault, he pushed off a flustered Kisame and raced after his extraordinarily irritating fiancée. He flew through the dim hallways of the Akatsuki lair, until finally he saw a dim shadow up ahead.

Hinata dropped her henge as she saw Itachi with her Byakugan. "Catch me if you can, Weasel-kun!"

"Oh I will," he growled, and tackled her to the ground, only to have her explode in his arms with an explosive POOF.

"Hey, Weasel. You're slower than I thought!" She laughed, just out of his sight. He pushed chakra to his feet and as she came into his sight, he grabbed two kunai out of the pouch on his leg and threw them with perfect aim right at her head. They never reached their mark. Itachi's eyes widened as he saw his knives imbedded into the wall, knocked out of their path by blue blasts of chakra. Then, he jumped with a smirk, confident he had her. He missed and landed with a crunch.

"Angel," his voice constricted by pain. "My ankle…"

She stopped running and turned around with her heightened sight searching his face. When she found no lie in his eyes, she ran back towards him.

"Where does it hurt?" she asked, looking into his face as his eyes clouded over.

"Don't worry. I'm fine," he smirked. "But you won't be…Tsukoyomi."


Everything inverted in a whirl of black and red, but before she could orient herself or even blink, Itachi had her pinned to the ground, ripping her shirt over her head and locking her hands above her head as his mouth descended on hers with a hungry growl.

When he broke the kiss, he huskily said, "I'm going to get hell because of you. So this is going to be your punishment for the next seventy-two hours: I'm going to do what I want with you, and you won't be able to move anything except your mouth."

Hinata wanted to protest, but all she could do was kiss him and moan as he caressed, nipped, licked, and kissed her face, chest, and neck. Outside of her body's responses, she couldn't move a finger to take control of the situation.

"One second," a cool voice stated.

"I win," he whispered into her ear. His hot breath made her shudder. Then, the pressure lifted off of her, and she fell into blackness.


Hinata heard voices, far away at first but getting closer and closer to her.

"She's waking up, yeah."

"Shut up, Deidara."

She felt her fingers twitch and then her eyes opened to the pale silver of Itachi's room. Sitting up, she suddenly felt the throbbing in her temples. The room spun slightly around the edges.

"Are you alright, Angel?" His voice invaded her head again.

"Um…just give me a second so you don't kill me for not answering honestly," she said dizzily. Shooting light green chakra into her head, the dizziness faded and the headache that had hammered behind her eyes left. Glancing to her left, she saw Deidara.

"How long was I out?" she asked him.

"About two hours. Itachi must have done too much of a number on you for you to recover so fast, yeah," he said, sneaking a quick look over at the now dark eyed Sharingan master, who shot him a very dirty look.

"I'll kill you later, since my clone didn't finish you off the way I would've liked," he growled.

"Who me?" the Iwa nin asked innocently. "I didn't even think of it, yeah! It was all Hina-chan, un."

"Traitor," Hinata hissed at him. He merely shrugged, as Itachi's eyes narrowed towards her.

It was right then, as she was looking for a way out of his penetrating gaze that Hinata remembered.

"Itachi! We have to go!" she yelped. It took a minute for her words to register before Itachi's eyes grew slightly wider with shock as he too remembered his earlier summons. She jumped off the bed and grabbed her supplies, staggering slightly from the after-effects of the jutsu. Itachi slowed her progress toward the door with a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Relax, Angel, and make sure you have everything you need." His calm tone soothed her, and instantly, her head cleared. Reaching for the bag she had almost left on the dresser, she turned on her Byakugan and glanced through her bag, eyes scanning quickly. She nodded once to affirm the fact that she had everything, and Itachi released his light hold on her and moved out the door and into the hallway with Hinata right behind him.

Quickly, they walked down the long winding hallway until they reached the silver and black door. Knocking once, Itachi entered and Hinata hesitantly followed him inside Leader's office. Inside, Hinata felt unnerved as she had the day before because the room had changed slightly and the only light came from a small desk lamp. Glancing at a clock, she saw that it was thirty seconds to seven o'clock. She breathed a small sigh of relief and looked briefly at Itachi, who immediately tensed as the clock began to chime the hour. On the seventh chime, Leader glided behind his desk.

"Thank you both for being on time. I realize that you two had some problems before you arrived here." His mouth twitched slightly and Hinata realized he knew a little more than he was letting on that he did. "But I digress. The four of us will be going on a mission together because we all have a form of bloodline limit that makes us different from the rest of Akatsuki. Hinata, I apologize for being forced to include you. However, because your recent arrival, you still need to be tested in the field." She felt a slight rush of anger at his last statement. Didn't fighting off almost the entire Akatsuki single-handedly count for field training? However, her face remained as impassive as stone.

"You are probably wondering where the last member of our team is. I know that Itachi has met her once but I would like to introduce you both to her formally. Konan, you can show yourself now." The papers on Leader's desk began to rustle and whirl, twisting and folding themselves in mid-air until they formed the figure of a very lovely blue-haired female. Folding a piece of paper quickly, she pushed the flower into her hair to hold it out of her eyes.

"Hello, Itachi…Hinata…I'm Konan."

~~~~~~To Be Continued~~~~~~

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