(Okay this is my first Fanfic on Naruto. I've been meaning to write one, and I had a really cute idea last night. This will be a one shot since I never update anymore. So I hope you enjoy.)

In My Dreams or In the Rain

The ceiling had never looked so white. Sakura sighed as she shared up at her ceiling only seeing Sasuke's face and glorious body. She sighed again.

"Oh Sasuke…" Sakura said, and then pictured Sasuke and her in a passionate kiss on her ceiling.

"Why can't it ever be like that, Sasuke never notices me." Sakura mumbled as she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

It was the middle of the afternoon, but this morning Kakashi, Naruto, and her had to go on a small mission, of grocery shopping for every elder in the village. Sasuke wasn't there, he had run off since the summer started to go and "find himself" in the woods somewhere. It bothered her he could get off so easy from these stupid missions. Shopping was so boring. It tired her out watching Naruto zipping through the isles, making his cart almost topple over at the sharp turns. Until one turn the cart did tip over and Naruto scrambled to pick up the food that had spilled everywhere. Naruto was such an idiot.

"Sakura!" Her mother called "Sakura can you run an errand for me?" She called from downstairs.

Sakura lifted her drowsy head up and looked out the window; the sky was now darkened and filled with clouds.

"It was just sunny before, it was a perfect day."

Sakura fixed her dress and shorts and slipped neatly on her blue sandals and walked down stairs.

"Yeah mom?" She yawned, Sakura glanced over at the kitchen clock. 2:00. I only fell asleep for an hour?

"If felt longer than that…"

"I need you to run down to the store and buy me more eggs." Her mom said working the rolling pin over a lump of dough. She glanced behind her at a bread bag with two pieces left inside.

"Oh and pick up some bread too."

"Okay mom." Sakura sighed taking the money left of the counter from her earlier mission.

She walked out the door and looked up at the sky, the clouds had darkened since a little bit ago.

"I better hurry up, or I'll probably get wet." Sakura fastened her pace and got the market just as it started drizzling. She walked down the isles and picked out some good looking eggs and a bag of bread. Sakura looked up from the magazine rack, she thought he sensed something. She looked around. Nothing. As she waited in line she browsed through the magazines. She saw a magazine in the back the girl on the front had pink hair, and the title was "Konaha's Top Kunoichi" Just as she was about to grab it

"Next please!" The Cashier called

Sakura jumped and forgot able the magazine and checked out. She walked out side it was down pouring completely.

Sakura ran through the village looking for a place to stand and wait until the rain lightened up a bit. She found an alley way and leaned up against the wall and put her bag down and waited to catch her breath. She stared at the ground and her pink hair, soaked hung in front of her face.


Sakura lifted her head up, there was a dark shadow ten feet away from her. She gulped.

"H-how do you know my name?" Sakura stuttered

She blinked only a second and the person was pressed up against her. She looked up he was a few inches taller than her. She stared into his eyes, they were red, like Kakashi's Sharingan and - !


His Sharingan faded away. When they faded away his eyes looked calmer and more seductive. One look could make any girl… or guy horny.

"Sasuke, it really is you!" Sakura went to move her arms around him, since there bodies were already pressed together. Before she could get her arms around him, she heard him pull a kunai out of his pouch.

She gasped as he put it to her throat.

She closed her eyes, waiting for him to press it harder on her neck, but he didn't instead he gently pressed his lips to hers and pressed hard. Sakura opened her eyes, not knowing this sweet feeling, but she always yearned for it. She kissed back tenderly, and opened her mouth a little letting Sasuke's tongue in and play with hers. They kissed deeply for several minutes in the dark alley.

Sasuke grabbed on to her waist and worked his hands down to her butt. As he grabbed it she moaned loudly. Sasuke laughed to himself. Her hands fooled with his hair.

Sasuke pulled away from their kiss after several minutes to breathe.

"Oh Sasuke." Sakura whispered and she wrapped her arms tight around his waist and hugged him tightly, and he wrapped his arms around her also. They were soaked the rain had never stopped and they were completely wet.

Sakura held on to his wet body, it lightning really bright and thundered really loud.

Sakura gasped really loudly as she jumped up from her bed. She was breathing deeply She sat up in her bed, and put her head back down on her pillow.

"Fuck it was only a dream…" she cried

"But it felt so real…"

She pushed the hair back behind her ear, noticing her hair was wet.

"Huh?" She looked over at her window, it was open and the rain was coming through. Sakura quickly got up and closed the window. She stood there for a moment looking out at the trees in her yard. It lightning again. She looked back at the trees again. There was a dark figure sitting on the branch.

"Sasuke…?" Sakura whispered

Another flash of lightning and he was gone.

Sakura turned around the figure was standing there.

"Sasuke?" Sakura whimpered

He came close and embraced Sakura, and kissed her tenderly.

"It wasn't a dream." Sasuke whispered in her ear. He pointed over to the corner, there sat a bag with bread and eggs in it.

Sakura giggled "Oh Sasuke…" And she held him tighter as he kissed her again.

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