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6 months later

The two lovers lay spent on the beach, it was the second time they had consummated their love for each other, and Jack was amazed by how far Will had come in such a short period of time. The pirate captain was playing with a curl of Will's hair. Will sighed contentedly.

"That was amazing Jack, you're so good to me."

"That's because you deserve the best luv. You know, we should really be getting back to the Pearl, the crew'll be wondering where we are."

"Mmm. Come on then." Will pushed himself to his feet and pulled on his clothes, then held out his hand to help Jack up. Once both men were decently dressed they began the walk back to the harbour, Jack's arm wrapped protectively around Will's waist, Will kept stopping every now and again to point out something; a pretty shell, a crab, a bird. If it had of been anybody else Jack would probably have become impatient, instead he watched as Will laughed in delight. Jack knew that Will hadn't been on land much during all of his years at sea, so some of these things he was seeing for the first time. Despite everything that had happened to him, the younger man still had an innocent quality about him, and Jack had vowed long ago to protect that innocence.

It took about an hour for the two men to reach the port, Will stopped dead in his tracks and Jack looked at him concerned.

"What's the matter luv?"

"Nothing, it just feels like I'm coming home, I still haven't got used to that," Will looked up at Jack and smiled.

"Will, you will always have a home with me, whether it's on the Pearl or not, I promise you."

"It's nice to know that." Will wrapped his arms around Jack's neck and leaned in for a kiss. Jack lifted Will up mid-kiss and carried him onto the Pearl; he brokeaway from the kiss for a brief moment to give the orders to the crew.

"Get all the supplies on board, and then make sail. I'm not to be disturbed, there's some business I have to attend to." The lovers disappeared inside their cabin, and remained there for the rest of the day.

The ocean was rippling gently against the side of the Pearl; the stars were twinkling in the sky, but Jack and Will could not see them. The two men lay tangled together in their bed; Jack was gently stroking Will's back. Will sighed contentedly, and then fidgeted slightly to get more comfortable.

"Jack, I've got to go, it's my turn to keep watch."

"Nppmh." Jack reached out as Will tried to get out of bed and pulled him back down towards him. "Gibb's can do it."

"Jack, it's my turn, besides, how's Gibbs supposed to know to keep watch without one of us getting out of bed to tell him."


"No, I'm going." Will pulled away from Jack and jumped out of the bed, the captain groaned.

"You've got to luv, captain's orders."

"I'm going, and if you try to stop me I'll sleep on deck for the next week."

"That's not fair." Will grinned at his older lover and shrugged. Jack seemed to consider something for a moment before speaking again. "Go keep watch; I'll be up soon to keep you warm."

"Can we sing the song?"

"What song?" Jack cursed in his head, he knew exactly which song Will meant, and was beginning to regret ever teaching Will the 'Yo Ho' song.

"You know what song. Then we can snuggle, and you can tell me the story about the priest."

"Will, luv, I love you, but you need to learn your place, I'm the captain, you're the first mate. Stop ordering me around."Jack sat up and kissed Will on his nose to show him that he was just teasing.

"There's no ranks in love, that's what you told me." Will held out his hand, and Jack took it, pulling Will down towards him. He stood up, lifting Will in his arms as he did so.

"C'mon then lover, let's go and watch our horizon."