My Big Fat Hyuuga Wedding
Chapter One – The Proposal



Naruto tugged at the collar of his orange and black jacket and gulped nervously.

Oh what a pathetic excuse of a ninja he was! Of a man! He was Naruto Uzumaki, damnit. He was twenty-six, an adult. A situation like the one he was currently in should not have been fazing him! He was going to be officially proclaimed as Rokudaime in two weeks. He was actually chosen as the godfather to the Uchiha clan heir. He was a student of the Legendary Sannin, Jiraiya. He was one third of the renowned Team Seven. He was the son of the Fourth Hokage (yes he was!). He was—

He was…

He was…

God damnit he was as nervous as hell!

"Ah, thank you for taking me out to dinner, Naruto-kun," Hinata said, turning her head to smile at Naruto.

He opened his mouth but found no words coming out.

Well that was a change…

She blinked in surprise when she saw his bowl of ramen untouched, his chopsticks still together, on top of the bowl.

"Naruto-kun, are you feeling alright?" she asked, putting her cool palm on his forehead to feel his temperature. He felt relatively all right, Hinata concluded, but what was making him so nervous that he hadn't eaten his ramen?

"I—I—I'm fine, Hinata-chan," he stuttered. Naruto gestured to her bowl of ramen. "Go on. Eat your ramen!"

"Well if the Hokage demands it," teased Hinata. She finished her meal as Naruto watched her expectantly. Her eyes widened and she gasped in shock at what she saw at the bottom of the bowl.

A ring.

An engagement ring.


Hinata turned to Naruto who was twiddling his thumbs and chewing on his lower lip. His face was as red as hers.

"I…" Naruto cleared his throat.

Teuchi, the good man who put the ring in the soup for Naruto, and Ayame, were both watching the scene with tears in their eyes. They had both watched Naruto grow up, he going to their store almost twice a day in his life.

He was finally becoming a real man!

"H—Hinata-chan," he began.

Naruto got off the stool and bent down on one knee after taking the ring out a shocked Hinata's ramen bowl.

"Hinata-chan, will you marry me?"

Tears brimmed in Hinata's eyes as the moment she's been waiting for, ever since she was a little girl came to life.

"Yes. Yes!" she choked out.

Naruto stood up and took her left hand in his. He slipped the engagement ring onto her fourth finger.

As they embraced happily, Ichiraku's owner shook his head with a content sigh.

"Only Naruto would propose to girl with ramen…"