Never lose you again

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Chapter 1: Attack on Edenia

Liu Kang was meditating on the Lei Tai grounds of the Wu Shi academy. It was the same place where he was brutally murdered by Shang

Tsung. He was forced to watch his friends die at Shang Tsung's hands while his soul was trapped inside of him. He saw that his body retained a

life of its own because of Raiden and went on a killing rampage. After all of that he and his friends were brought back to life after Taven defeated

Blaze and decided that the only way to stop Armageddon was undo all the corruption that took happened since Liu Kang won the first

tournament. Now that Liu Kang is no longer the champion of Mortal Kombat, he can now age.

A shaolin monk walked over to Lei Tai grounds to get Liu Kang. "Master Liu Kang, Master Kung Lao would like to see you." Liu Kang opened

his eyes, "Ok, I will go speak to him at once. Liu Kang stood up and walked into the main entrance of the Wu Shi academy and entered in the

training grounds. Many monks were doing their katas and throwing punches and kicks. Standing in front of them was Kung Lao. Kung Lao

noticed Liu Kang had walked in so he signaled him to come over. Liu Kang walked over to Kung Lao and they walked out of the training


"I would have gone to get you myself but after Shang Tsung impersonated me and killed you, I decided not to make you paranoid." "Thanks

Kung Lao, what did you want to talk about?" I wanted to ask you to join the white lotus society again. We could really use your help." Liu Kang

nodded, "All right I'll do anything help you." Kung Lao extended his hand and the Shaolin brothers shook hands and walked back inside. Liu

Kang is now co-grandmaster of the white lotus society.

Kitana and Jade are walking through the Edenian palace and talking. Jade could tell that her best friend has been depressed and she wanted to

cheer her up. "All right Kitana what is the matter?" Kitana had a sad look on her face. "I've been thinking about Liu Kang, I haven't seen him

since he was brought back to life after the realms were saved. I wished he had joined me when I had asked him, when he died I was devastated

because I thought I would never see him again. Now that he's back I want us to be together so we don't lose each other again." "You should go

see him Kitana, tell him how you feel about this." Kitana expression changed again, "You are right Jade I will head over there right now."

Before Kitana could head over to the Nexus, two Edenian troops head over to her to inform her of an incoming attack. "Princess we are being

attacked by a horde of tarkatans. Kitana came to the realization that Shao Kahn has returned and came back to take over Edenia again. Kitana

gave them their orders to attack and defeat the intruders. Kitana and Jade rushed over to find Sindel to see if she was ok. More tarkatans came

towards her and Jade and Kitana quickly dispatched them with her steel fans and jade used her staff to knock some of them away. They made

their way closer to the village only to be attacked by Shao Kahn himself. "Edenia is mine and this time no one will stop me from taking it over!

Prepare to feel the power of Shao Kahn!" He shot a fireball at Kitana and knocked her unconscious. He picked up her body and carried her

away. Jade tried to stop him but she was attacked by more tarkatans and one of them wounded her. She escaped to Nexus and made her way

to Earthrealm. She was clenching her wound as she walked through the portal. There is only one man that can stop Shao Kahn from taking over

Edenia again, and he is the shaolin monk Liu Kang.