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The Healing of the Scarred One

Chapter 18

"Uugghh…" Megaman moaned as the last of his strength nearly left him.
"Come on Megaman… Come on…" Lan whispered over and over again.
"HAHAHAHAHA!!! THIS IS TOO EASY! CONSUMING EVERYTHING IN THE CYBERWORLD WILL BE…WHAT?!" Grave's eyes widened in disbelief as the tentacles weakened and fell apart. It roared in agony as it realized its only power source was gone. The beast's last gurgling roar ended with a plop as its body crumbled and melted.
"The beast! It's defeated… but how…?" Chaud exclaimed with awe.
"L… Lan…"
"Chaud, sir…"
"Megaman! Protoman! Searchman! You guys OK?" Lan asked.
"A little, but strong enough to stand…" Megaman panted.
"The rest… should jack out…" Protoman moaned as he too slowly got up.
"Guys, jack your Navis out, quick." Lan said to others.
They all agreed and jacked their Navis out.

"Hey… what's that over there…?" Megaman pointed to where the site of the decaying beast. Two figures were visible among the bugged rubble.
"It's Bass! He's alive!" Megaman exclaimed with relief.
"Am I dreaming?!" Protoman gasped. Searchman stood next to Protoman and Megaman in silence.
"What? What's going on?" Megaman was clueless in what had happened.
"Naomi!" Protoman dashed toward Bass and Naomi.
"Wait, Protoman!" Megaman pleaded as he limped after him, dragging Searchman along.

Bass was dumbfounded as the blade lodged in Naomi's crest. He gritted his teeth as he slowly pulled out the blade. At that moment, the entire sapphire crest shattered into several shards and dropped to the ground. Bass dropped his blade absentmindedly as he stared the jewel of his eyes. Naomi fell toward Bass, and he caught her. Her last, shallow breaths came out with a whisper.
Naomi's call registered on Bass. He slowly lowered his head and looked at Naomi. She stared back with a pained, yet serene expression.
"I… forgive… you…"
Raindrops of grief fell upon Naomi's cheeks as Bass hugged her while her data slowly disintegrated.
Emptiness soon filled Bass's arms…

"Bass!!!" Protoman snarled as he lunged with a Sword, making a painful gash on Bass' face. Megaman and Searchman soon caught up with Protoman.
"Tell me that I didn't see you do that…" Protoman spoke in a low voice.
Bass remained silent. His face was turned away from Protoman.
"What you saw… was that…" Bass finally said.
"… You betrayed her…" Protoman hissed.
"She told me it was the best for her…"
"Are you kidding me?!"
"…It's the truth…" Bass said, looking at Protoman in the eye.
Protoman stood panting from the exhausting fight.
"…She was the power source of the beast." Bass replied.

Bitter silence filled the air. Suddenly, the pile of the bugged rubble began to squirm and rumble.
"What's that?!" Megaman said as he raised his buster.
"Rrrrrr…" Out came NeoForte rumbling from his temporary grave. "So, you deleted Naomi, did you, Bass?"
Bass only stared back at the wretched figure frothing and baring his fangs. His entire body was a blanket of wounds.
"Murderer…" NeoForte hissed, yet grinned with evil.
Bass lowered his head in guilt and turned his gaze at the rubble.
"It isn't over yet. I'll finish my business with you in the near future..." NeoForte remarked as he disappeared.

"Bass…" Protoman said. "Come on, let's go back to SciLab and-"
"Shut up! I don't need anyone!" Bass retorted as he leaped high into the air and teleported.
"Wait! Bass!!" Megaman yelled.
"Let him go…" Protoman said with a crestfallen attitude. "Come on, let's jack out."
The Protoman, Megaman, and Searchman jacked out.

"…Poor Naomi…" Protoman whispered as he logged out.

Down the cybernetic beach of Oran Island, Bass walked along the shore.
"Naomi…" Bass thought. He continued wandering near the water, lost in his thoughts.

A shimmering object that was half buried in the sand caught his attention. By curiosity, he picked the object up and found it to be a blue shard of a jewel. Bass widened his eyes with disbelief. His mouth lifted to a warm smile as he pressed the shard in the crevice of his scarred crest.
"Where your heart is with mine..." Bass whispered gently.

Bass stared at the warm colors of the sunset and continued walking, believing that the Navi with blue eyes and silver hair did heal the scar of his heart… the pain and emptiness of his heart…