10 Things I Hate About You

1. I Hate How You're always Staring At My Butt Or My Breasts. (My Face Would Be Delighted To Make Your Acquaintance)

2. I Hate How You Won't Talk To Me Sometimes. (I'm Always Ready To Talk)

3. I Hate How You Don't Listen To Me At Times Of Importance. (Keep It Up And I'll Make Sure You Don't Walk Straight For A Week!)

4.I Hate How You Never Talk About Your Family. (I Know How It Feels To See Those You Love Get Killed Right Before Your Eyes)

5.I Hate How You Trusted Me So Easily. (Trust Isn't Something To Give,It Has To Be Earned)

6. I Hate How You Never Get Angry At Me. (I Don't Want Or Deserve Special Treatment)

7. I Hate How You Stare At Other Women. (Have Some Self Control Or Pay The Price)

8. I Hate How You Grope My Ass. (Never Heard Of Personal Space Hmmm...FACE MY WRATH!!!)

9. I Hate How You Flirt With Other Women Right In Front Of Me. (How Far Must I Twist Your Ear Before You Learn Your Lesson)

10. I Hate How Much I Love You...