The Bear on the Mantle

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She was going to kill them. 7 years after the host club had been passed on to others, and 7 years since her debt had been paid off, but the first host club still saw it fit to invade her apartment.

"Go home!" Haruhi growled, glaring at the boys she had spent her high school years (and most of her college years, to tell the truth) with.

"Ah, she's mad again, Kaoru. What should we do?" Hikaru asked, grinning slyly through half-lidded eyes at his twin.

"Hmm, maybe we should move in with her. Then, when she tells us to go home, we can say," Kaoru paused, as the two chorused in unison,

"We are home."

Haruhi sighed, shaking her head. She decided to change tactics.

"Why are you here, Kyouya-senpai? Shouldn't you be working?" She asked the megane, who was sitting at the table with his laptop plugged in.

"I am working. This laptop is here for a reason, Haruhi." She caught the slightest hint of a smirk on his face, and she sighed, frustrated.

"Alright, alright! But you're all not staying the night." She headed towards the kitchen to prepare dinner, as a distant BOOM was heard, and unknowingly, Haruhi let out a squeak.

"Haruhi!" Tamaki, silent until now, came running over, a worried look in his eyes. "Are you ok?" Haruhi took a breath.

"Ok, you can stay the night." Tamaki blinked. Then his face lightened up, "OHH! MY PRECIOUS DAUGHTER! YOU HAVE ACCEPTED DA—" He was interrupted as Hikaru poured water over the blonde's head.

"Hikaru!" Haruhi sighed, as she was also drenched now, "Now we'll have to change." She said, as Tamaki began to scream about devil twins and called for Kyouya who wisely ignored him. Haruhi sighed. Was this what she had to live with now?

Haruhi Fujioka was attending law school now, and had moved into an apartment of her own, much to the dismay of Ranka (and the delight of the Host Club). After she'd graduated from Ouran, she'd grown out her hair—but only slightly. If it were too long, the twins would have too much of a field day. Frankly speaking, she still looked like a boy. But, of course, she looked like a very cute boy. If it wasn't for the Hitachiin designs designed especially for her, she'd probably still be mistaken for a boy.

"Eh, Haruhi!" A sly grin and a touch there.

"No, I'm not wearing it."

Hikaru and Kaoru made it a point to design clothes specifically for Haruhi. They were rabidly designing, the Hitachiin label booming more than ever with their new designs. They were busy, but always made time to spend time with Haruhi (because she was their toy, of course.) and the host club. The world of 'us' and 'them' was expanded, if only by a little bit again, and they were learning. Sort of. Their differences were more obvious than ever, but they still tried to hide it and stay together. Despite being adults, they still loved to tease Tamaki. Really, really, really loved to.

"Haruhi, are you sure you're ok?"

"Yes, senpai, I'm—"

BOOM. Haruhi squeaked. "—fine…"

"Here, I'll help."

Tamaki had, for lack of better words, matured. He wasn't declared the heir to the Suohs, but found that he didn't care all that much. He had learned, being away at school in America, that life was not like the host club. But all his new knowledge just made him more optimistic, and made him realize—he could be lots of other things now! Tamaki was as cheerful as ever, and of course, it was Kyouya's job to watch him. And last week, he had confessed to Kyouya that he had just realized how he felt about Haruhi. He, of course, had just called Tamaki an idiot, as always.

"You know, Haruhi—"

"You're in my house, Kyouya-senpai. You can't charge me for what I break that I own."

Kyouya Ohtori had bought up his father's company and was now fending off every other person who thought that a 23-year-old man still in medical school could not run an empire. He had, of course, issued hostile takeovers of each of those person's companies. Ever the Shadow King, he was the one who had first acquired the key to Haruhi's apartment, and started these nightly gatherings.

"Huni-senpai, I have cake left over from last week, would you like some?"


Huni had not changed. Well, not really. Personality wise, he was almost exactly the same, all smiles and love of sweets. He was taller now, though, and a bit less (almost not noticeable unless you knew him) childish. He had also started to stop carting Usa-chan around, and the pink bunny was sitting in a place of honor (AKA the mantletop above the fireplace) of Haruhi's apartment.

"Mori-senpai, would you like some strawberries?"


Mori was still, as always, a mystery. He stuck with Huni closer than ever, seemingly having realized how big and dangerous the world really was. He and Huni were the only ones who hadn't really changed, or made big changes. He was the person he'd always been. Silent, strong, and always willing to save Haruhi from the clutches of Tamaki or the twins.

"Save room for dinner!" Haruhi commanded, placing the boxes (one of cake and one of strawberries) in front of the two. Huni smiled cutely, opening the box and digging right in.

"I'm making pasta, anyone want to help?" Haruhi asked. Hikaru and Kaoru jumped up.

"We'll help!" They grinned. Tamaki snapped to attention.

"Aaah! Devil twins! Even after all this time, you want to—"

"Tamaki-senpai!" Haruhi chided, "They just offered to help, nothing else." The twins were the image of innocence, cowering next to Haruhi; arms snaked around her shoulders and waist. Tamaki was left sputtering; reminisce of their high school days.



"Wha—" Tamaki started, as the lights flickered, then went out. All was silent, and then, chaos.


"Oi, Haruhi! Did you pay your electricity bill?"

"Of course I did!"

"Ouch, that's my foot, Kaoru!"



"The power is out around the whole neighborhood." Kyouya calmly said, as Tamaki, closest to him, paused to hear the Shadow King.


"Yes, Tamaki. See for yourself." And, right on target, all the lights along the street were pitch black.

"Kyouya!" Haruhi called from the kitchen.

"Yes?" Kyouya replied coolly.

"There are flashlights in the cabinet by you, could you get them."

"I'LL GET THEM!" Tamaki interrupted, determined to do something. He then, of course, tripped in the darkness and stepped on a cake fork, causing an expression of utter pain, and landed in Huni's lap.

"TAKASHI, TAKASHI! THERE'S A MONSTER ON MY LAP!" Huni howled. Mori simply tugged Tamaki off his cousin, as Kyouya shined a flashlight at them,

"Let's go check on Haruhi before any more damage is done."

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