A/N: all right, so I've claimed 85 as my pairing at the 30hugs livejournal community. I have thirty stories and three months to write them in. Hmm.

Title: Acclimatisation

Fandom: Saiyuki

Theme: #16 think of me and I'll be there

Pairing: 85, implied 39

Summary: Insomnia might just be contagious……and companionship addictive.

There was a very simple reason why Hakkai insisted on double rooms when even Goku wanted his privacy. It had little to do with the reasons he stated, which varied from increased safety in case of an attack to cutting down on costs.

It was simply that being alone was something he was unaccustomed to and uncomfortable with, and that the others were less likely to notice if they could not perceive the pattern.

He had grown accustomed to the presence of others in his sleep. In the orphanage, they had been packed fairly close together, and though he had disliked everyone there it had made him get used to having others around him.

Then Kanan; sweet, soft Kanan, who twined around him as if she had always fit there, perfect. He could still remember the rhythm of her breathing, gentle and contented.

And Gojyo, of course. Not that they shared a bed as he and Kanan had, but it was still comforting to feel the warmth beside him, and Gojyo snored when he had a cold, but it was still acceptable.

Even on this journey, he had usually roomed with someone else; and even Sanzo's stiff form across the room, tense even in sleep, could suffice, or Goku sprawling and mumbling in his sleep. Gojyo was best of all, of course, because Hakkai had listened to him for so long, and because he was the only one who touched Hakkai; and he had been rooming with Hakkai more often now that Sanzo was sleeping with Goku.

And Hakkai had…become accustomed to it.

It was a weakness, and one he didn't want to admit he had.

It wasn't the warmth, not exactly. It was simply, he had realised, a need to anchor himself into reality, to know that there was greater security than his own wariness, to remember that there was something in the world other than darkness and his own body; a point of reference.

And this was exactly why he hadn't wanted a single room tonight.

But Sanzo had roared that he was sick of them all and that he wanted a night of peace and quiet; whereupon Gojyo had slunk an arm around his thin bare shoulders, given him his best leer and told him that he wanted a single room as well, because he had plans; and then Goku had indignantly demanded one as well, because why was he always excluded? And so they'd retired to their rooms, and now he couldn't sleep.

The stars were particularly bright tonight, and he amused himself by tracking the constellations. He was still wide awake and unlikely to fall asleep at this rate, and he resigned himself to a headache the next morning. The puddle of moonlight edged across the room.

The bed was definitely too big.

'Hey. You awake?'

He rolled over and opened his eyes, seeing a tall thin blur briefly silhouetted in the connecting doorway, before the door shut and only moonlight brightened the room. Gojyo? At this time? 'What is it? Is something wrong?'

'Can't sleep.' His voice was blurry, and he was clutching an extra pillow, a bedsheet trailing from under his right arm. The image was ridiculously like a child sneaking into its parents' bedroom after a nightmare, and Hakkai stifled a laugh.

'And?' he ventured cautiously.

'Move over,' Gojyo demanded sleepily, and he shoved lightly at Hakkai's shoulders.

Hakkai moved over obediently, and the bed creaked and sagged slightly under the double burden it wasn't built to take. 'If this breaks, you're responsible,' he warned, an irrepressible smile stealing over him.

'Yeah, yeah, sensei,' Gojyo murmured, and tucked his face into Hakkai's hair. One heavy arm fell solidly across his waist, and a leg rose to tangle with both of his. Hakkai pushed back into the embrace, and he nearly hummed with delight as another arm worked under his neck, wrapping him in a comfortable Gojyo-cocoon.

'Good night,' Hakkai said quietly.

A soft contented rumbling was his only answer.

Hakkai's eyes drooped. My, he was feeling drowsy already.