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The Trix cackled as they laughed. Syrin was sitting with them in a room with four beds.

"This is amazing!" Stormy shrieked with laughter. "You're really one of us aren't you Syrin! A total witch!"

Syrin glanced over and put a finger to her lips.

"Oops. Sorry." Stormy quieted.

"It's true though. Who would've figured that a fairy would have the potential to be a witch. A very bad witch at that." Icy grinned, taking her hair out of it's tall ponytail, and brushing it out. Once she finished with her own hair, she shifted Syrin to sit in front of her, and Icy began brushing her hair.

Darcy sat on the green satin bed between Stormy and Icy. She wasn't saying a word, just studying the redhead that sat in front of Icy.

Syrin wasn't sure how to react. Here were the the enemy's of her and her friends, sitting around and laughing and gossiping just like the Winx do. And here was Icy, the worst of the worst brushing Syrins hair. She was a little worried that Darcy wasn't convinced by her act anymore, but Syrin was going to do anything in her power to loose her suspicion.

"Syrin. I was wondering. What is your opinion of the Winx Club now that your a witch?" Darcy asked.

Without hesitating, she responded. "hate." Syrin narrowed her eyes.

The three smiled. "Thatta girl" Stormy clapped.

Her responded seemed to please them. Syrin believed she could keep up this rouse, unfortunately she had no idea how long she would be able to keep it up.

"Where is my sister!" Muse cried.

The Winx girls were at a loss. The couldn't console the crying girl, they had no idea where to start looking for Syrin, or Riven for that matter. The two had disappeared. Even Riven would've been thoughtful enough to leave a note.

"Do you think maybe the Trix?" Layla whispered to the Specialists as Stella, Bloom, and Flora took Muse out of the room.

"Anything is possible." Brandon groaned.

"Theres no sign of her." Techna sighed. Her and Timmy had been off to the side trying to scan Magix for any sign of Syrin or Riven.

"GIRLS GIRLS!" Mrs. Griselda shouted leading the girls back into the room. "The Trix are attacking Cloud Tower. Headmistress Griffin needs help. Get over there now! Muse you stay here!"

The Specialists ran over to the Levi-bikes and ship as the Winx Club took Enchantix and rushed over to the Witch school.

They arrived just in time to watch the Trix torment the student witches.

"ICY STOP RIGHT THERE!" Bloom addressed the blue haired witch.

"Oh and why should she?" Darcy smirked. "OPTICAL DISLLUSION" she focused fired the young witches.

Stella broke through the fears with "SUNBEAM SHOWERS"

"Do you really think your little pixie powers will help you?" Stormy cackled.

"What makes you so confident?" Layla started making a morphix shield.

"This." Icy smiled and waved her hand.

From smoke and shadows out walked Syrin, with Riven just behind her, his hands tied up.

"Syrin! Sweetie!" Flora started to rush towards her, until Helia caught her hand.

"Thats not the Syrin we know." he said softly.

Thats when they finally noticed Syrins DisEnchantix outfit.

"Syrin what happened to you?" Techna worried.

The ex-fairy slowly opened her eyes and raised a finger to her lips. With a soft "Shhhh" the Winx and Specialists were sprinked with a crimsion coloured dust.

"-" Stella tried to speak.

The girls and Specialists looked at each other as the Trix laughed.

The smoke and shadow that brought Syrin, began to morph and form a man. "Miss Griffin, Miss Faragonda, young Witches and Fairies. I am Lord Shade, and this is my Syrin, my Witch of Silence." His voice was low, mearly echos.

"Witch of Silence? A Fairy can not just become a Witch." Griffin argued.

"She can, if she's born right. Syrin was born to be a Witch. It was the way she was raised that led to her fairy abilities." Shade murmured standing close to the girl in question and dragging a long black, smokey finger down her cheek. Tendrils of smoke coiled from the shadow-y appendage.

"I am, what I am." Syrin whispered gently.

"Yes, and now, you are a Witch." He chuckled low. "Now Syrin, finish this, and maybe I'll let you keep your toy."

"Thank you Lord Shade." Syrins eyes drifted closed and slowly opened. She gave one look to Riven, before dropping the leash attached to his hands. Syrin closed a hand into a fist, and when she opened it, Syrin blew a red dust over Shade and the Trix.

Icy frowned and silently screamed at the redhead.

"What the-Hey we can talk again!" Stella shouted. Syrin smiled. Riven and she walked up to the Fairies and young Witches, as the Trix silently screamed and cursed her.

"So, your back to being one of us?" Layla asked as they all returned to normal.

"I never stopped." Syrin smiled. She turned her back to the Winx, and lifted her mass of hair. There was a tattoo of a pair of red wings with thick black lining. "No witch has wings."She turned back around, as Riven easily removed his bondage. "Sometimes though a little deception comes in handy."

The Winx laughed.

"Faragonda let us send these four where they belong!" Griffin frowned.

"you can try, but you will not succeed." Shades voice was softer than a whisper.

Everyone looked but before they could react, Shade and the Trix were gone.

"damn." Brandon muttered under his breath.

Griffin began setting her Witches back to rights and sending them into Cloud Tower.

Syrin frowned. "I studied Shade. He shouldn't have been strong enough to break my silence."

Faragonda approached her. "It's alright Syrin. I'm just glad your safe. Have you tried to ... break through this form?"

Syrin smiled. Closing her eyes, the DisEnchantix shimmered and she was normal again. "Except I'm still left with my tattoo wings. I haven't tried my Enchantix form yet."

"Syrin was brilliant. When the Witches 'unlocked' her abilities, she just slid into this act." Riven explained as they headed back to the ship. "If she hadn't approached me in their 'meeting hall', I would've thought that she had become a Witch."

"So what did you find out?" Techna asked. "Obviously something must have happened for you to have a DisEnchantix."

"Thats where something weird comes into play." Syrin started sitting down inside the hover ship. "I'm not sure exactly, but apparently I should actually be a witch instead of a fairy. Theres some sort of legend and a complication with my birth, I don't know it kinda flew over my head." She ran her fingers through her bangs. "But apparently I can flip between fairy and witch at whim."

"I've never heard of anything like that." Techna frowned.

"Neither have I." Faragonda frowned. She would have to look up this legend herself.

"Well its just a good thing you both are safe." Bloom smiled, hugging the musical fairy.