The Cinderella Fairytale Rundown

Author's Note: Okay, you guys have convinced me to put it into a fresh new story. When I first started to write this, I was treading on angst and a sadder part of a fairytale, another unexplored site. I'll try to make the characters from the previous 'Cinderella Makeover' to fit in with 'Cinderella Fairytale Rundown' (I have a penchant for long titles).

Calling Sasuke/Hinata fans! I'm going to write 'Hot Mom Around the Block' just for you :) and also for my enjoyment of Hinata/Other Boys. Did I mention Itachi will be in my SasuHina fic:P AU and comedy is my specialty. Maybe. Hahaha. Oh dear, now I need is consistency...

Setting: England. Why? Naruto's job transfer and Hinata wanting to visit her mother's birthplace.

Disclaimer: Wouldn't it be funny if I am related to Masashi?

Summary: AU Hinata thought she and Naruto have the perfect marriage… until she found out she failed to get pregnant after 5 years. Naruto now works so hard Hinata wonders if he's ready for a baby at all. Is Naruto having an affair? Will Hinata fall in love with someone else? Sequel to 'The Cinderella Makeover Naruto Style'.


When had the glass gone off? This year? Last year?

How long were they married? Five years?

When Hinata failed to get pregnant immediately, she realised. A chill seemed to have crept in, a disappointment in each other, a sense of failure and perhaps reality. Her golden world had come to an end, and maybe there was nothing structural underneath to support them now.

Hinata needed to think. Needed space and time to consider their relationship and their future - if they had such a thing. And she couldn't do that here. She longed to contact her sister or Temari, even Neji… but she didn't want them to worry. She was the one that encouraged Naruto to take up the job in England, so she'll have to learn how to be independent now. Hinata had been learning that for five years.

Reaching for the keyboard again, she scrubbed what she'd been doing for the past few minutes, found a property website and clicked on Scotland. She loved Scotland. She'd always loved it, ever since her childhood, ever since she found out her mother was Scottish and left Scotland to follow her father to America.

Hinata dialed the estate agent with shaking fingers.

"I'm in a hurry to move to Scotland," she told them. "I don't need a mortgage - just somewhere small for me and the dog, with a home office if possible. Remote, if you can, and as cheap as possible but civilised. It must have heating and plumbing, thought, and it needs a phone line."

"Do you want to buy or rent?" the young lady asked. "Only we've got property that's just come on the books which sound ideal, but they want to rent it just for a few months until they decide what to do."

"Furnished or unfurnished?" Hinata asked, suddenly thinking of all the things she'd have to buy to equip a new home, and wondering if she was quite mad.

"Oh, furnished," the agent, told her. "It's fully equipped and really lovely - two bedrooms, although at the moment you'd only have the use of one because they've put a lot of personal stuff in the second, but there's a room over the garage and you could use as an office. They've gone to France and won't be back unless things don't work out, but it won't be very expensive even if they do sell it, not that far north. The only thing is there's no guarantee it'll come up for sale."

"There's no problem. It would help me now, at least. How far north?" she asked, her curiosity aroused.

"It's an hour's drive, near where Madonna was married. Near Tain, on the Dornock Firth. It's got wonderful distant sea and mountain views, if you don't mind the isolation."

"I'll take it," Hinata said instantly. "When could I move?" Excitement was fizzing into her like champagne, the bubbles forming on the walls of her veins and tingling through them, bringing her to life.

"You haven't seen the details!" the woman exclaimed, but Hinata had heard enough.

"What's it called?" she asked.

"Little Guthrie." She spelt it, and Hinata wrote it on the Post-it note next to the agent's number and stuck it on the wall over her desk in the attic.

"Can you fax me all the details?" she asked then.

Within two hours it was set up, and she'd arranged to call in for the keys in two days' time. All she had to do now was get there...

The house was empty.

Odd, how he knew the moment he set foot over the threshold. The dog was missing, of course. That was a bit of a giveaway.

She must be walking him. At 4:30, just barely into February? It was dark, or it would be soon. Not really safe on the roads. She'd probably gone over the fields instead, but it was very wet. In fact, he thought, remembering his drive home, it was pouring with rain.

She must be mad.

He put the kettle on. She'd want tea when she got in. Tea and sympathy. Hell. He wasn't very good with the sympathy thing. He never seem to hit the right note. In the meantime, he'd go chnge out of his suit and put on something mroe relaxed. He'd been in a suit day in day out for days... Weeks. Years?

The bedroom was very tidy. He'd obviously been away too long, he thought.

Naruto scrubbed a hand tiredly through his hair and dropped onto the edge of the bed to pull off his shoes. Where was Hinata? It was dark now, the fingers of night creeping across the sky. Surely she wasn't walking the dog still? It would be dangerous in the wet and inky blackness.

He stood up and crossed to the window, peering down into the garden, but he couldn't see a thing. Could she have taken shelter in the summerhouse?

Unlikely. She would sure have run back to the house if she'd been caught in the rain.

Maybe she was in but hadn't heard him. The garage?

No, he'd put his car away on in the way in, and the electric zapper for the door also turned on the interior lights. He would've seen her, and anyway, why on earth would she be lurking there in the dark, for heaven's sake? Besides, there was a dog. If he was here, he would've barked by now.

Unless she was in the vet with him, or staying with a friend. Maybe that was it. Maybe she'd been lonely and thought he wasn't coming back yet.

No. Her car was in the garage, what was he thinking about? She didn't go anywhere on foot, except to walk the dog, because there was nowhere to go that was near enough.

So, where is she?

He changed quickly and went downstairs, still puzzled. She should've left him a note for heaven's sake.

Even though she wasn't expecting him? "You're being ridiculous," he muttered, conscious of a gnawing disappointment that she wasn't here to greet him. So much for surprising her!

Then common sense reared it's mocking head, and he rang her mobile number.

He got the message service, and irritation edged into concern. He left a message, trying to sound casual.

"Angel, I'm home. Just wondering where you are. Ring me."

He hung up, feeling a little aimless and lost. She was always here when he came home, and the house was dead and empty without her. He'd make tea. Maybe she'd be home by the time it brewed. She might have gone to a friend's car - perhaps to walk dogs together, and then back to the friend's for tea? They were probably out of range of the phone.

Naruto paced the window, glowering out into the impenetrable blackness of the wet night. It was truly foul out there. What if she was lying somewhere hurt?

Oh, God.

Panic surged through him, and he pulled on his dog-walking coat and some wellies and went out into the garden, noting as he did that, her coat and boots were missing. He called her as he tromped over the sodden grass, scanning around with the torch he'd taken with him. It hardly penetrated the gloom, and he didn't know where to start. The garden was a maze of a mini-wilderness, ten acres, many of them were rough and wild and boggy, with lots of places where she could be lying out of sight.

The woodland? Or.. oh, lord, no... the lake?

He crushed the panic and told himself not to overreact, and concentrate on calling the dog, over and over again, but there was nothing. After an hour, he gave up and went back inside, ready to phone the police, and that was when he spotted the note.

It was stuck on the front of the fridge door, held by a magnet, and he pulled it off and opened the envelope with fingers numb with cold and wet.

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