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The Winx Club, were all sitting in Alfea's cafeteria eating lunch. Bloom and Stella were eagerly talking about Sky and Brandon, from Red Fountain.

"Stella, I still can't believe Brandon asked you to the dance! That's so romantic!" Bloom squealed over her muffin.

"I know! I can't wait!" Stella sighed, twirling her blonde hair as she thought about her gorgeous new dress.

Techna, Flora, and Layla rolled their eyes. Bloom and Stella had been repeating the same conversation every two hours for the past three days.

"Sweetie, have you heard from Sky yet?" Flora cautiously asked Bloom.

"No. He hasn't called me since our last mission." Bloom frowned, and picked at the blueberries in her muffin. "Have you girls heard anything yet?"

Techna blushed. "Actually yes. Timmy sent me an email, asking me if I wanted to go with him. Flora, Layla, have you heard anything?"

Flora and Layla looked at each other and gave a soft giggle. "Yes, actually, Ophir asked me the other day when we were training." Layla said, watching her pixie, Piff, eat Layla's salad.

"And Helia asked me this morning, during our nature walk." Flora gently stroked the petals of the Everbloom that Helia picked for her.

"Hey does anyone know who Riven's going with?" Bloom asked.

The girls all looked at each other. Nobody knew. "Well I know one thing for sure. None of us could be that hard asses date." Stella said bluntly.

Mrs. Grizelda walked into the cafeteria, to the table where the Winx Club was. "You girls. Mrs. Faragonda wants to see you." Her voice was gruff like usual, as she escorted the groaning girls to the Head Mistress' office.

"You wanted to see us, Mrs. Faragonda?" Layla asked.

"Yes. I know you girls have been working hard lately, and I know you girls want to prepare, with the dance coming up so quickly, but I need your help." Mrs. Faragonda said walking out from behind her desk.

"Whatcha need us to do Mrs. F?" Stella asked.

"I need you girls to go to the Melodic Realm, to retrieve the princess there. She's enrolling into Alfea midterm, and I want to make sure she's well protected. I know I can trust you girls and the Specialists to bring her safely here."

"The boys are helping us?" Techna said surprised.

"Yes, it was Professor Saladin's idea. He has great hopes for the Specialists, and wants them to get as much experience as possible." Mrs. Faragonda informed them. "You leave as soon as the boy's get here. You're dismissed."

The girls walked out of the office, and looked at each other.

"So what do you think this new girl's going to be like?" Bloom's pixie, Lockette asked.

"I hope she knows good manners." The polite pixie, Tune, said. Tune was the only pixie without a faerie.

"Don't worry Tune. I can feel it that she's your faerie. No matter what she's like." Flora said hopefully, before her pixie, Chatta, could say something rash, without thinking first.

"Flora's right Tune. There is a 90 chance of this faerie being yours to connect with." Digit said. Digit was Techna's technological pixie.

"Come on, we don't want to keep the boys waiting." Stella's pixie, Amour, said softly. The girls walked out of the school and out into the courtyard.

The Specialist's red aircraft was parked in the courtyard, the guys standing at the entry hatch. When they saw their girls, Brandon, Helia, Timmy, and Ophir ran to them, and scooped the girls into hugs. Sky slowly walked to Bloom, a little awkwardly, but they still hugged.

Riven stood back, frowning at the lovers. He gave a disgusted grunt, and walked into the ship. He was soon followed by the couples. Riven, Sky and Timmy piloted the ship, and soon they were off towards the Melodic Realm.