A/N: Every now and then, I get 'stuck' when I write and end up doing drabbles just to keep the brain cells somewhat viable. The following are two 100-word drabbles that were written for Phoenix Rising.

Rating: K+

Severus stepped into the sunlit section of Diagon Alley. Up the street he caught sight of Lily Evans with a group of witches. He hadn't seen her since they finished school. He made his way closer. When he was in earshot, she turned, revealing a vastly pregnant belly. She was carrying Potter's child.

"...the end of July," Lily said to one of the women.

"Born as the seventh moon dies..."

"What have I done?"

Three days later, Severus stood before Dumbledore. "Sir, you told me I could turn to you if I need to. I have a confession to make..."

Rating: K+

Harry glared down at the man lying crumpled and bleeding on the stone floor. Finally, he was face-to-face with the man who had murdered his mentor.

"Get it over with, Potter!" Snape hissed in obvious pain. "Just kill me. I know you want to."

"Not before you tell me why Dumbledore trusted you." Harry trained his wand on Snape.

"Your mother." His face turned gray, and his voice became faint.


"She should have been mine, Potter. You should have been mine. Your father stole her from me..."


"Should have been... mine." Snape's eyes closed, and he was still.