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My Big Fat Hyuuga Wedding
Chapter Fourteen – The Wedding



"Do you still remember your mother?"

Hinata glanced at her father who sat down beside her. It was the night before her wedding (and there were only about twelve more hours until she would finally become Mrs. Uzumaki, therefore she could not sleep at all). She sat down on one of the white colored chairs that were already set up. The flowers would be delivered and put out in the morning, around eight.

She looked down at one of the ribbons she was fingering.

"A bit."

She was six when her mother died giving birth to the baby who would have been her younger brother had he not been a stillborn.

"Uchiha-san showed me the wedding gown you purchased. She and Yamanaka-san seem very excited for you."

A light chuckle passed through her lips.

"Its because I'm getting married Otousama…"

He took something out of his shirt and handed it to Hinata.

"What's this…?" she mumbled, looking down at the cloth wrapped item her father had practically dropped in her lap. Hinata looked up at him with curiosity in her pearly eyes, especially when she noticed his nervousness and the small red tint on his cheeks.

"It is a gift," Hiashi replied calmly. "I believe your mother would have wanted you to use it for your wedding."

Hinata blinked wildly and unfolded the silky handkerchief that was around her gift. It was a small, perhaps two to three inches long, comb that shined brightly under the moonlight. The comb was either of silver or white gold (most likely the latter) with three flowers made of pink opal jewels for their petals and diamonds for their centers, and emerald leaves.

"Your mother wore it at our wedding," explained Hiashi.

Her mother was the only woman in her father's life and Hinata knew that. For Hiashi to have given Hinata something of her mother's was a very big gesture and Hinata couldn't help but feel somewhat overwhelmed.

"I approve of Naruto Uzumaki."

Hinata (unwillingly) breathed a sigh of relief.

"And I am happy you found someone like him."

Hiashi stood up from the seat he had taken beside her.

"You should get some rest, Hinata," he urged.

Hiashi gave her a small, warm smile.

"You're getting married tomorrow."



It was finally the day.

Hanabi handed the bride her personal bouquet of purple carnations and orange chrysanthemums.

"I…" The younger Hyuuga smiled. "Good luck, Neesama."

Hinata hugged her before taking the flowers.

"Thank you."

The wedding was held in the Hyuuga compound. Flowers were draped all over the main area where the wedding was taking place. Currently, she, along with the maid of honor and her bridesmaids, and Hiashi were in the main house, just behind the door, waiting for the wedding march to begin.

"It's time," Tenten murmured with a smile when the music began to play.

"You ready?" Sakura asked Hinata, nudging her.

Hinata took a deep breath and looped her arm through her father's, who for the first time that she ever noticed, was smiling down at her with pride for his daughter in his eyes. She looked back at Sakura and nodded wildly, careful of her veil.


Hanabi was first to walk out and go down the aisle as people stood up in respect. A few feet behind Hanabi trailed Ino, then Sakura, and then Tenten.

When they reached the front, the wedding march finally began.

"Otousama…" Hinata whispered as they made their first step. He glanced at her from the corner of his eye. "I love you."

They reached the front of the aisle and stood beside Naruto, who was grinning at them, positively elated. Hiashi lifted Hinata's veil and kissed his daughter on the forehead.

"I am proud of you, Hinata."

It didn't go like a classic wedding.

Not when it was Naruto's.

Tsunade nodded to the both of them, telling them to begin their vows.

Hinata went first. "Naruto-kun…"

She had to wipe her eyes of some tears (because really, this day was finally here!).

"I have been in love with you ever since we met at the Academy and through everything, I never stopped. At one point, it became clear to me that I may have to choose between my family and you."

Hinata sensed her father watching her intently.

"I would have chosen you."

She tightened the hold she had on Naruto's hands.

"Naruto-kun, because of you I have a reason to live. Because of you I live, I dream, I laugh, I smile, and Naruto-kun because of you—" She paused to sniffle, "—I look forward to the future. I will always remain by your side, faithful and true. I, Hinata Hyuuga, take you, Naruto Uzumaki, to be my husband. I promise to spend the rest of my life with you, caring for you, helping you, cooking ramen for you—"

Everyone laughed.

"—And loving you."

It was Naruto's turn.

"Hinata-chan," Naruto began.

He had no paper nor did he write the words on his hands. The words, when it came to Naruto, always came from the heart.

"Ever since I was born, I was alone, and I was so sure it would be like that forever. But then I met Iruka-sensei, and Kakashi-sensei, and Sakura-chan and even Sasuke-teme—" He was allowed to say what he wanted, there were his vows! "—And I thought that life was so much better. But then when Sakura-chan was healing the bastard, I realized that there was something else missing in my life." His eyes softened. "It was love…"

The cries of 'aw' were quite audible to Naruto.

"Hinata-chan, I thought that the only love in my life was going to be ramen, but you proved me wrong. I love you, Hinata Hyuuga," he declared firmly. Naruto glanced at the Godaime. "I, Naruto Uzumaki, take you, Hinata Hyuuga to be my wife. I promise to be forever to you true under all circumstances, from this day on, in the good or in the bad, in sickness or in heath."

He wasn't going to cry.

"And I promise you that I will be with you forever. I will love, protect, and honor you for the rest of my life—"

And since he was Naruto…

"—And make you ramen!"

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife."

Tsunade smiled at them both, as did everyone else.

"You may now kiss the bride."

And they did.

Naruto and Hinata met eyes after parting and smiled at each other.

"I love you," Naruto said to her loudly.

"I love you, too."