CHAPTER 2: The Academy

Harry and Alexxus liked the academy, sure the classes were tough, brutal even, and some of the teachers homicidal but overall it was a good school and a great home.

The 27 new students were generally looked upon by the staff with amusement. They had all bonded instantly and had travelled in a tight formation since the minute they meet. It was also the most human class in the academy with only two boys and one girl being half demons and one of the other girls being a shape shifter. The most extraordinary fact about the group though was that every member was an elemental. This made the staff both excited and nervous, as elemental were extremely rare and such a concentrated group had never before been heard of, but the power of their magicks was immense and they weren't sure how to teach them how to handle such power safely without destroying the academy.

A year after Harry and Alexxus' disappearance, Remus owled the Potter family with some of his finding's from a project which Albus had set him.

Dear James, Lily and Matty,

It appears I may have found some information concerning the disappearance of your other two children. Around the same time they disappeared, in fact in the same week, another 25 children of their age group went missing often from abusive or neglectful homes. The children were all reputed to have amazingly strong magical abilities for so young an age. The last case reported was Harry and Alexxus. No children have been reported missing after them.

It also appears that this happens every year. Some of the missing children return years later drastically changed, they always refuse to speak about where they have been beyond, 'The Academy', other children are never seen again.

This is all the information I have been able to gather so far, I have also taken the liberty of sending a copy of this information to Padfoot. He took Harry and Alexxus' disappearance fairly hard!


James and Lily read the letter and dismissed the information it contained almost immediately. The other children weren't powerful, only Matthew was, besides only Matthew mattered he was the saviour of the wizarding world after all.
Sirius however used the new information and continued his search for his two 'children'.

By the time Harry's seventh birthday came, both he and Alexxus had developed a fascination with anything deadly that could be used in battle or on missions, for personal or group protection. If it was useful and deadly they liked it. A testament to this was the beautiful dagger Alexxus gave her brother for his birthday. It was designed to slide into a person cleanly leaving a clean wound, but on the way out the jagged edges would catch hold of internal organs and pull them out with the knife. Harry loved it, Alexxus always remembered his birthday and he always remembered hers!
A year later on Alexxus' seventh birthday Harry gave her a specially made hair pin. It could be filled with a poison or potion of some sort which would release upon the owner's command, and as it was keyed into both the owner's DNA sequence and their magical signature it could never be used against them without it being deliberate.

The 27 students worked as a single unit, equality was never an issue, everyone had a say though the final say was left to the overall commander of the group he did listen to what they had to say. There were 13 girls on the team and 14 boys, but it was never an issue if a comment was made the entire team defended the person who had been wronged, especially if an outsider had made the comment. Ever had 27 trained warriors who were the most deadly forced alive gang up on you? Yeah you wouldn't particularly repeat that mistake again either!

They soon became proficient in hand to hand combat, with and without a variety of different weapons, they were master potions brewers, you would be too if your life depended on it… the teacher regularly tested the poisons and antidotes on the students. As such most of them were now immune to many poisons. They had ascended to level of mages and regularly practiced magicks that normal wizards could only dream of, they had also managed to hone their elemental magic into a deadly and controlled forced. All in all they were extremely deadly in battle, brutal to each other in classes and on the practice fields and far outstripped their brethren whom attended Hogwarts. And they had the scars to prove it!

On the eve of Harry's thirteenth birthday both he and Alexxus stayed up later than usual to write a letter to their uncle Sirius and were arguing over what to put in it.

"We can't exactly write and say. Hey uncle Sirius, I know we've been missing for like… 8 freakin' years. But we just thought we'd write to say we were kidnapped by our school, but its cool these days we're learning advanced magic and don't really want to come home to a family that doesn't realise we exist. We don't miss our parents, or brother it's not his fault though. We do miss you though!" Harry said to his sister.

"Why not? It sounded good to me, 'sides I already wrote it out. You just need to sign and seal it, and then we can head to the owlery and send Hedwig or Flame to deliver it." Alexxus disagreed shaking her head and handing Harry the letter and a quill already filled with ink.

He sighed but signed it dutifully and then sealed it using the school's crest on the sealing wax to stamp it. Alexxus quickly added a name and address to the front muttering about the possibility of their uncle moving in all the time they were gone.

The pair then made their way up to the academy's owlery, without incident which was unusual in the night hours. With the letter sent and the siblings heading back to their dormitory all seemed right with their worlds. Until they ran into Dominic and Selena, they were a brother and sister duo as well, but they were both full blooded vampires and they both hated Harry and Alexxus. Harry and Alexxus returned the sentiment easily. From the day Harry and Alexxus arrived the two duo's had been at war, so as was expected when students who hated each other were left without the supervision of their elders and leaders, they fought. It was long it was dirty and blood was spilt freely, it was a no holds barred fight in the corridor. Harry and Alexxus almost died at the hands of another student that night, but in an act of desperation on the teacher's side they survived and became completely devoted to their team and family, to their studies and to each other. They also began writing regularly to Sirius, though they only told him the good things about the academy…

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