Silent Prayers

Prompt: #003. Puddle Jumper

Notes: Written for sga 15 fics on livejournal.

Lost at sea.

Rodney was lost at sea.

And the only way of rescue that they had come up with so far was a farfetched scheme involving a puddle jumper and an increased power source to shield it in the lower depths of the ocean.


As if that was going to work!

To put it bluntly, it was their only option and not a very good one, at that. There was no way to guarantee that the plan would bring them back their astrophysicist …and likewise, there was no way to tell if John and Radek would survive the attempt to rescue him.

God, Elizabeth hated it!

One day of peace, without one of her people going missing or getting shot at was all she wanted. One single day.

Today would clearly not be that day.

Nodding at John as he headed off, she silently wished him 'good luck' and prayed that he would make it back safely. She prayed that they all would.

Watching him leave, she felt the same tenseness as she always did while he was offworld and like all those other times, she knew that all she could do now was wait and hope.

John never failed to pull through. He would rescue Rodney. He would be safe.

Keeping that thought in mind, Elizabeth turned slowly, intent on finding something to distract herself with until her boys returned home.