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Little 3 yr old Harry James Potter sat beside his unconscious mother and his twin Matthew David Potter, behind them sat their 1 yr old kid sister Alexxus Lillian Potter.

A man with deep almost blood red glowing eyes approached the group of children confidently, his wand held out confidently in front of him.

"Avada Kedavra" He all but whispered.

The spell hit the closest child, smirking in triumph the man didn't even have time to think 'Shit!' before his curse rebounded from the child's forehead and back onto its castor.

The child passed out as the room began to disintegrate around itself and its family. A piece of falling ceiling plaster hit the youngest babe and she promptly fell unconscious, while the third child having received a mark on its hand from the debris just cried until the rescue party arrived.

Two Years Later…

It was the Potter twins fifth birthday, but only Matthew got a party… after all he was the boy-who-lived and he deserved it, didn't he?

While Matthew celebrated his birthday in style, his parents threw a lavish party every year and many gifts were given to the already spoilt boy, his twin a young Harry Potter sat in the play room reading to his kid sister.

Harry was small for his age and so skinny it wasn't funny, but far more intelligent than most kids his age, he already exhibited great magical abilities and promised to become quite a powerful wizard.

Alexxus was also smarter than the average child of her age, but that was to be expected when she spent so much time with her elder brother. They both loved reading, flying and cooking. They were practical kids and were generally serious in nature, but they had good kind hearts and loved their uncle's pranks on the rest of the family.

The door to the play room slowly creaked open and the two children looked over from the book they were focused on, who would want to see them?

"Hey kiddies, how are my little genius'?" It was uncle Sirius, Harry and Alexxus' godfather, Remus was Matthew's. He was the only adult to pay them any attention, aside from when their father got angry or they were in Matthew's way.

"Uncle Sirius!!!" the two yelled in unison and ran over quickly to hug him.

"Why aren't you downstairs at the party Harry? It's your birthday today too." Sirius said whilst hugging his two 'children'.

"I know, but everyone's here to see Matthew, and who else would read to Alexxus? 'Sides mummy and daddy said it was Matthew's special day and that we shouldn't ruin it for him." Harry answered his favourite uncle.

"James and Lily should know better than this…" Sirius muttered to himself sadly. He wasn't sure how to handle his friend's blatant disregard for the feelings of two of their children. "It's still your birthday Harry, so I say it's present time!"

"YAY! Big brother presents!!!" Alexxus giggled using Harry's shirt to stay balanced upright. Sirius noticed she was wearing the toy pink plastic heels he had bought her for her last birthday.

Sirius handed Harry a hap hazardly wrapped present and watched as his godson careful removed the crazy coloured wrappings to reveal a toy snitch and a small book which showed people how to preform certain Quidditch manoeuvres.

"Wow! Uncle Sirius this is so awesome! Thank you so much!" Harry gushed in a rare show of emotion.

"It's ok Harry, I noticed you looking at certain books in the library… I may not notice much but I do occasionally see beyond my nose." Sirius replied.

Harry and Alexxus giggled, no one paid them any attention, no one except uncle Sirius and the pair loved him dearly for that… even if he was a bit odd at times.

"Tell uncle Sirry please! Please brother Harry!" Alexxus suddenly begged of her older brother. Sirius marvelled at the pair again, at only four Alexxus could already speak English properly… he was pretty sure it had taken him till he was Harry's age to finally speak properly. They already spoke long and complex words that Sirius had no idea of the meaning, and had even developed their own language… only Sirius knew of that, he wasn't sure James would appreciate it much.

"I guess… uncle Sirius you wouldn't tattle on us would you?" Harry asked quietly.

"Of course not!" Sirius replied sincerely.

"Never?" Harry asked again.

"It's my oath to you!" Sirius pledge, he wondered slightly where those words had come from.

"I'm running away and taking Alexxus with me." Harry said quietly.

"Wanna go somewhere we're loved!" Alexxus said mimicking what Harry had said earlier.

"But aren't you loved here?" Sirius asked shocked by her words.

Harry just shrugged non-committally.

"Daddy threw big brother into the wall for beating Matthew down the stairs this morning. They weren't even racing!" Alexxus sobbed.

"HE WHAT!?" Sirius all but roared causing the two children to flinch and draw away from him.

Harry shrugged again; he was used to the violence from his father, even thought it was normal, and if his copping a beating meant Alexxus didn't have to be hurt, than he'd deal with it, no complaints!

An hour later and Sirius was still pissed off with his best friend, he'd seen Harry's bruises, but he'd already believed them before the proof was shown. That pair didn't lie to him never had, hopefully never will! He had also managed to convince them not to run away, at least not yet…

If it came down to it Sirius would fight his best friends for custody of his 'children', they would be safe! But right now he was playing the role of doting happy uncle to Matthew as Harry had asked him too, if James thought Harry had upset him then he'd cop another beating.

Harry led Alexxus towards her bed ready to tuck her in for the night; their parents were tucking Matthew in.

"One more please!" Alexxus begged of her elder brother, using her adorable puppy dog eyes.

"It's time for bed Alexxus; I'll read to you more tomorrow." Harry replied wearily.

"Please…" She begged again, finally breaking Harry's barrier.

"I…" Harry didn't get to finish his reluctant reply as a man suddenly appeared silently in the room.

"There you two are…" He said in a relieved voice.

Another man suddenly appeared beside the first.

"You two were bloody hard to find, you know that!" the new man snapped angrily.

"Stone, lay off they're only kids." The first man to arrive said.

"A bloody waste of time and resources is what they are!" Stone grumbled.

"Are you questioning our Master's orders?" First snapped.

"No! I just don't understand what's so important about these two…" Stone replied shakily.

"Let's just grab them and go." First said dropping the subject, Stone hastily agreed.

The stunned and scared children were promptly grabbed and bound before disappearing with the intruders.

It a week for the Potter's to realise their two other children were missing, much to their shame. Only Sirius, Remus and Albus were informed of the disappearance, Sirius had been away on work or they would have noticed sooner. The world hadn't known much about the other two Potter children, but know the whole world knew about them!

Lily and James weren't really all that worried about their missing children; they had upped the security on the manor and refocused their attentions on Matthew.

Sirius was angry beyond belief at his friend's reaction to his missing 'children'. He had snuck up to their rooms at one point; nothing was amiss in Harry's room but Alexxus' room held a residual strong, dark magical signature. So they had been kidnapped, from Alexxus' rooms… he knew they wouldn't have run away without trying to at least contact him.

Harry and Alexxus were deposited in a holding room, none too gently, by their captors. They were still bound and silenced, except now they were absolutely terrified!

"Welcome children, - oh dear…" A beautiful woman said upon entering the room and seeing the state they had been left in. Shaking her head she quickly unbound them and reversed the silencing charm. She then briskly told the children why they had been taken from their home and why they were there.

The where: Cult Academy ('Novus Ordo Seclorum' in English it translates as 'New Order of the Ages'.)

The why: the academy's 'Master' as he was called, had sensed his and Alexxus' magicks and wish them to join the new students, twenty-five other children between four and five years of age were beginning their training as well.

Harry and Alexxus were the last to arrive and were promptly lead to meet their class mates.

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