The Healing of the Scarred One

Chapter 1

Long after the fall of the Grave Virus Beast, Net City was enjoying the peaceful life...

Net City was bustling with action, Navis competing each other in friendly battles, sight-seeing many places, and enjoying their leisure. The virtual sunlight shone brightly with the feel of warmth and comfort.

A young female Navi, who was on top of a building, spread her hands out toward the cybernetic sky. She had no helmet but had long, silver hair tied near the end with a blue band. She had crystal, blue eyes that would soothe a raging soul and a serene face that had that look of peace and tranquility. She looked like a cross between Leviathan and Crossfused Roll, only she was mainly blue and white. On the center of her chest, her symbol was nothing but a gorgeous sapphire stone.

In her hands, a glowing sphere of light began to shine. With it she summoned several birds that had the plumage of a pearl.
"My birds," the Navi whispered. "Find him for me... and bring happiness to the Net society..." The birds soared into the air and spread throughout the city.

Meanwhile, down in the depths of the Undernet...

"The Navis and viruses in this place are nothing but pathetic trash!" roared Bass as he tore several Spikey viruses into shreds. After the Grave virus beast was deleted by Megaman, he took control of Shuryou's robotic body. He later found that Shuryou's systems were corrupted. Bass "jacked" into the cyber world before Shuryou's systems had permanently shut down. Bass wanted to do nothing but battle those whose power equaled his. As always, he wanted revenge against the human race for what they had done to him several years ago...

Bass heard a fluttering noise and turned around. A dove was staring at him with its dark, beady eyes. Navi and bird stared each other for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, with a quick movment, Bass attempted to destroy the bird, but the dove dodged his Wheels of Darkness. The bird flew up to Net City and disappeared.

" I feel... like someone's searching for me?" Bass muttered.
"Whoever's searching for me has power that surpasses mine. I can sense it... The Navi has an Ultimate Program. I've always wanted the Ultimate Program from Grave, but I couldn't absorb it. Perhaps this Navi's Ultimate Program will be easier to get."
And so, Bass traveled up to Net City to find the Navi whose power that Bass desired.