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If this is Fate

An Outsiders One-Shot

By JustOneGreaser

The police sirens scream, provoking, taunting me... I can't take much more of this! I stop, and I hear as many as six police cars skid to a stop behind me, swerving as to not hit me. Why bother? I'm gonna die anyway. If Johnny's dying was fate, then I'm sure mine will be soon. I thought, with my next move planned out.

"I been carrying a heater..."

"Dally you kill people with heaters!"

"Don't worry, it ain't loaded. Sure helps in a bluff."

My thought swirl around in my head, each trying to be heard, each making no sence at all. Memories, questions, statements. Where are the gang? What is happening!?

As if on cue, I see them running down the street.

I pull out my gun. My unloaded gun. It's over.

"Dally, no!"

"Stop! It's not loaded!"

"He's just a kid!"

And they pull the triggers.

Bullts explode from their guns, the sound echoing through the air.

I twist, aimlessly, to avoid them.

I want to die.


II fall to the ground, tasting grim victory.

"You idiots!"



My life is over.

I am gone, a mere memory in the minds of the people I was close to, the people I dared to love. People who probably woun't remember me in a year or two.

I am dead.