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Mud Brownies

By: Kikushi

Albel stared after her as she passed him by in the hallway of the Aquios Castle. She had smiled at him and greeted him with a cheerful good morning, but…

Albel narrowed his eyes. 'What the hell was that?'

Sophia had been holding something – very much similar to a big bucket of thick mud.

Naturally curious, Albel started to follow after the unsuspecting girl. Every time she would turn a corner, Albel ducked stealthily.

When Sophia made a turn for the kitchen, struggling to get the door open, Albel cocked an eyebrow. 'What the…?' Now he was really getting suspicious.

Unfortunately for him, Sophia managed to close the door behind her. In a few short moments, there were various noises coming in from the room. Albel listened closely, wondering what the hell was happening. The noises eventually stopped and Albel stood there, waiting for another noise. He didn't know how long he stood there, although he was sure it must have been about an hour or so. Finally, another clatter was heard inside, followed by a loud, "Mmmmmmm!" from Sophia.

That was it for Albel. Without any warning, he busted the door open, witnessing a rather comical jump and expression from the girl inside.

She was standing in front of the table, holding a knife. In front of her was a big fluffy brown thing that was laid out on a platter. Albel guessed that it was the thick, liquid substance that she had been walking with earlier.

"Hello, Albel!" Sophia chirped, unfazed by his distrusting glare. "Would you like a brownie?"

Albel blinked. 'What in the name of Apris was a brownie??'

Not waiting for a response, Sophia turned her back to him and started to cut a small piece. She handed it to him and he slowly took it. "Tell me if you like it."

He slowly brought it up and sniffed at it. It smelled sweet. He glanced back at the waiting girl. 'Should I…?'

Albel almost considered throwing it back at her, but then again, the girl was the most skilled at cooking in the group…

Sophia watched apprehensively as he popped it into his mouth and chewed.

Albel blinked, keeping his face stoic. 'This crap is GOOD!'

Sophia tilted her head, waiting for a response. Instead, Albel walked past her casually, tore off more than half of the brownie, and ran off with it.

"Heeeeeey! That was mine!" He heard the girl shout as he dashed out of the castle.

He roamed Aquios for a while, contently eating his brownie. When he swallowed the last of it down, he found himself in front of the castle steps. He wanted more!

"Surely, the girl must've eaten all of it by now…" Albel mumbled disappointedly.

All of a sudden, he had an idea. He would save it for tomorrow.


Sophia slowly opened her eyes and smiled. Another new day!

Sitting up on her bed, she yawned and stretched, unaware of the figure sitting patiently on the floor by the foot of her bed.

Getting up, she took off her pajamas and changed into her uniform. Sophia started to walk to the bathroom when—

"Albel!!" she shrieked, waving her staff frantically at him, "What are you doing in my room?!"

Standing, Abel handed her a big bowl of...

Sophia titled her head, confused. "Mud?"

Albel nodded stiffly. "Make more, maggot."

At first, Sophia didn't know what the heck he was talking about. Then, realization finally dawned on her and she sighed, shaking her head.

"Oh, Albel."

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