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Truth be told, Tamaki was almost…nervous. Kyouya had led him down to the lobby of the hotel, then out onto the streets of Paris. As they drove off, Kyouya turned on his ever-present laptop, tying away furiously. Tamaki stared out the windows, then at Kyouya, and finally, his curiosity got the better of him.

"Where are we driving?" he asked. Kyouya looked over at him, then out the window.

"Oh, I thought Haruhi would appreciate a bit of time to let tonight sink in. It sounded like a success, am I correct?" Kyouya raised an eyebrow. Tamaki smiled, serenly.

"Ah, Kyouya. You're always on top of things." He said, smiling. Kyouya's glasses glinted in the reflection of the lights of Paris.

"Of course."


Unexpectedly, Hikaru and Kaoru hadn't kept her up all night; instead they secretively snuck glances at each other and ushered her off to bed as fast as they could. It was on that bed she was laying now, thinking.

Tamaki. What about him made her heart flutter now? What about him that had before seemed so trite, so childish, become endearing? When had she begun to tolerate his dramatic speeches and gestures?

When had she begun to look forward to them?

She had realized, as she was putting on the dress Hikaru and Kaoru had thrust at her earlier, that her hands had been shaking, and she couldn't figure out why. She felt fine, she was altogether…happy. It was only after she had caught a glance of herself, as she got ready for bed, that she realized how flushed her face was. And it got her thinking.

Haruhi sat up, suddenly. Books, she decided, the answer was most definitely in a book. But as this was a hotel, and there was probably no library (and even if there was, it was probably filled with French books), Haruhi turned to the next-best thing. The Internet.


"Ah, yes, we sent her to bed a while ago. About another half-hour should do it." Hikaru said, munching on a slice of Huni's cake, "you and Tono are going to head back soon? Alright. Yeah. See ya." He hung up, reporting to the rest of the former Host Club.

"They're coming back now. I suppose this means we're going to have another all-night planning session?" Hikaru asked. Huni smiled widely.

"I think we don't need to do anymore planning, ne? Haru-chan's face was really red!" He giggled.

"Huni-senpai has a point, you know. The spark was there even before we came here." Kaoru said. Hikaru nodded.

"Alright then. We've done our job here, men!" Hikaru grinned.

"Now we can eat cake!" Huni finished happily.


Heart fluttering…nervous…noticing things about someone that you hadn't before…

Every emotion and reaction Haruhi had felt in the last few days, when searched, led to two things. Either she was dying of some combination of rare neurological diseases, or she was in love. Although, she was more inclined to believe the sites that proclaimed her terminally ill then the bright pink flashing websites telling her she was in love. Even she had to admit, though, that it made more sense.

Haruhi leaned back in her chair, frustrated. None of this would have happened if they hadn't insisted on going to France and bringing her along. Really, though, why were they even IN France? Her health had been the reason, she remembered, but they didn't seem very concerned with her health here. In fact, it was probably an excuse. And then, Hikaru and Kaoru had locked her in with Tamaki.

It all clicked.

What other reason would they have? And how long had they known? Haruhi found herself scrambling up, wrangling the doorknob open, and running down the hall. She knocked on Kyouya's door, but instead found Mori opening it. Mori smiled gently, as he saw Haruhi.

"So you've realized." He said simply, pulling the door open to reveal the rest of the Host Club, sans Kyouya and Tamaki.

"You all knew?" Haruhi asked. Hikaru pointed a fork at her.

"Haruhi, Tono's been in love with you since the first time he realized you were a girl. Probably when he still thought you were a boy. You, on the other hand, have taken a long time to realize your own feelings." Hikaru said.

"By the time you would have realized how you felt, it would have been too late, ne?" Huni said, bounding over to lead Haruhi to a chair, and thrusting a piece of cake at her, "and that would have been too sad, wouldn't it, Haru-chan?" Haruhi just stared at her cake, then looked up, at all of them, smiling at her.

"You guys…" She said. The twins grinned at her, then at each other. Huni gave her a hug, declaring that she and Tama-chan would make a WONDERFUL couple. Mori just smiled. Interrupting the moment, though, was Hikaru's cell phone, indicating a call from Haruhi.

"Kyouya? Shouldn't you and Tono be back by now?" Hikaru answered, ready to berate them for being late, but instead paused, his bored face turning into shock, then paling, "We'll be there as soon as we can." He hung up, silent. It was clearly bad news.

"They…" Hikaru started, swallowing, "got into a car accident." There was a gasp, and Haruhi was surprised to find it coming from her own lips.

"Kyouya's fine, except for his laptop, but Tono…he…"

Haruhi didn't hear the last words Hikaru said, as she ran out the door, only knowing one thing.

She had to find Tamaki.