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Oh Lover I'll Cover You
Oh Lover I'll Cover You

Sasuke had never felt more content than he did whenever he spent the night with Naruto. It was a calm feeling, one of sheer bliss and content. He wished he could be like this forever, lying in bed with a cool summer breeze blowing through the window ,the feel of Naruto's arms wrapped around his bare waist and soft breaths through parted pink lips on his neck. Along with the soft glow of the moonlight illuminating their naked bodies, creating soft shadows on pale and tan skin. The scent of the woods and rain coupled with the smell of sex creating an intoxicating bouquet that numbed Sasuke's senses.

To him, this was fucking nirvana.

'This is how it should be' Sasuke mused to himself. No meddlesome teammates, no annoying senseis, no fighting, no insulting, just him and Naruto, lying together, molded as one. It never ceased to amaze Sasuke how perfectly his body fit with Naruto's, almost like Kami-sama had made them for each other. No awkwardness and uncomfortable feelings, they just simply melted into each other.

Sasuke felt something stir and looked down to see Naruto shivering lightly. Adjusting his body ever so slightly, he wrapped his arms around the tan boy's body and pulled him close. The shivering ceased at once and Sasuke felt Naruto give a content sigh and snuggled deeper into Sasuke's chest.

Cuddling was something Sasuke had adapted to very quickly. He learned that Naruto craved physical affection and cuddling was something that Naruto enjoyed greatly. Sasuke preferred not to call it cuddling, after all he had his Uchiha pride, no matter how mushy and sappy he got over Naruto, so he referred it as "covering".

Because in reality, that's what it really was. Sasuke would cover Naruto, enveloping him in a blanket of security and tranquility, protecting him from anything that may harm him. Naruto would also cover Sasuke, bringing him down to earth and opening his eyes to the things he never noticed before. They covered each other, providing them with whatever they needed, be it a hug, a kiss, a laugh, a touch or an "I love you."

Another stir broke Sasuke out of his thoughts to see that Naruto had shifted himself so that his arms were now wrapped around the older boy's neck, bringing them closer than they were before. Sasuke smiled before pressing his lips against the blond's in a chaste kiss.

'Oh yes, lover, I'll cover you.' He whispered before drifting off to sleep.