"A pounding headache kept Daniel from fully surfacing to the real world. He tried to move but just ended up moaning pitifully from the throbbing pain. He tried to concentrate on just opening his eyes, but couldn't quite find the strength.

"Daniel?" Jack's voice cut through the mist. "You alright, buddy?"


"Morning, Sunshine." Jack chuckled.

Daniel managed to open his eyes slowly. He looked around at the blurry medical equipment that surrounded him. He reached out to the table trying once again to find his glasses. Jack picked them up and handed them to his friend. Daniel put them on and looked around once again. Jack, human as ever, watched him slightly apprehensively. Daniel raised one of his hands to look at it and was relieved to find it no furrier than it should be.

"What happened?" Daniel asked.

"We got knocked silly by that mushroom looking thing." Jack explained. "The rest of us woke pretty quickly, but you were touching the device and must of gotten a harder blow. You've been out for almost three days."

"I...I had the strangest dream."

"Was Toto there?" Jack asked.

Daniel smiled and sat up in the hospital bed. Jack shifted his weight and scratched the back of his head. When he brought his hand forward again he was holding a small white feather. Daniel stared at the feather in disbelief.

"So," Jack said with a wry smile "tell me about this 'dream' of yours."